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Animal Style

August 12, 2013


While scrolling through Instagram with a friend the other day, we kept stopping to oggle the adorable animals that have taken over my feed. Tuna Melts My Heart, Insta Baby Sloths, Biddy the Hedgehog — I may as well be following a zoo. But while some may think me a bit creepy for following animals like they’re an A list celebrity with a public Instagram account, I find  joy in seeing weird animals doing stupid things or just looking extra fluffy and cute. Why? Because the truth is, I’m a crazy animal lady. I can’t be confined to just being a “cat lover” or a “dog person” — I’m nondiscriminatory when it comes to animals and my Instagram feed is proof.

So, when scrolling through my feed recently and seeing the above picture of a dog who is clearly the canine version of Tilda Swinton wearing Rick Owens on the cover of faux magazine, Dogue, it should be no surprise that I went cross-eyed and my head spun off like a cork shooting out of a champagne bottle. Two obsessions colliding is enough to make me look like Rodney Dangerfield.

Once my head settled back onto my neck and my eyes locked into their normal position, I started thinking that I would totally subscribe to Dogue were Dogue to exist. And, who’s to say that it wouldn’t do just as good of a job in selling me on pieces of clothing than a standard magazine like Vogue? I personally think that Grumpy Cat (another social media savvy animal that’s gone viral) looks just as good as Sasha Pivovarova in the Prada campaign.


Don’t you agree?

So I guess this is as good a time as ever to let you know that I’m now launching an animal fashion magazine and that my dog Finn will be taking over the personal style posts on here. Obviously I’m kidding, but I wish I weren’t.

Transitional Pieces That Have Nothing To Do With Seasons

July 24, 2013


We’ve all been guilty of rejecting something because it’s “not our style,” but we’ve also been guilty of buying something so unlike our style that it stands out in our closets like a zit in the middle of a forehead. In the same sense that the zit may mean it’s time to try a new face wash, I like to think that these random, out of character purchases mean that we are subconsciously interested in testing out a new look. And, pending that we allow ourselves to make these rogue closet additions, in time, we may find that our style, slowly but surely, evolves.


This skirt, for example, was an impulse purchase; the first in body-hugging skirts for me. I got it over a year ago (their shorts version can be found here) and found that I was drawn to it for all of the same reasons that I might have rejected it. Really colorful. Tight. Feminine. Floooooral. But, in the same light that we may sometimes find ourselves attracted to people we might not normally be interested in, I went for it. And like an ecstatic mother whose daughter has started dating the man she set her up with, I’m delighted to say that I like this skirt, a lot.

Is it a skirt that I wear on a weekly basis? Nah. But it’s a skirt that instantaneously makes me feel good and simultaneously makes me hear the song, “Dude (Looks Like a Lady).” I recognize that this catchy tune is actually about an effeminate man who is at first thought to be a woman and that this is clearly very far from the reality of my situation, but it’s more of a reference to Mrs. Doubtfire when (s)he’s finally got the hang of  playing nanny and dances around to the song while vacuuming and playing soccer. This is not to say that I bust out the vacuum or hit the field every time I put the skirt on, but I do get that sassy strut you see in pretty much every upbeat movie montage. Bridget JonesPretty WomanClueless. And yes, Mrs. Doubtfire. The butt sways back and forth. The strides are a bit longer. Heck, I’ve probably got some stupid grin plastered across my face.


Yep, I totally do.

So how did I come to this? How did I find the skirt that makes me do the splits while dancing with a broom? I went online and took a chance on an unknown kid (Clueless quote). Because you know what? You can almost always return if it doesn’t work out. Just like you can always say onto the next one after a bad date. And if he turns out to be a stalker, then just call your wireless provider and block that shit. It’s time to start living outside of the comfort zone.


Joe Fresh shirt | Erdem skirt (shorts version) | Proenza Schouler heels | Prada bag


// photos by Emily Malan

Treat Yoself

April 22, 2013

Even when on shopping “hiatus”, I will make exceptions simply because some things are just too good to pass up (and maybe because I have a slight addiction). It’s kind of like being on a diet and then getting handed a plate of authentic Italian gnocchi. You just don’t turn that down. When this happens I like to picture Donna from Parks and Recreation saying “TREAT YOSELF,” since even the most addicted of shoppers deserve a treat every now and then (and even the most devoted of dieters deserve a plate of gooey potato pasta goodness).

Such was the case with this Cynthia Rowley skirt printed with thought bubbles of all things awesome on it. Lipstick. Diamonds. Cameras. I’m pretty sure there’s a slice of pizza on there as well. TREAT YOSELF. Thankfully, the skirt was on sale on Gilt so I could justify the purchase just a little more, which is how I imagine most people feel when they order a Diet Coke with their double double animal style burger and fries.





Prada shirt | Cynthia Rowley skirt | Kelsi Dagger heels | Hermes bracelet
//photos by Emily Malan

A Dissection of This Season’s Sandals

April 2, 2013


Yesterday I addressed the idea that perhaps my style is regressing; but today I wonder if it’s not just me that’s regressing but the world of fashion as well. While trends have a tendency to repeat themselves, this is the first time that I’ve seen the footwear styles I wore as an adolescent, pre-teen, teen, and college-drunkard join together in one season. And while that’s already curious enough, what’s more curious is that these resurfaced trends are ones that make me cringe to think I ever wore. Don’t get me wrong, I accept many of my own fashion faux pas — newsboy caps cocked to the side I’m looking at you — but in the world of footwear, many of the mistakes that I’ve made I care not to discuss or repeat. But allow me to be selfless here and discuss them anyways.



