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Out on a Brim

December 16, 2010

Yesterday as I was doing some of my Christmas shopping at All Saints I couldn’t help but try on their Salerno Fedora, a perfectly sculpted menswear inspired hat that I ended up wearing around the store while shopping for friends and family. I didn’t end up buying it which I now kind of regret, but it reminded me just how much I love a good fedora. In the summertime I’m rarely seen without one of my straw ones (see here), and in the fall/winter I find nothing adds texture to a bundled up look quite like my vintage felt fedora.

While some trends may come and go, the fedora trend has stood the trend test of time in womens wear. In 1937 silver screen siren Carole Lombard looked particularly fantastic wearing a fur fedora (see below), and today it’s impossible to browse through a street style blog or tabloid magazine without seeing at least one style icon sporting one of these gangster-inspired hats. So, in my efforts to find new ways to wear my fedoras instead of buying a new one, here are some sartorial inspirations for rocking these ever popular sturdy brimmed, wooly felt hats.

Carole Lombard, 1937

photos via google image search, refinery 29, stockholm street style & fashion toast

Bursts of Color

May 4, 2010

When it comes to colorful clothing, I tend to veer towards more neutral colors. For example, I, embarrassingly enough, organize the clothing in my bureau according to “color” and have one drawer dedicated to white, another to black/gray, and one I like to call the “rainbow drawer”. It’s not that I don’t enjoy wearing colors, because I do, I just usually wind up being most satisfied with an outfit made of shadowy hues as opposed to ones made up of vibrant colors. That being said, I do enjoy adding a burst of color to an otherwise neutral outfit to spice things up a bit. From a pair of bright yellow harem pants paired with a sheer black blouse to an all black ensemble paired with a bright turquoise necklace, I always try to bring a little color into my outfit.

Below I have compiled some looks that have atleast one bright burst of color; be it yellow, red, blue, or purple, these girls know how to bring color into an outfit.

photos via the sartorialist, stockholm streetstyle, mr. newton,, hanneli mustaparta, le blog de betty, kansas couture, street peeper,
google image, tfs,

Erin Wasson

November 23, 2009

Happy Monday!!

source: tfs

can i bum a smoke?

November 4, 2009

It’s no secret that most models smoke an unreasonable amount of cigarettes. I myself have seen Aggy Deyn, Leigh Lezark and Erin Wasson light up many a fag; yet the cigarettes don’t seem to remain solely in their personal lives. As I was browsing through old magazines and online photographs, I couldn’t help but notice how many editorials use photographs of models lighting up or smoking a butt. I’m not going to lie, there is something undeniably sexy about these women with their cigarettes hanging loosely from their lips. But what is it about cigarettes that make someone look so…sexy and cool? Is it because they’re bad for you? Is it the sensuality of having something dangling from ones lips? What do you guys think about it?








Spring 2010: PHI

September 20, 2009

Andreas Melbostad, designer of Phi, said that he tried to create a contrasted look of hard vs. soft. With tough leather juxtaposed against soft sheer fabric, the models had an rough and edgy look that was softened with their natural beachy hair and bits of flowing, delicate fabric. Details were key in Melbostad’s designs, as he had pants that laced up on the side, or were covered in sharp cut-outs. A muted palette of blacks, whites and tans were helpful in emphasizing the soft vs. hard theme he was going for. Anything brighter would have been distracting to the detailing and fabric choices. I can imagine seeing some of these looks on Mary-Kate Olsen and Erin Wasson.