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A Case Study

April 18, 2013


We all know that accessories make the outfit. A standard black blazer and pants pairing suddenly pops when adorned with a bright bag. A hat adds a whole new dimension to  an outfit, both literally and figuratively. And braces bring a muted sparkle to a crooked smile. While we will forever have these essential accessories like bags, hats, shoes, and orthodontia, I’d like to welcome a new addition to the elite group of accessory swag. The iPhone case.

While the first iPhone case was invented to “protect” the phone from shattering, it has since become an accessory that essentially defines who we are. Harajuku girls cover their phones in rhinestones, rainbows, and cats. Businessmen keep things sleek in black, chrome, or leather. And the bull in the china shop goes for beefy (inappropriate?) cases that can take a beating or chuck across the room. You could look like the grumpiest gal on the L train, but if I see you whip out an iPhone case with cat ears, then I’ll now you’ve got some silly lighthearted side to you. Or that you’re a crazy cat lady. But I digress…

The thing is that most people buy one iPhone case and stick to it. But I am not most people and am about has fickle as it comes with iPhone couture. I probably change my cases more often than parents change their kids’ diapers. Similar to the way I approach my closet every morning, I pick my iPhone case based on my mood. Am I bear phone girl today or is it time for astronaut cat? Judge my fickle attitude as you will, but my iPhone is with me 24/7 so why shouldn’t it get its very own outfit…or closet? Not convinced? Then just see what these iPhone cases add to the looks below.


“Excuse me, is that the new Chloé mini?”

“No, it’s just my iPhone case.”

Yes, ladies and gentlebeans, Giovanna Battaglia has gone so far as to forego any sort of purse by adorning her mobile device with a strap. Call it what you will, but I’m dubbing this the purse of the future. Who knows, maybe that flap opens up and you can store your credit cards in there.


Moschino is at the forefront of the fashionable tech world, getting teddybears and geese onto the iPhones of fashion’s A-pack each season. Mother Goose and Teddy Ruxpin aren’t just for kids anymore — and neither is Mickey Mouse.


And then we have our don’t-mess-with-me-girl. She’s got her studded army jacket, a blingy necklace (recognize that?) and a brass knuckle iPhone case that probably isn’t very good for fighting but I wouldn’t want to get hit by it anyways.


This girl and her owl case are the perfect example of the powers of the iPhone case as an accessory. Here you have a girl on the run, dressed in a basic black trench and sunnies — not very exciting. But then pow! That hooting blue owl and it’s bulging eyes make her look worthy of a street style snap! You just wouldn’t get that with a caseless phone now wouldya?

A Fashionable High School Circus

February 6, 2013


 Sound the bells! Blow the horns! Whip the heinies! (What?) Fashion Week starts today, officially making this the most stressful outfit week for everyone involved (except Anna Wintour, maybe). Indeed, this week — or should I say month — is as much about the outfits on the sidewalk as it is about the new collections on the runways. Actually, I’d say that the sidewalk is almost more chaotic simply because it’s that much more competitive. Designer’s collections at least have a scheduled spot for buyers, editors, and other fashion mongers to see their pieces, whereas the sidewalk is one big best dressed contest.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t let the street style photographers get to my head. When I walk up the steps of Lincoln Center I await the moment for someone to come tap on my shoulder asking if they can take a picture. It feels good to have a swarm of photographers snapping away at you; it’s a wordless ego boost. I can’t imagine that Emma Stone or the Olsens feel the same way, but that’s an everyday scenario they have to face, whereas this is my f*cking fifteen minutes and I’m going to own it.

However, while the camera huddle can be a big pat-on-the-back confidence booster, it can also make you feel like crap. There are definitely some days that the photographer huddle doesn’t swarm around me. After all, I’m not Beyonce so why should they? But when they don’t flock I panic and second guess myself for the most materialistic reasons. Suddenly I’m wondering why I didn’t go with the YSL heels that pinch my feet. Why I chose this particular pair of ripped jeans over the ones with a lighter wash. And for christ’s sake, why is that b*tch with the bunny ears getting her picture taken? Am I back in high school wondering why my crush chose Megan* over me? It certainly feels like it.

Truth be told, Fashion Week is a bit like high school, but with higher heels, fewer straight men, and hardly any puberty. And just like in high school, there are the popular kids, the weirdos, the quiet group, the rebels, and then there’s me. I never fit into a particular “crowd” in high school, though I got along with almost everyone and I guess you could say I ran with the more popular crew; but I’ve always marched to my own beat. (One made from a steel drum if you will.)

So, as I approach my twelfth fashion week season (hand me my cane and dentures, would ya?), I’m not going to give myself a pep talk in not letting the popularity contest get to my head. Nor am I going to vow to take the subway more often than a taxi. And I’m certainly not going to deny myself a fresh croissant from the Le Pain Quotidien so conveniently located by both Lincoln Center and Milk Studios. Because after twelve seasons of blisters, hangovers, cabbie fights, and more fashion candy than I can handle, it’s about time I take it for what it is: a joyride into the most impeccably dressed circus I’ll ever have the pleasure of attending.

