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The Sandal Flats Concoction

August 23, 2012

As someone who doesn’t own a single pair of flats (they make my legs look stumpy), my flat summer footwear is pretty limited. Sneakers are good, but they can be a bit hot in this steamy city, and I don’t wear flip flops except while walking Finn. So, like I said, limited summer flats options.

Last Christmas in San Francisco, however, my friend Gillian came over to my house wearing the cutest nude sandal-meets-flats concoction (because that’s appropriate winter footwear in California). Thinking they were Margiela’s, I promptly did a bend-and-snap to get a closer look at those pretty little things. And then Gillian told me they were MaxStudio. Say whaaa?

Wham bam thank you ma’am I was on the computer buying these suckers in navy. They’ve since become my go-to summer footwear and I love how they’re not the typical gladiator sandal nor are they the classic ballet flat (they’re also under $100). They’re a great combination of the two and even my Mom is on board with them (and she hates sandals).

Kid tested, Mother approved.

Get them here!

Super Moon Fiesta

May 7, 2012

Though last week’s rain stayed far away, this weekend was completely gray and overcast, preventing any sunkissed outdoor fiestas and super moon gazing from happening. As someone with a bit of an obsession with the moon (and fiestas), you can only imagine my disappointment (huge thank you to some of my readers for sending me photos of the super moon from where you are!); so I compensated for the lack of sunshine and giant moon glow by throwing together a midday fancy shmancy outfit with a sparkly clutch that reflects everything. Who needs a super moon when you’ve got dozens of mini moons on your bag?

And while the fun outfit was definitely a pick-me-up, it wasn’t long before I was back in jeans and a t-shirt for some quesadilla eating and margarita drinking — both of which played a crucial part in making up for the solar system’s NYC absence.

{ Sine dress c/o, Angel Jackson clutch, Michael Kors heels, Erica Weiner earrings, Banana Republic & CatBird rings }

// photos by Emily Malan

Meow Mix

April 19, 2012

I may flake out on things or cancel a dinner plan here and there, but if there’s one thing I’ll keep my word on, it’s purchasing cat clothing. Remember when I talked about my obsession with feline print clothing, particularly the Glamour x Opening Ceremony cat sweater collab? No? Meow? Fine. Well, I did (here), and true to my word here I wear my very own kitty sweater.

Though I’ve worn this sweater on more than one occasion (yesterday in my office, and I quote, “Oh! It’s the cat sweater again” — awkward), I really can’t wait until I’ve worked up just enough of a tan to pair it with denim cut offs and some bare legs. Enough of this wishy washy weather, get me to Miami! I need some sun.

Admit it, I totally look like this cat.

{ Glamour x Opening Ceremony sweater, Theory dress (old), Zara shoes & bag, American Apparel tights, Catbird rings }

//photos by Sevan Kalayjian

A Week in Review

February 24, 2012

{ My collection of Converse }

So much for a week that started off great, I’m now horizontal, in my bed, with the flu. My friend Erin kindly reminded me that this always happens to me after Fashion Week (except that one time I got the flu right in the middle of the week), so I’m hoping for a speedy recovery so that I may watch the Oscars sitting upright, champagne glass in hand.

Forgive me for being brief today but hopefully I’ll be back up and blabbing by Monday! Until then, check out some bits before I was taken under by a 102° fever.

{ New tropical print blouse from Zara }

{ A colorful and festive invite to my friend’s wedding in Miami }

{ More kitty paraphernalia lands on my phone }

{ Cork shoes ready for a wine stain c/o 7 For All Mankind }

Designer Spotlight: Charlotte Olympia

February 7, 2012

I’ve decided to add another element to my blog. Meet the “Designer Spotlight” where I plan to showcase designers that put me on an emotional roller coaster with their beautiful creations. First up, Charlotte Olympia. You may know her because you stalk her designs like me, or perhaps you recognize those kitty heels frequently seen in flat form on Alexa Chung, but in the chance that you don’t know who she is or what she makes, allow me to show you a few of my recent favorites.

Along with sky scraper heels that will put you face-to-face with the Jolly Green Giant, she also designs structured clutches that are simultaneously architectural, modern, and elegant. Check out Miss Clear Lucite down yonder ↓ — ain’t she a beaut?! But if a see-through clutch has you fearing that the world will see your Hello Kitty iPhone case or tampons, fear not because it also comes with clothed inserts of snow leopard, denim, and all those other must-have fabrics.

As for the aforementioned sky scraper heels, she’s quite well known for her golden mega platforms, but I’m obsessed with her mix matched booties made of two different animal prints. While I don’t own any Charlotte Olympia – she’s one of those Wish List/Save-up-to-buy designers for me – I’ll have you know that those kitty heels have been high on my list for quite some time, and her Spring 2012 collection (see bottom photo), well, it should come as no surprise that I want leaves on my feet.

// photos via tfs & net-a-porter