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The Domestic Rut

November 14, 2013


Have you ever stopped to consider all that your dog (or cat or fish or really any pet should you have one) actually sees? It’s a little disturbing.

It was just this past weekend while I was doing coordinated high kicks in the nude to the beats of Naughty by Nature that I looked over and saw my dog, Finn, watching me with his large, judging eyes. This is not the first time I’ve caught him staring at me — he’s doing it right now — but it was the first time I actually became self-conscious.

Finn and I have been through a lot together — breakups, multiple apartments, career changes, bed bugs —  it’s almost as if I could say he knows more about me than my therapist. He’s certainly seen more than she has. Naked high kicks aside, Finn has witnessed many of my emotional breakdowns, my standing in front of the open fridge eating a bowl of pasta, my obsession with repeating a new favorite song over and over and over again. It’s safe to assume that Finn will see more of me in his lifetime than anyone else will see of me in my lifetime. But at the same time, I’ve seen a lot of his stuff, too. I pick up his shit daily, watched him cower and shiver on the way to the vet, caught him awkwardly barking at specks of dust in the air, and you know what? I’ve given him some pretty judging eyes, too. But here’s my question: is this as domestic as it gets? And on top of that, is it therefore possible to be in a rut with your dog?

Our days are pretty consistent: we wake up, I put on a pot of coffee before taking him on a brief walk around the block. Then it’s me to my desk and he to his bone, each of us gnawing away the working hours before we embark on another walk, enjoy a simple feast (me: quinoa and some sort of vegetable, he: Science Diet Small Bites) in front of the TV, take one last walk, and climb into bed, he with his stuffed fox, me with my book. I’ve heard of humans falling into relationship ruts — OK fine, I fell into one many years back when my ex and I spent every evening with a bottle of wine and multiple episodes of Family Guy, but whatever — and often they either break up, head to couples therapy, or try something “new and different” like badminton lessons before breaking up a few months later. None of these options however, particularly the couples therapy, are an acceptable option for me and my dog.

So what’s the lesson here? Don’t let your significant other see half of the things you let your dog see. Take me yesterday for example, face down in the toilet with perhaps the worst stomach flu I’ve had since I was a mere tot and all I could think was how thankful I am that no human of significance had to witness my on-the-hour vomit sessions. But you know who was there to see it all? Finn. He was there, watching me as he always does, and as much as I hate the idea of anyone watching me curled up in the bathroom, it was nice to have him as a little furry companion to complain to. Even amidst our rut, and I assure you, it is a Rut with a capital R, it’s nice to know that Finn and I don’t need any of that couples therapy hoo ha because, like a family member, we’re in it for the long haul. Well, that and the fact that he’s a dog and is excited to see me even after I’ve poked him in the butt with a toothpick.

Animal Style

August 12, 2013


While scrolling through Instagram with a friend the other day, we kept stopping to oggle the adorable animals that have taken over my feed. Tuna Melts My Heart, Insta Baby Sloths, Biddy the Hedgehog — I may as well be following a zoo. But while some may think me a bit creepy for following animals like they’re an A list celebrity with a public Instagram account, I find  joy in seeing weird animals doing stupid things or just looking extra fluffy and cute. Why? Because the truth is, I’m a crazy animal lady. I can’t be confined to just being a “cat lover” or a “dog person” — I’m nondiscriminatory when it comes to animals and my Instagram feed is proof.

So, when scrolling through my feed recently and seeing the above picture of a dog who is clearly the canine version of Tilda Swinton wearing Rick Owens on the cover of faux magazine, Dogue, it should be no surprise that I went cross-eyed and my head spun off like a cork shooting out of a champagne bottle. Two obsessions colliding is enough to make me look like Rodney Dangerfield.

Once my head settled back onto my neck and my eyes locked into their normal position, I started thinking that I would totally subscribe to Dogue were Dogue to exist. And, who’s to say that it wouldn’t do just as good of a job in selling me on pieces of clothing than a standard magazine like Vogue? I personally think that Grumpy Cat (another social media savvy animal that’s gone viral) looks just as good as Sasha Pivovarova in the Prada campaign.


Don’t you agree?