And that’s about all I have to say on that.

*my crush didn’t actually choose a Megan over me, I just decided to go with that name.

365 Words on Oversize Clothing

October 22, 2012

I have mixed feelings about oversize clothing. It’s one thing if it’s an oversize shirt you borrowed from your boyfriend, but when the clothes are made to be outwardly shapeless and fit more appropriately on the Michelin Man than a girl walking her dog down 2nd Avenue, I can’t help but scratch my head.

Take the above image of Taylor Tomasi Hill — a true street style star who turns more heads with her own personal wardrobe than with her editorial styling — wearing a bulbous pair of bottoms that look like the love child between boyfriend shorts and culottes. Sure, she pulls them off in a way that proposes these absurd shorts could in fact “work,” but such a hypothesis is terminated once you realize that below those hip-enhancers are a pair of the spindliest legs you’ve ever seen.

I ask you to now imagine this pair of shorts on someone with a fuller figure…like Scarlett Johansson. Not so cute, right?

I now ask you to divert your attention to the above dress.

I admit that my initial reaction to this get-up was “OMG I WANT THAT” — though whether this visceral reaction was due to my actual love of the dress or the fact that it resembles a piñata stuffed with candy is up for debate.

However, I soon retracted my initial statement when I realized that there is no shape to this muppet dress whatsoever. Put a pair of horns on her head and a pair of googly eyed glasses and I guarantee she’ll look more like she belongs in a Jim Henson movie than strutting through the tuileries.

Where am I going with these criticisms? I’m not really sure. But I will say that Scott Schuman had a point when he criticized Preen’s Spring 2010 collection for disregarding any appreciation and understanding for a woman’s figure. As much as I love fashion and how much fun it can be, I think all in all it still comes down to the fundamentals of what’s flattering and makes you look and feel good. So if the piñata dress and the balloon shorts make these above street style stars feel good then power to them, but don’t expect to see me dressed up as a paper covered donkey filled with candy unless it’s Halloween.

photos by Vanessa Jackman

Surgical Survival

September 6, 2012

At first I wasn’t going to do a “Fashion Week Survival” post. I’ve done a “whats in my bag” almost every season and while it does change, it just felt repetitive to me. But then I thought “no, people like to see this shit, I know I do.”

But instead of showing you what’s in my bag (cellphone, charger, bandaids, baby shots of tequila — just kidding on that last one), I thought I’d show 5 of my essentials that aren’t necessarily obvious.

At the top left of the above photo you’ll see a spoon, which also happens to be frozen. Why a frozen spoon? Because I get bags under my eyes and this is a quick, painless, and easy way to reduce those puffers before I leave my apartment every morning. Plus it’s way better than carrying around hemorrhoid cream in your bag.

At the top middle of the above photo you’ll see my beloved eyelash curler. And as you should already know, I never leave home without one. A few clamps down on my eyelashes and I’m looking almost as good as I do after a vacation in Maui. For the record, I’ve never been to Maui and you should really focus on the word almost in the previous sentence.

Move a little over to your right and you’ll see my brand spankin’ new kindle. I stepped on my last one, but this time I bought a case that I’m hoping will protect the screen from my dinosaur stomping feet. Right now I’m reading Gone Girl and find that sticking my nose in this screen (wow, that saying does not sound as good as “sticking my nose in a book” #digitalera) is a great way to pass while waiting for a show to begin.

In the bottom center you’ll see my Moleskin — easily one of the worst names for a product because all I can think about is the dermatologist. But this beauty mark notebook is how I keep everything organized throughout Fashion Week. I can’t remember every detail from every show without making some necessary notes.

And lastly, though this should be kind of obvious now a days, you’ll see my iPad. For work we try to turn around show reviews as quickly as possible and I wouldn’t be able to do this without this sucker.

If you’re wondering why I titled this post “surgical survival” it’s only because a) this photo looks like its ready for surgery and b) I watch too much Grey’s Anatomy.

And now off to the tents! 

A Week in Review

August 31, 2012

{ Bible reading }

I think if you were to go back to around this time last year I would be writing the same exact thing. Holy Fashion Week prep and I’m not ready at all. My apartment is a mess, I haven’t taken my clothes to the cleaners, and I probably should have started that whole diet thing a few weeks ago. Oops!

I realized last night that I’m about to head into my 11th season of Fashion Week, which is pretty nuts and also really awesome. Dreams do come true kids. And while I should probably be “preparing” this weekend, I’ve decided to leave it all for Monday and enjoy my last few days of socializing before I go completely off the radar. Here’s to the last weekend of summer!

{ Early Monday morning photo shoot }

{ Post photo shoot taxicab nap }

{ Private Alanis Morissette concert — ya 90s! }

{ Fashion Week calendar madness }