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Jazzy Navels? Again?

September 16, 2013


I suppose it was only a matter of time. With the return of Birkenstocks, crop tops, and multiple ear-piercings, it should really come as no surprise that Asos is now selling a, “Crystal Encrusted Ball Belly Bar.” But you know what? I am surprised! While I’m embracing the resurgence of 90s trends, I’m just not sure I’m ready to grab a needle and reopen the hole near my navel that once held a sterling silver bar with two pink Swarovski crystals on each end (dangling star charm only sometimes included). But putting me aside, I’m also not so sure that I’m ready to see the rest of the world with hoops and bars peaking over their perspective FUPAs. While I think everyone could use a Britney Spears comeback, particularly from her “I’m a Slave 4 U” days, I wouldn’t mind seeing her bellybutton piercing stay in the past.

But maybe Asos is just premature on this trend. Maybe bellybutton rings will stay in the past like other oopsie-daisy fashion moments like JNCO jeans, bowl cuts, and cargo denim shorts. As for a trend I wouldn’t mind seeing back on my body? Slap bracelets!

Calling All Ankles

August 20, 2013


For many years I have sat in my robe at this very computer screen, preaching that come summertime I am all about the “Little Summer Dresses.” But today I’m here to tell my past-self, and those of you willing to read The New Testament, that I am now sitting in a new official robe (just kidding, it’s the same one covered in stains) and have made it through almost the entire summer having stepped foot into onemaybe two, LSDs, which are not to be confused with the hallucinogenic drug. Yes, it’s true, I’ve hung up my LSDs (Little Summer Dresses) and miniskirts for pilgrim-length hemlines that may not put a ring on my finger but do allow me to bend-and-snap as much as I please.


No underwear peek-a-boos there!

Of course I haven’t abandoned leggy pieces entirely — there have been plenty of camel-toe inducing shorts on my person this summer — but when it comes to kilts and skirts and dresses and such, give me something that tickles my ankles. Last year’s thigh is this year’s tibia. Last season’s knee is this season’s first metatarsal. See where I’m going with this?


But even as my shorter-hemmed pieces gaze at me as I sift pass them while getting dressed each day, I can’t help but think that with fall just around the corner (ugh, crap, no, kill me) I’ll be reaching for the thigh-grazers sooner than I think since boots paired with midi-skirts feels a little too Anne of Green Gables for my liking. But who knows. That’s another day, in the same robe, pondering heavy-handed questions like, “Should I do a post on the importance of owning many pairs of nude underwear?”


Vintage shirt (similar here) | Topshop skirt | Pierre Hardy heels | Asos bag | Hermes cuff


// photos by Emily Malan

Sweet Knockers

August 15, 2013


Clockwise from top left: Oscar de la Renta, Feverish, Topshop, Delfina Delettrez, Asos, The 2 Bandits, Elizabeth Cole, BaubleBar, 2020, Mario Testino for Mate, Dannijo


Would you look at that? Another post with a misleading title! You may have thought this was going to be a dedication to breasts, but I’ve got you again; I’m talking about oversize statement earring knockers. Though come to think of it, extra large earrings and breasts may be more similar than we think seeing as how the weight of gravity will eventually pull either your lobes or your feedbags down over time. But enough of that. I’m still perky.

After spending freshman year of high school through freshman year of college wearing oversize plastic earrings in the shapes of airplanes, hearts, guns, and shoulder grazing hoops, I’ve taken a sizable break from the sizable lobe pullers. Not only was the plastic I was wearing worthy of a Barbie’s shoe, but even when I tried to venture into something more sophisticated like a simple gold chandelier earring, I felt that they aged me. The earrings may have been glamorous but my smudgy eyeliner, ripped t-shirts, and tangled hair were not. But the times have changed; I’ve gotten older, my taste has become more sophisticated, and I’ve gone so far as to purchase a more powerful and expensive vacuum. So obviously reintroducing statement earrings into my wardrobe was the next logical step.

Here I’ve compiled a jumble of earrings that will not only compliment a look but also detract from the horrendous thing that is mid-to-late-twenties acne. No one is going to be looking at the volcano on the center of your forehead when you’ve got a Swarovski encrusted unicorn on one of your lobes. Nor will they notice the forest of blackheads on your chin when a colorfully woven pair of earrings are dangling well below your shoulder line. But this of course is not only about acne, many of these earrings provide the exact amount of glamour you may need for that black tie affair or date night at McDonald’s. Oscar de la Renta may as well be the king of female elegance as is evident by the top left pair of icy blue chandelier earrings, while Delfina Delettrez takes the lead in appealing to the younger side of the spectrum making pearls cool again and eyeballs still an important accoutrement.

