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June 30, 2010
tags: 4th of july, activities, decorations, festive, fourth of july, holiday, long weekend, party, party dresses, Party Favors, summer, summer cocktails, summer food
by Sonia

I know I’m not alone when I say how excited I am for this coming holiday weekend. Aside from my appreciation for long weekends, I’m particularly excited for this Fourth of July because I will be spending it with most of my family and celebrating the engagement of my brother Austin and his beautiful fiancé Arianna.

Although the majority of my weekend will be consumed with swimming in my cousin’s pool and trying to show Finn that it’s OK to ride in the basket of my bicycle, I can’t deny my love of all holidays so I’d be lying if I said I’m not equally as excited to partake in some traditional Fourth of July hoopla.

This year we are throwing a barbecue, so while my brother and Mom take over the grill I plan to be in the kitchen fixing up a fresh summer salad, crisp cocktails, and a festive dessert. Below I have compiled some of my Independence Day necessities:

• Fresh Berries with Mint (recipe here) - This dessert/snack is the perfect blend of sweet and tart and the mint adds just the right amount of bite •

• Opening Ceremony x Pendleton Dress ($180) - Fourth of July parties tend to be on the casual side, so a lightweight sundress is key. I love the feminine cut and delicate print of this Opening Ceremony x Pendleton dress, and it’s also on sale! Score. •

• US Flag Pinwheel - Who doesn’t love a good party favor? This patriotic pinwheel is a great party handout because not only is it festive but you don’t have to worry about any obnoxious clean up (*ahem* party poppers) •

• Seychelles Pumps ($92) - These shoes are a perfect touch of color to brighten up an otherwise neutral dress •

• Dots & Stripes Tumblers ($20) - Why serve yummy cocktails in a boring glass when you can use fun decorative glasses like these!? I can already picture serving beverages (like these) in them •

• Summer Luminary Bags ($4 per dozen) - There’s nothing like a little candlelight once the sun goes down. These luminary bags are not only summer appropriate but their faded colors are patriotic without being obnoxious •

• Sparklers - enough said. :D

• Sheer Petals Platter ($148) - The design of this platter is absolutely gorgeous, it would almost be a crime to serve anything on it. But if there were ever going to be a platter worthy of gourmet burgers and summer corn this would definitely be on the one •

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