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Everything Counts

November 15, 2011

I enjoy dressing in swamp tones, as is made apparent by this earth hued outfit I threw together yesterday (complete with scarab beetle necklace). Ever since I nixed my bad habit of spray tanning after senior year of high school (orange just isn’t a good everyday color for me), I’ve learned to embrace my pale post-summer complexion and as a result, consistently dress in rich, dark colors.

These J Brand jeans arrived on my doorstep a few weeks ago and I’ve worn them half a dozen times ever since. While I normally only really wear black jeans, I was surprised by the versatility of this dark green pair. What’s even better is that with every pair sold, 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to City Year in their efforts to prevent high school dropouts. Had it not been for my high school experience I could still be frequenting the fake tanning salon and looking like an oompa loompa!

{ Free People Coat (also worn here), Zara Blouse, gifted J Brand ‘City Year’ Jean, gifted Dolce Vita Boots, Mulberry Handbag, Scarf via LF, RayBan Aviators, Bauble Bar Scarab Necklace, Forever21 & nOir Jewelry Bracelets }

//Photos by Emily Malan for Runway Hippie

[ Everything Counts - Depeche Mode ]


November 9, 2011

{ Finally bought Tom Ford’s “Violet Blonde” }

I go through periods where I’ll have nothing new and exciting in my closet and then bam! a whole slew of new treats make their way into my wardrobe. As frustrated as I get having nothing new to work with (we’ve all had that moment of “I have nothing to wear!!”), it definitely makes me work harder and try new looks with the pieces that I already have.

Having said all that, these are a few new yummies that have been in frequent rotation for the past week or so.

{ Earrings have made their way back into my life with these eagle beauties from Asos }

{ City Year Jeans (outfit coming soon!) & Jodhpur Jeans (worn here) c/o J Brand }

{ Gorgeous horn necklace c/o Jigsaw }

{ Topshop silk/velvet tees in 2 tasty colors (here & here) }

Love ♥ Child

November 1, 2011

It feels like it’s getting colder everyday (we even had SNOW on Saturday!) which I simultaneously enjoy and hate. As I notice the temperatures dropping I realize that Winter is just around the corner (blech), but I love that with each day I’m able to bust out different jackets like this one sent over from Nine West. I consider this jacket the love child between a Winter coat and a Fall sweater since the wooly coat sleeves are 3/4 length that then transition into cozy sweater sleeves. And while I’m not usually one for a boxy fitting jacket, I like how this one really allows me to bundle and layer.

If you love this coat as much as I do, then I’ve got some prettay prettay prettaaaay wonderful news for all ya’ll. Nine West is launching a sweepstakes on their Facebook page and giving away one of these wooly numbers! All you have to do is enter your email address in the sweepstakes entry field on their Facebook page and boom! you’ve got a chance of winning one of these beauties!

{ Coat c/o Nine West, Circle t-shirt c/o LNA, Jodhpur Jeans c/o J Brand, Acne “Pistol” boots, Infinity scarf c/o Nine West }