Though punk continues to be a hot theme in the world of style, I understand if you’re not willing to go so far as Miley Cyrus and give yourself a mohawk. But with an ear cuff by the very affordable 2020 that may as well be inspired by Rufio’s mohawk in Hook, you can get that punky look without grabbing the razor. And if you think two mohawks are better than one, then look no further than the edgy black pair by Elizabeth Cole that hug the lobe and dangle mid-way down your neck. RU-FI-O! RU-FI-O!

Then there are those situations, like the coronation of your goldfish or a belly-dancing class, where we require something gold and intricate. You could go the Dolce & Gabbana route since that’s their shtick, but I prefer the more pocket-friendly outlets like Topshop and Asos who do a phenomenal job with inspired replicas.

Lastly, there are the geometric silver biddies for those of us who prefer the more sculpted things in life like David Beckham’s butt and Frank Gehry. And while such architectural shapes may not be the defining feature in brand’s like Dannijo, The 2 Bandits, and BaubleBar, they certainly know how to construct such pieces.

Clash of the Textiles

July 31, 2013


When you say plaid, the first things that come to mind are: kilts, Kurt Cobain, hipsters, and Elmer Fudd. What doesn’t come to mind is florals and a classy broad strutting down the street; but Dries Van Noten’s Spring 2013 collection changed all that. Silky plaids were sewn onto the same garment as silky negligee-esque florals and like any good unexpected combo — oreos and peanut butter, oily stickers, blankets with sleeves — I was into it! So much so that I happily plucked the plaid shirt I thought I’d tucked away until the fall/winter and paired it with floral diaper shorts that could have easily been pulled from my grandmother’s closet.


When I first marched down the stairs in said outfit, my mom looked at me and said, “I don’t know about that one, Sonze.” And though I might be able to see what she was saying, I think it has more to do with that she secretly thought I was wearing her mom’s bloomers. But alas I am not. They’re a solid pair of floral jacquard shorts that poof in all the areas you don’t want them to and yet I find myself turning to them when I’m in the mood for something a bit more outlandish, which plaid and floral certainly is.

What I love about the combo is how each textile retains its defining aesthetic. The plaid, though featured in a much more lightweight fabric than normal buffalo plaids, still looks durable, boyish, and, thanks to recent generations, a bit punkish. And the floral jacquard shorts do their duty in looking feminine and slightly underwearish. The overall result? A drastically contrasty look that has me wondering, What else can I clash in my wardrobe?


Zara shirt | Asos shorts | Alexander Wang heels | Céline sunglasses | Hermes, Tiffany & Co, Giles & Brother bracelets


Go On, Get Your Sale On!

July 3, 2013


3.1 Phillip Lim shirt | Tibi shorts | Missoni dress | Tom Binns ring | Asos bag | Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti pants | Stella McCartney blazer | Saint Laurent heels


Sale season is one of those unpleasantly pleasant reminders that my addiction to shopping is incurable. Each day something new comes on sale. Each day another markdown drapes itself over a most coveted designer piece. Each day my temptation is tested. But when the season inches closer and closer toward its end, my resistance lessens and justification expands like a mound of rising dough. For when else am I going to snag this pair of Saint Laurent heels for 50% off?

Today not only did The Outnet announce its Clearance Sale (up to 85% off!), but Net-a-Porter’s Season Sale is coming to an end, Shopbop is adding new sale items and markdowns on a daily basis, and well, I just can’t contain myself! But while it’s necessary to snag some current season markdowns to wear right now, it’s also a great opportunity to buy some pieces for the — don’t hate me — colder months and store them in the back of your closet just like I did this lobster dress. So in the image above you will find some of my favorite sale items for right now, and below you will see some of the pieces I plan to sniggle snaggle for fall and winter (ugh).


MiH corduroys | All Saints leather jacket | DANNIJO necklace | Tibi sweater | Alice + Olivia skirt | Chloe boots | Alexander Wang bag


And while you’re getting your sale on, how about a throwback jam like “Get Your [Sale] On” by Missy Elliot. (See what I did there?)