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December 17, 2009
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by Sonia

Sometimes I like to think of the holiday season as it’s own personal fashion week month. With countless parties and events to attend it can be exhausting trying to create a different outfit for each occasion. Which brings me to this post, the Little Black Dress.

Let’s face it, every girl has one hanging in her closet and usually uses it as a backup when she can’t think of anything else to wear. I find that I most often wear my LBD during the holiday season because I don’t have the time or energy to come up with an impressive outfit night after night. What’s nice about the LBD is that it’s a basic article of clothing that allows for multiple different looks. When in a rush or a bind,  jazzing up a black dress with a sequined blazer or brightly colored shoes can make your look go from boring to a standout amongst a crowd.

Below I have put together some looks that spice up the ever-so-basic LBD.

The first look is all about the lace crop top and the brightly colored shoes. The sheer lace top gives the dress a sexier more sophisticated look which is only emphasized by the luscious suede shoes. Since these two pieces make the majority of the outfit, the rest of the accessories can be quite simple.

The second look may look boring, but it is far from it. I find that piling on as many chains as possible can make a preppy/conservative outfit look feminine and edgy. The matte red lipstick is the perfect colorful touch to the all black ensemble.

I love adding color to a black silhouette. In the third look, the addition of a bright sweater, colorful bracelet and printed shoes makes one almost forget that she is wearing a basic black dress.

Let the holiday parties begin!!

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