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The Knee-Length Denim Skirt

October 9, 2013


Here’s something I never thought would make its way back into my wardrobe: the knee-length denim skirt. The last time I wore one of these was circa 2001 and let’s just say it hit the donation pile in 2002. But my interest in the durable knee-grazer reawakened last year when Acne came out with the ultimate, and I mean ULTIMATE distressed denim skirt and, in what seems to be a theme this week, I neglected to purchase. While there were plenty of other knee-length denim skirts around at the time, none spoke to me quite as much as the Acne one, so I decided to wait until I found one with the kind of distressing I like.


After a year of mild searching — a denim skirt wasn’t exactly at the tippy top of my must-have list since it’s life span was all of a year in my closet — I finally decided on this distressed design by Free People.

I thought that styling a denim skirt would be super easy. It’s denim, how hard can it be? But because the denim skirt has as much of a stigma as Jnco jeans and scrunchies, I found myself repelled by many of my tried combinations. The nineties may be back in a big way, but that doesn’t mean I want to look like Kelly from Saved by the Bell, or maybe I do and I should just come to terms with that and start wearing scrunchies again. Either way, I decided to use the styling in J.Crew catalogs as my inspiration and went for a look that was on the neater, more simple side. I guess you could say, I played it safe. But give me a break, it’s the first time I’ve worn one of these in over a decade and sometimes it’s better to start on the small, more practical side, before diving headfirst into a look that makes my own dog question the sanity of my sartorial decisions. But it’s not like he was born in the 90s and has any idea what he’s talking about so know that next time you see me wearing this it will be with a plaid shirt, an acid washed denim jacket, and a new feathered haircut. Ok, I’ve officially lost my marbles and therefore am done.


 J.Crew sweater | Free People skirt | Isabel Marant heels | Zara bag & belt | Tiffany & The 2 Bandits bracelets


// photos by Emily Malan

The Cropped Turtle

September 26, 2013


I expected my crop top days to be done once summer ended; a fall breeze combined with an exposed navel sounds like a front row ticket for goosebumps. But when I came across a crop top that combats the exposed umbilical center with a turtleneck and long sleeves, I knew my cropped days were nowhere near finished. This is what I call a transition piece, ladies and gentlebeans, and fall is all about the transition from summer to winter and all things pumpkin-themed, the latter of which is totally irrelevant in today’s post, so I don’t know why I brought that up.


Transitions are always a difficult thing, and I’m not only speaking sartorially. I have the hardest time transitioning from an entree to dessert because sometimes I’m just not quite finished with the savory. So sue me that I’d rather have an extra helping of roast chicken and mashed potatoes before switching over to chocolate cake! But sometimes, when you’re lucky, you have a cheese course, which is what this cropped turtleneck is. It’s the manchego of my wardrobe, taking me from the salty sweaty days of summer to the crisp and sweet climate of fall. I’m really pushing it here, aren’t I? Whatever. Over and out, it’s cheese time.


Everly turleneck | Forever21 skirt (this one is it’s cousin) | Office brogues (this is a similar pair too, if you will) | The 2Bandits cuff

Leather Weather

September 24, 2013


Now that it’s officially Fall, I am officially back in my comfort zone. No more beads of sweat gathering on my forehead. No more sidewalk saunas. No more excessive overheating. I’m back in my happy climate and as I’ve done every year when the season changes, I celebrated by wearing leather the first day that I can. This day was yesterday.

My instinctive leather go-to is usually in the form of a jacket, but yesterday my leather pants were calling to me so I said, “See you tomorrow, Leather Jacket,” and slipped my hot dogs into their fall casings. My first fall outfit almost always dictates my “uniform” for the season, and since I spent most of the summer accumulating boyfriend blazers and comfy t-shirts, something tells me this is going to be my version of Doug Funny’s t-shirt, khakis and sweater vest. Of course I will always bring you variety in my outfit posts, but if you’re wondering what I’m wearing on a day-to-day basis this autumn, well, this is it.


Zara blazer | Marc by Marc jacobs t-shirt | Paige leather leggings | Kelsi Dagger boots (these are awesome, too) | Mulberry bag | Warby Parker sunglasses


// photos by Christine

It’s Time To Talk Boots

September 11, 2013


BCBG blazer | J.Crew shirt both on me and around my waist | Paige jeans | SOREL boots | Zara clutch


It’s 93 degrees outside right now and figuring out how to style your fall boots is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. But let me ask you this, have you ever noticed how one day the air feels hotter than sticking your face under a stream of boiling hot coffee and then the next day it’s as cold as an ice cub sliding down your back? If you answered yes, then wouldn’t you rather know how to style your weather-proof fall boots from day-to-night in advance than stand in front of your closet with a dumbfounded look trying to decipher whether lace up boots go with a denim jumpsuit? (Fun fact: they do!).

If you answered yes again, then head on over to New York Magazine’s “The Cut” to see how I’ve taken puddle stomping SOREL boots from a daytime session of hot chocolate drinking to a whiskey sipping evening game of pool.

If you answered no to any of these questions, then don’t risk FOMO and go anyways. Go, go, go! NOW! 

New Volumes

September 11, 2013


Sleek, minimalist looks have been a longstanding trend of 2013, with Céline, The Row, and Zara, the king of affordable copycatting, acting as wardrobe director to fashion’s favorite street style stars. But while there has been a fair share of streamlined looks dominating the streets of the West Side this Fashion Week, so too have there been voluminous silhouettes worthy of a Disney Princess ball gown. This calls to mind a series of questions:

1. Did everyone forget to do their pre-fashion-week diet, and are consequently covering up their post-summer thighs with oversize bell skirts? If so, I totally feel their pain and have no objections to the need for a little more breathing room before a season of Spanx, pencil skirts and skintight leather pants begins. In fact, let’s just keep this bulbous silhouette trend in full swing throughout the fall and winter. More leg room=more gnocchi. Am I right?

2. Is the downsizing to clutches and cross-body mini bags making it impossible for editors to find a place to store their Mophies and battery packs, thus forcing them to hide their necessary electronic devices in the folds and bulging pleats of their outfits? Again, I totally get it and can relate this to my high school prom when I decided that the only way I was going to be able to carry a small bag and my flask was by strapping the latter to my thigh hidden beneath my layered chiffon Marc Jacobs dress.

3. Is the fashion world finally rediscovering the beauty of the female waist? Let’s hope so.


As you can may be able to tell, I have no qualms with the reintroduction of fuller silhouettes into the world of fashion. We’ve been rafting down the streamlined stream for a few years now, and while I for one will never part with my skinny jeans, I have no objections to seeing more full-circle dresses and skirts come back into production. Plus, I’m still really into crop tops and would much rather bare my stomach with a high-waisted, FUPA covering, A-line skirt than a low-riding pair of skinny jodhpurs. And speaking of tops, let’s take a queue from Taylor Tomasi Hill and bring matador style bell-sleeves back into production as well, because shoulders really never looked so good.


I’ve been waiting for the moment where fashion catches up with my need for cheese and desire to downsize to a clutch yet continued inability to leave things at home like my notebook and six pairs of sunglasses. But if this is the moment, then hear this: I’m ready for it. Are you?


// photos via NYMag