So I guess this is as good a time as ever to let you know that I’m now launching an animal fashion magazine and that my dog Finn will be taking over the personal style posts on here. Obviously I’m kidding, but I wish I weren’t.

DIY: Stuffed Fur Stole

March 20, 2013


Having worked in the fashion industry for several years now, prices rarely surprise me. Clothes are expensive these days, but accessories take the cake for several months worth of rent. I still roll my eyes at a pair of shoes well over 1K and find the price of a Birkin bag to be ridiculous, but I normally know what to expect upon walking into a store like Barney’s. However, I was slapped in the face by a price tag a few days ago and I’m not sure I’ll ever recover.

I saw the above photo of the unstuffed animal stole on during Paris Fashion Week and began a feverish online hunt to track one down. Countless Etsy sites offered up similar faux stoles, but I wanted that one. I decided to put the fuzzy friend on the back burner, certain that its online presence would turn up eventually. Well turn up it did but at a price that not even I, lover of all things stuffed animal, could justify.


The stoles are by Vika Gazinskaya and can currently be purchased on Moda Operandi for the hefty sum of $2,000. That’s right, the lemur stuffed animal — which they call a raccoon — that looks so much like the fuzzy friends you snuggled with on a nightly basis as a kid costs as much as a nice studio apartment in NYC.

So what does one do when they can’t afford the real deal? They DIY. Behold three options below that cost next to nothing.


First, we have our stuffed animal hat. Though I have yet to figure out how to secure such an accoutrement on my head, I’m positive that this look will have me street style snapped in no time. Tommy Ton, meet me in 10?


Then we have the Teddy Bear stole; a personal favorite of mine. Notice how my well-worn teddy balances gracefully on my shoulder? She looks like she’s having a much better time than that $2K plush racoon/lemur. Plus she’s versatile and can double as a snuggle buddy and/or pillow.


And last, but certainly not least, we have the real animal. Finn’s longer body wrapped perfectly around my shoulders and his legs even dangled like the fox scarf pictured above. If you don’t have your own dog or cat at home, I fully support you borrowing one off the street that goes well with your outfit.

Fashion’s Night Out

September 7, 2012

Remember that time I hosted Fashion’s Night Out at ScoopNYC and couldn’t get over designer Yosi Samra’s dog Dexter? Yeah. That happened. Last night.

Decked out in my Scoop NYC black dress and more accessories than you could possibly imagine, I headed over to the Meatpacking district last night to hang out at Scoop, meet some fans (hi guys!), play telephone with Yosi Samra flats, meet Zac Posen, and listen to Brooklyn-based band St. Lucia for Fashion’s Night Out.

The crazy thing about Scoop’s Meatpacking district store is that there are four of them – and they don’t connect. So I was literally weaving my way through each store (the men’s store ended up having the best air conditioning and best bar), before ending up on the sidewalk for St. Lucia. But the highlight of the night, and no I’m not ashamed to admit this, was meeting designer Yosi Samra’s puppy Dexter. WHAT A LITTLE MUFFIN!

Thank you to Scoop, Yosi Samra, Zac Posen, and Dexter for a wonderful night!


What are you saying?

You talk to him.

St. Lucia

Awkward dance moves…

One of my wrists wants to kiss you

Hanging with Yosi Samra and Dexter (look at that paw action)

Dexter stealing the spotlight

Last one I swear…

// photos by Anna Kelman

A Week in Review

August 17, 2012

{ Upper East Side buildings from beneath my rainy umbrella }

Oh, this week; a remarkable combination of shitty and wonderful. Even as I try to bitch and moan about all it’s annoyances (i.e. getting locked out of my apartment with Finn while wearing boxers and zit cream on my face…), it also brought a bunch of new projects and a website re-design that looks like it will happen before the start of Fashion Week! Hoodily doodily!

This week’s happenings aside, Friday, boy am I happy to see you. This weekend feels kind of like my last summer hurrah as I’m going up to my house in Connecticut with a group of friends and probably won’t be back there until October. Depressing. But that just means it’s time to live it up! Am I right?

Now go enjoy the weekend!

{ Finn modeling some of my cuffs }

{ A new skirt that I can’t wait to wear with my feather blazer - among other things }

{ Playing around in Juicy Couture’s awesome dressing room }

{ Bag ready to go for a weekend in CT with friends }