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≡ A Week in Review ≡

September 30, 2011
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by Sonia

{ Gifted winter goodies that will unfortunately sit in a drawer for the next few months…}

Next week is already  booked with tons of meetings, events, and shoots so I’m really looking forward to a weekend of relaxation. I’ve been a sick bean for the past two days and as a result am totally wiped! Aside from watching lots of documentaries (currently on National Geographics, “Natures Fury”), I’ll be working on some DIY projects this weekend that will most likely leave my apartment in a big glittery mess.

Here are a few snapshots from this past week which was all fun and games until the mean mucous monster came into my life…

{ The coolest little girl who scooted through my shoot for an upcoming project on Monday }

{ Took my first Bikram yoga class…so much sweat }

{ Cheese class with Erin! }

{ Old school arts & crafts for a DIY project }

{ Death bed sickness = lots of tea with honey }

»· A Week in Review ·«

August 12, 2011
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by Sonia

Isn’t amazing how a week can go by so slowly and then poof! it‘s Friday!? That was this week fo sho. Even though I didn’t have a lot going on in terms of events and meetings, it seemed like any time I tried to grab a second for myself another task came popping up on my to-do list, thus leaving me strapped to my desk chair. At least I got some time in to hang out with dinosaurs though…

The highlight of this week however, was last night’s Anthropologie event which was hands down one of the best events I’ve ever been to (*note this isn’t a sponsored post by any means - I seriously did have a fantastic time!). Not only was their showroom filled with candies that make Willy Wonka’s factory look like a dump, but the upcoming collection was beautifully displayed all around the space and my fellow bloggers and I each got to style and model a look made up of the new pieces! I’m always a little awkward when I have to pose for a picture in front of people I don’t know, but as most situations require in life, I decided to kick that awkwardness in the face and did my best not to pose with a double chin…

As for this weekend, I already have a ton on the agenda. Tonight my friend Ally and I are heading over to The Lot on the Highline (an outdoor spot filled with yummy food trucks and brews) and on Saturday I promised Finn we’d hit up the dog park and then I’m off to dinner with my favorite foodie, Erin!

What are you guys getting into this weekend? Something fun I hope!

Until Monday…

tanti baci!!

{ The 70s inspired outfit I styled at Anthropologie }

{ Mousey friend also at Anthropologie }

{ Overworked and overheated }

{ Strawberries make everything better }

»· A Week in Review ·«

August 5, 2011
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by Sonia

{ A visit to the Plaza }

As much as I miss being on the shore, it feels really great to be back in the city. This week was busier than I expected and aside from the sweat, it was great to be running from meetings to press events to more meetings. I’m working on a bunch of fun, upcoming projects that I am dying to share with you but I have to restrain myself. I promise I’ll tell you as soon as I can!

It’s a rare occasion that I get to kick-start my week with a spa treatment, but thanks to Birchbox and Caudalie, my week initiated with an amazing premier eye treatment at the Caudalie spa in the Plaza hotel followed by Caudalie wine and some incredible cheese. If only every week could start like that! I also got to preview Meredith Wendell’s Resort 2012 Collection which blew my mind! Definitely adding that release date to my calendar. And oh, how I wish I could share more about my week but you’ll know soon enough!

I’m excited to spend a weekend in NYC even though most people seem to be fleeing the predicted rain/heat. Sometimes all I need is a little time away for me to realize how much I love the city I live in - absence really does make the heart grow fonder!

Happy Weekend!

{ A beautiful gifty gift from Coach }

{ Spa treatments c/o Caudalie & Birchbox’s August “Innovation” box - get yours here! }

{ One of the better cheese spreads I’ve seen in awhile; also at the Caudalie event }

{ A Preview of Meredith Wendell’s 2012 Resort Collection }

{ More Meredith Wendell yummies }

»· A Week in Review ·«

July 29, 2011
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by Sonia

My brother Phil is visiting this week, so I’ve spent the entire time up at my Mom’s house in Connecticut hanging out with him and my Mom, eating far too much delicious food and swimming until I prune. It’s so seldom that my family is all together and I’m so excited for my other brother and sister-in-law to arrive tonight. I can only hope for the kind of ridiculousness that comes around the holidays and birthdays.

What happens when your family gets together?

I have all kinds of new, fun projects in the works that I’m so excited to share with you all, but until then I’m going to go hit the shore with my brother and my fishing rod and hopefully catch something worthy enough for tonight’s dinner.

Have a simply splendid weekend!

{ Spicy bloody mary’s at Ocean House in Watch Hill }

{ Storm’s a-brewin’ - *note: this photo is not in  black and white! }

{ A visit to a local farm with baby turkeys and lambs! }

{ Straight up poolin’ it }

{ Finnie love }

»· A Week in Review ·«

July 8, 2011
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by Sonia

{ Summery Essie nail polish c/o Maiden Form }

As much as I enjoy the slow pace of summer, I admit that sometimes I get a little antsy in my pantsy. It seems like the rest of New York tunes out during the summer but my mind is still running wild, craving adventures, hard work and creativity. Since I feel a bit cluttered and claustrophobic in NYC lately, I really look forward to the weekends when I can get away and wipe my crazy brain free, thus giving the start of each week a clean palette for me to work with. Kind of a like a little kid who’s given a set of paint and a giant piece of white paper to play on. And since next week is starting to look a bit hectic and kerbobbled I plan on diving head first into relaxation mode this weekend, starting with fresh lobstahs! that my brother and sister-in-law are bringing down from Boston tonight! Yummy tummy!

Below is a little glimpse of this past week. Have a delightfully splendid weekend!

{ A new book to feed my Ancient Egypt obsession }

{ Deep fried mozzarella…no other words necessary }

{ Reading an article in NY Mag and realizing I desperately need an old school typewriter }

{ Pretty new undies also c/o Maiden Form }

{ There are few things better than the Mr. Softee chocolate dipped ice cream cone }