What is Runway Hippie Fashion: The History of the Trend

Fashion designers often revive old trends and give them a new meaning. Hippie themes have long been popular and they’ve led to the creation of many hippie fashion collections. What is runway hippie fashion? Several characteristics are determining for the trend.

The Roots of Hippie Fashion
When answering the question what is runway hippie fashion, it’s important to trace the roots of the trend.

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The hippie fashion trend appeared and grew in prominence in the 1960s. Hippies were the descendants of the creators of the Beat movement from the 1920s. Their main focus was on rebelling against the establishment, focusing on freedom and nature.

Hippie fashion had numerous essentials and core pieces. Bell-bottom jeans, fringes, floral dresses, halter tops, peasant blouses, t-shirts and handmade accessories were all defining. Many of these hippie statement pieces are still prominent today and they’ve managed to evolve through the years.

The Hippie Influence: Contemporary Development
While the early hippie fashion has very little to do with the designer collections that we see today, it has inspired many of the haute couture pieces created by the biggest labels.

The hippie trend is the one youth movement that has had the most profound impact on designers.

Boho chic is one of the hippie movement offspring. Particularly popular in the early 2000s, boho chic still has its presence on the runway today. As the name suggests, this style brings together bohemian and hippie elements. Kate Moss and Sienna Miller are two of the fashion icons responsible for popularizing the trend.

Some of the boho chic staples include embroidered tunics and dresses, furry gilets, UGG and cowboy boots, cropped jackets, hobo bags and cardigans. The genre had two sub-niches develop in 2008 to 2010 – Balearic and folk boho. These modernized boho a little bit, introducing a few contemporary fashion elements to the style.

High Fashion and Hippie Chic
Runway hippie fashion is inspired by the early hippie movement and the casual boho style that was born in the 2000s. Many large brands and world-famous designers have adopted hippie elements and introduced them to their collections. The Gucci season 2017 collection is just one example.

This isn’t the only example.

Chloé’s ready to wear 2016/2017 collection is heavily influenced by floral patterns and flowy dresses. All of the clothes symbolize youthfulness and the strive for freedom – two of the staples that defined the hippie movement in the 1960s.

Roberto Cavali is bringing the boho trend back in 2017, as well. Peasant blouses, fringes, ornate embroidery and even retro bell-bottom pants have all found their place in the colorful vintage-inspired collection.

To sum it up, Paris Fashion Week made it certain that runway hippie fashion is here to stay. Free spirit inspirations, a fusion with biker chic and bright colors ranked among the most prominent trends that numerous designers embraced fully.

Obviously, high fashion has a profound impact on ready to wear clothes and streetwear. Ladies today have the freedom to express themselves through clothing and choose among dozens of styles. Many hippies at heart and free spirits have been glad to see the revival of the trend. It looks like the rebellious nature of the flower children is here to stay.