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Sena Time

May 1, 2012

I have a love/hate relationship with maxi skirts — not to be mistaken with maxi dresses for which I am always a fan. Being a girl with a toosh, I’ve always been a little self-conscious that maxi skirts only emphasize the area that I usually try to cover up. And then this salmony Sena skirt landed in my fingertips.

Due to my fear of the maxi skirt posterior enhancement, I was initially a bit apprehensive about wearing the silky number. But then I put it on. Rear fear went out the window. Flattering silhouette came billowing forth. A new favorite has entered my wardrobe and it’s not in the shape of skinny jeans, ankle boots, or anything black. Sound the alarms! 

And if that’s not interesting enough for you, then perk those ears forward because Sena is offering one of you readers a skirt for your very own sidewalk trotting! Oh, but it gets better. If pink isn’t your color then perhaps you’d like to choose from the nine other colors it comes in!? You lucky duckies! Here’s what you gotta do to enter to winny binny.

  1. Like Sena on Facebook.
  2. Show me some Like love, too.
  3. Leave a comment below with your favorite TV show growing up.
I’ll announce the winner this Friday, May 4th!

{ Zara blazer, vintage shirt, Sena skirt c/o, Forever21 sandals, Proenza Schouler bag, 2Bandits bracelets & ring c/o }

// photos by Emily Malan


CONGRATULATIONS SARAH! You won the Sena skirt! Please email me with your address, size (2-10), and color choice!

Thank you all so much for participating! I have now watched so many throw back tv shows on Netflix. I think my favorite was Hey Dude or Care Bears, which I’m not ashamed to admit I continued to watch well-through middle school.

More giveaways coming soon! STAY TUNED!



Primary Colors

March 21, 2012

The first day of spring beckons something colorful and breezy, so when I woke up yesterday morning I looked no further than this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress that’s been hanging in my closet since last summer. It’s one of the few lightweight pieces that didn’t get tucked away during the winter months as I was convinced I would wear it with black booties, a leather jacket, and lots of snowy accessoires; but alas I never did and it’s thus been occupying space and staring at me for 6+ months.

Happy to take it out for a twirl (note: if you twirl fast enough you look like a beach umbrella – just sayin’), I let the dress take the spotlight and traded in the lightweight ribbon belt and simple sandals I paired it with last summer for bolder accessories. Weird how adding bulkier pieces make something whimsical stand out that much more; then again, the primary colors in this twirly number are enough to bring a speeding taxicab to a full stop…true story. Just call me the traffic ninja. Or don’t.

{ Tara Jarmon x Target Jacket (old – similar here), Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress, Converse Sneakers, Proenza Schouler Bag, Forever21, Shashi & Hermes Bracelets, Vintage Gucci Belt, Juicy Couture Sunglasses c/o }

//Photos by Emily Malan

The Double Bs

March 14, 2012

Sexy time dresses have their place, and my closet is rarely one of them. I’ll wear form hugging pieces every now and then, but for the most part I stay away from items that hug the Double Bs – the boobs and the butt. But(t) sometimes you have to embrace your inner Marilyn, Brigitte, and Snooki, and flaunt what you got. Such was my mindset when I received this Cut25 body con dress, which I knew upon opening was going to be all up in my Double Bs. Since it was still a little too cool outside for naked arms, I threw on a simple black blazer, which ended up yielding a more conservative look that could perhaps even be appropriate for the after work cocktail? Perchaps? Gin martini straight up, extra olives? Hmmmkaaay.

Also, if you’re like me and prefer to detract from your Double Bs, the blazer is a great way to go. Everyone knows you’re still wearing a tight dress under there but they’re not seeing your Beyonce. Having said that, after a few gin martinis Beyonce may just be ready to come out and do the Single Ladies dance. And that is where I shall end today.

{ Club Monaco Blazer, Cut25 Dress c/o Bib & Tuck, Zara Heels, Kate Spade Purse (similar here), Shashi and Forever21 Bracelets, MAC Lipstick in Morange }

// photos by Emily Malan

Affordable Jewelry At Your Fingertips

March 13, 2012

Are you ready for a seriously intense shopping post? Good! Me too.

Last week I had a request from a reader to feature some affordable jewelry to add to her growing collection. Well, ask dear reader and you shall receive! I know what it’s like to see things in a store that are ridiculously expensive and feel like you’ll never be able to dress a certain way cause you don’t have the mula dula in your bankula (*read: insufficient funds in bank account). That’s where I come in.

Allow me to lend my personal shopper skills and show you a variety of bracelets, necklaces, and rings all for under $50! No scouring in the bargain bins for you, no siree!, these are pieces that I either own or am currently craving from a number of my favorite shops. Now lets go get our bling on! Exclamation points!!!

  1. BaubleBar Gold U Cuff – $26
  2. Asos Stud Bracelet – $26
  3. Need Supply Ikat Bracelet – $16
  4. Asos Arrow Drop Chain Bracelet – $18
  5. Forever21 Toggle Bracelet – $8 (I have this in red!)
  6. Urban Renewal Beaded Bracelet – $8
  7. Blu Bijoux Silver Crystal Cuff – $39
  8. Gorjana Astrology Charm Bracelet – $36
  9. Shashi Neon Nugget Bracelet – $22 (Just bought this exact one!)

  1. Asos Moustache Necklace – $10.74
  2. Modcloth Night Captivating Necklace – $25
  3. Miss Selfridge Silver Cutout Necklace – $12
  4. Rachel Rachel Roy Star & Moon Necklace – $38
  5. Forever21 Woven Chain Necklace – $6.80
  6. NastyGal Goldmine Collar – $18
  7. Modcloth Someone Special Necklace - $20

  1. Topshop Nail Tip Ring – $15
  2. French Connection Bee Ring – $32.23 (Insect jewelry lovers unite!)
  3. Mango Row Set Ring – $15
  4. Rachel Rachel Roy Libra Ring – $39
  5. Fashionology Silver Knuckle Claw Ring – $37
  6. CatBird Threadbare Rings – $44 each (I wear these everyday!)
  7. Urban Outfitters Bengal Bay Ring – $18
// first photo via Tommy Ton

Casper Pants

March 12, 2012

Back when I first moved to New York and was looking for apartments, I made the mistake of wearing white jeans while on the hunt and wound up coming home with the back half of my pants speckled with gray dirt and dust. Granted it had rained the night before, but still, I was totally grossed out and took a major hiatus from casper pants (not to be mistaken with the casper pale skin I’m currently sporting).

In the past year I have welcomed white jeans back into my life with open legs arms and am happy to say that this featured pair of Rag & Bone leg casings skinnies have only suffered one speckle of grey dirt because of Finn‘s post dog park paws. Thankfully, there’s this amazing potion called bleach that works like a fairy godmother’s magic wand. Zap! Zing! Stain be gone! 

*Editors Note: For tougher stains, consult your nearest wizard.

*Another Editors Note: Am I seriously that big of a loser?


{ William Rast Jacket (similar here), Zara Shirt, Rag & Bone Jeans, Kelsi Dagger Boots, Proenza Schouler Bag, Forever21 & nOir Jewelry Bracelets, Eden Necklace c/o, CatBird Rings }

//photos by Emily Malan