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Furry Accoutrements

December 17, 2013


Sometimes I think that giving a person a link to my Pinterest account would tell them more about me than a list of likes and dislikes. A simple scroll through my various pins would tell you that I like ocean creatures, am obsessed with pasta and avocados, and have a fairly unpredictable and eclectic sense of style — at least for most of the year. You see, while recently sifting through some winter pins for inspiration, I noticed an undeniable theme in my cold weather style ideals: furry accoutrements! There is hardly a photo in that board of “Cozy for Winter” pins that doesn’t feature some kind of luscious fur draped around the shoulders of a stylish lady.


Aside from the old Hollywood glamor of fur (there’s a reason why some of the best furs are vintage), I realized that the reason I am so attracted to these pelty additions is that they do exactly what you want an accessory to do;  they add oomph. Take the above left image for example. A pretty standard outfit: camel blazer, blue button down, leggings, converse and a hat. But then pow! it’s suddenly not so standard because there’s a lime green fur stole hanging around her shoulders.


What’s more is that a simple draping of fur adds a sense of lavishness to winter looks, which let’s face it, can often be Bland Town USA. As pro puffer jacket as I am, I’m not afraid to admit that they frequently take the stylish element down to a zero. But even a fur stole can make a floor-length sleeping bag coat look fashionable. Just take a gander at any Canada Goose jacket and you’ll instantly be turned on to parkas. You know why? Because they’ve added a maleable wire into the hood so that you can keep that furry trim perky and voluptuous up around your shoulders. Am I talking about breasts or fur trim here? Good question. I’m talking about latter, but I consider fur to be the Jessica Rabbit of sartorial accoutrements. There’s just no way you won’t feel sumptuous or sexy.


Shop a selection of voluptuous furs below! Go ahead. Don’t be afraid. It’s time to get your Jessica Rabbit on.

// all photos via Pinterest
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