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The Good Stain

December 18, 2013


When it comes to cheeks, I’ve always preferred bronzer to blush. Given my naturally pasty glow, I need all the help I can get in the faux tanning department. I also have a pretty uneven skintone, so adding pinks and reds to my already pinky red skin seems redundant. However, on a recent photo shoot, the makeup artist topped off my look with a “pinky stain” that she said would be my new best friend. I generally feel overdone when there’s a lot of makeup on my face, so I braced myself for a full on drag queen moment when I went to look in the mirror. Much to my surprise, my makeup just looked like an amped up version of what I already do; and then I noticed my cheeks. The faintest shade of peachy pink glimmered on the apples of my cheeks, adding not only a sunkissed glow but a whole new dimension to my face. “I look photoshopped!” I said, turning my head right and left to see how the light glistened on my rosy cheeks before demanding to be introduced to my new best  friend.


Her name is Tipsy (talk about meant to be) and she comes from the land of Tarte. Embodied in a cylinder-like tube, Tipsy is a water-based gel that stains your cheeks just a wee bit to give them that natural rosy glow. She also has a touch of shimmer for extra radiance and smells like candy.

I now use Tipsy as the final touch to my everyday look, applying her after a swipe of bronzer across my cheek bones. And sometimes, if I’m feeling really crazy, I’ll dab her on my lips because it tastes good and adds a modest hue of natural pink. Who knows, maybe when summer rolls around and I have a real tan, I won’t need any bronzer and will just apply Tipsy to my cheeks. Now wouldn’t that be something else.


// photos by Sara Neel


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