When I was in elementary school I idolized my brothers. Hand-me-downs were not a forced situation but a desired one. I was never a tomboy at heart, but I made sure to get my hands on as many of their reptile print shirts and baggy jeans as I could. This was not about looking cool, this was about feeling cool. Case in point? My need for Tevas. Though exploring woody paths and dams were part of my weekend adventures, I was not the outdoorsy girl. So instead I paired my unnecessary Tevas with overalls, leggings, and cotton dresses that were actually just oversize t-shirts. I was determined to give off the vibe that I was cool like the boys but girly enough to know that belting a t-shirt to look like a dress is stylish. Looking back these outfits made for some pretty awesome Yearbook photos, but that’s about it. So imagine my look of shock when Alexander Wang debuted a sandal that may as well be a replica of the Teva. I have yet to see anyone actually wear these (and I did a thorough Google search in hopes to find an image), and I’m just going to say that I think it’s for the better. I’m sure they look great paired with overalls or an oversize t-shirt dress, but let’s save that for the chickadees.



A few years after Tevas left my style-scene, Rocket Dog “geisha” sandals took their place. I would clunk around my 6th grade classrooms in these hard-t0-walk in sandals, convinced that the girls thought of me as Cher Horowitz and the guys found me utterly irresistible. This may have been the case, but I would like to test their sense of judgment since my own was clearly misguided into thinking these shoes were cool. I actually never thought geisha sandals would find their way back into fashion, but low and behold Miuccia Prada sent them down her Spring 2013 runway. They’re currently available for pre-order for $1150 (I think my Rocketdogs cost $25) and I anticipate the moment I see them take the streets on someone other than Anna Dello Russo or Elle Fanning.



Like many girls in high school, I was completely obsessed with the Olsen twins’ style. Along with copying their grandpa cardigans, flared jeans, and oversize sunglasses, I also took cues from Mary-Kate and bought myself a pair of Birkenstocks. I remember my best friend being supportive of my decision to wear the stoner shoes, but telling me she thought they were ugly regardless (for the record: I did the same to her with her furry Ugg boots and cropped denim skirt. Hashtag friendship). I’d say the Birkenstocks lasted about six months in my wardrobe before I threw them out, but I still find myself drawn to them simply because those Olsen twins pull them off so well. How do they do it!? I look like Frodo Baggins when I wear them! Anyways, then Phoebe Philo and her epitome-of-cool Céline showcased Mock-enstocks complete with furry insoles. I actually think they could look good if worn correctly (see my earlier comment on the Olsens pulling off Birkenstocks), but I do wonder what will happen to the fur once the foot starts to sweat…



Gladiator sandals never really left the trend scene, but their height certainly shortened. In college I owned a few pairs of knee-high gladiator sandals and though my style already stood out at my middle-of-nowhere school, I don’t think I’ve ever received so many questioning looks. I also didn’t really care and unlike my Tevas and geisha shoes, I have yet to throw these awkward-tan-forming sandals away. They haven’t gotten much wear in the past 4 years, but something has kept me from tossing them in the donation bin. Much to my delight, Altuzarra sent gladiator-inspired heels down his spring 2013 runways, which makes me think I’ll have to dabble in this trend again.

So there’s my little recap of old shoe trends becoming new shoe trends. This further emphasizes my theory that trends are BS, and also brings up a potentially new theory. Are high-end designers borrowing from the brands that design for the masses? Because I think if you were to ask which came first the Wang or the Teva, you would find your answer to be the Wang. And I’m talking about Alexander here, not the male genitalia. Ok, goodbye.




The Color Pool

January 14, 2013


Baby blue is not a color I tend to reach for. This is mainly because people with blue eyes are always told how great they look in blue and unfortunately wearing the color brown doesn’t really yield the same response. “Hey! That’s a great color brown on you, really brings out the brown in your eyes” — yeah, no, that never happens.

But when I spotted this fuzzy blue Acne sweater on sale, I just couldn’t resist. No, it didn’t “bring out my eyes” or compliment my pale skin in a particularly striking way, but it’s cozy and a refreshing change from my other go-to colors.

I’m sure there are many of you out there who swear that you can’t wear lime green or tangerine or pastels or whatever, but before you completely remove that certain hue  from your wearable colors list, I suggest you test out a few shades. Some greens have a bit more grey in them, some yellows a  bit more cream, and so on and so forth. I know that a cold pastel green makes me look like I’m perpetually seasick, but one with a little more yellow works on me. But for baby blue I’ve found that a more saturated shade makes me look like I’m a confused 5 year-old tomboy, while cooler shades are more flattering. So, as the spring collections start hitting stores and the inevitable springy hues dominate every rack, I suggest you try a variety of different shades instead of nixing the rack of soft pink entirely.




Rag & Bone coat (on sale!) | Acne sweater | Rag & Bone jeans | Acne boots | Prada bag | Knockaround sunnies