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What New Black?

November 4, 2013


Last week I bought a coat. It was on sale at Zara, which should have made it a no brainer, but I doddled on the “add to cart” button because I couldn’t decide between navy blue or black. Though I’ve been wanting a navy blue coat for awhile, I hovered over the black option, knowing fully well that it would get a lot more use. But my conscience kept telling me that black was a cop out. And isn’t it though? When I’m in my most uninspired of moods, I habitually reach for an all black ensemble because it’s consistently flattering, sophisticated, and easy to put together. So actually, shouldn’t that make it one of the most necessary “colors” in our wardrobes? We all need a go to that makes us look put together even when our minds are not.

This is where I come in in defense of black and tell you, and my conscience (who needs her anyway?), that black is anything but a cop out. As much as I love color and exploding patterns, there are few outfits that make me feel as sleek and powerful as one made up of black from head-to-toe. And if my defense isn’t convincing you, then allow me to present my offense of all black looks that I’ve scouted and collected from the world wide web-o-sphere. Be prepared to be tackled while you scroll…




As people continue to search for “the new black,” I’m going to go ahead and say that there is no such thing. Black will always win. Orange can have its moment. We all know how oxblood dominated last year. But when it comes down to it, black will never go out of style. And thus, it should come as no surprise when I tell you that I opted against my crazy conscience and selected the black coat over the blue, and I don’t consider it to be a cop out.

One Outfit, Four Shoes

July 18, 2013
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by Sonia


I don’t know many women who hate shoes, but I also don’t know many women who don’t get a little shadow of fear in their eyes when talking about shoes. My mom, for example, gets a bug eyed pursed lip look on her face whenever a heel height goes beyond one inch. Then there’s my friend Gillian who used to give her new pair of Jack Purcell’s to our friend Carolyn to break in because her feet couldn’t handle the blisters (hashtag friendship). And then there’s me, the girl who runs the opposite direction when presented with a pair of ballet flats (what can I say, they make me look stumpy). While I’d like to believe that shoes can dictate an outfit in a positive way, there are many circumstances when they put a real damper on what someone believes they can wear.

Unless you are one of the privileged few who take town cars everywhere in NYC, it’s safe to assume that most women have to consider the heel when embarking on their commute. Then there’s the cocktail factor where some women would prefer to be comfortable in a pair of flats, while others (ahem, me) would rather take a kebab skewer to the eyeball before sacrificing height and elegant posture for dumpy inducing flats. And while it’s true that some outfits look better with a certain style of shoe — you can’t deny that a cocktail dress looks best when paired with stilettos, or maybe you can and that’s ok, too — the shoe should never limit what you wear on your bod. Instead it should celebrate it. Flatter it. Give it a big slap on the butt and tell it it’s looking fine!

Though I will almost always prefer a pair of heels, it’s important to know which outfits can mingle with the variety of footwear resting in your closet space, because if I were being really honest I’d tell you that sometimes I just want to wear a pair of flat sandals and know that the outfit I’m wearing looks just as good as it would with a pair of my favorite pumps. So here I present you with one, very standard outfit, paired with four different yet equally glorifying pairs of shoes. But before we get into the shoes, a moment on the outfit. For me, finding an all-footwear approved outfit was about finding a bottom that flattered my legs. I went with an asymmetric but A-line type skort that can be both dressed up and dressed down. This way the role of footwear really comes down to the occasion and whatever you feel most comfortable in. Now onto le shoes…


T by Alexander Wang shirt | Zara skirt | Joie sandals | Hobo bag | Miansai bracelet


Some people have an issue with thong sandals. I assume that these are the same people who have issues with thong underwear. As a wearer of both kinds of thongs, I cannot relate to this dilemma, and I’m sure many of you feel the same. In fact, many of you probably only wear thong sandals in the summertime because they’re just so damn comfortable and you like the feeling of having something wedged between your buttcrack toes. I get it. They’re easy to put on, allow your tootsies to breath, and depending on the style, go with pretty much all summer clothing. Should this be your shoe of choice then I say Mazel Tov because they’re versatile, universally complimentary (I have yet to be proved wrong on this), and again, depending on the style, can be dressed up or dressed down. For those of you who do not like thongs, then you are obviously excluded from this celebratory moment and I guess the only words of wisdom I have for you here are that you should really reconsider.


Superga sneakers | T by Alexander Wang shirt | Zara skirt | Hobo bag | Miansai bracelet


Then there’s the prevailingly loyal pair of sneakers. Yes, some require breaking in (though I hear that’s something you can get your friend to do…wink wink), but everyone I know owns at least one pair of  comfortable sneaks, and that doesn’t include the ones you might wear to the gym. I’m talking about those simple tennis shoes that don’t necessarily require you to play tennis but are pleasant enough on your feet that nothing will stand in your way should you decide to pose like a flamingo or hit a few balls. And though less versatile as the aforementioned thong sandal, they’re generally flattering and well, I wouldn’t hold it against you if you decided to wear them with a ball gown, but for the sake of this post let’s just all agree that they work with the above outfit.

Gianvito Rossi heels | T by Alexander Wang shirt | Zara skirt | Hobo bag | Miansai bracelet


Now we’re into my jam. The butter to my toast. The deodorant to my B.O. In other words, the stiletto to my feet. If I could have a magical power it would be to never get shoe-induced blisters and to be able to walk forever in a pair of heels. I would also like to be able to travel anywhere with a click of my heels, Dorothy style, and to have the ability to eat whatever I want without it affecting my body. But let’s get back to blister-inducing heels. Whether it’s difficulty with walking, intolerable pain while standing, or just a general uncomfortableness, I find that more often than not people reject heels and opt for footwear they find more comfortable. And that’s fine, that’s your prerogative; but pending some of you out there relish the wearing of heels, then let’s join in a cyber huddle and acknowledge that heels heighten this outfit to a level beyond mathematical measurement.


 Sperry loafers | T by Alexander Wang shirt | Zara skirt | Hobo bag | Miansai bracelet


 And lastly we have the mom-approved, sidewalk friendly loafer. Now, you may find yourself thinking, “Sonia, those are flats,” and yes, technically they are flats, but the tongue of the shoe goes further up the upper-arch of my foot thus hindering any dumpiness. Though loafers are generally paired with corporate-wear or seen on prepsters, I’ve found them to be another versatile shoe that, thanks to the longer tongue, can be worn by just about everyone. So before you reject the idea of dad-style penny loafers, please make a note that they’re not only comfortable but are currently working with an outfit that you probably wouldn’t find on your average loafer-wearing Wall Streeter.

This brings me back to having a go-to outfit that works just about anywhere and thus, as you’ve hopefully learned from this post, can be worn with a variety of footwear.

End scene.

// photos by Emily Malan

Camo Bo Bamo

March 25, 2013
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by Sonia


Trends are bullshit. You know why? Because the minute you say “I would never wear that” you find yourself coveting a similar item only a year or so later. Case in point: the camouflage print. I can attest that back in the day when items from Delia*s and Abercombie + Fitch dominated my closet there were indeed some camo pieces, but it has been over a decade since I even considered wearing it.

Until recently, the print reminded me of my not so stylish pre-pubescent days where braces were color coordinated with holidays and butterfly clips surrounded my ballerina bun. But now I find myself strangely attracted to the print and its surprising versatility. Like plaid or pinstripes, camouflage can stand as well on its own as it can when paired with equally busy prints — i.e. leopard. And so here you see me betraying my previous sentiments of hatred regarding the camo print and wearing it like it’s a necessary staple in my day-to-day wardrobe.

This not only supports my initial statement that trends are bullshit, but also that fashion is fickle. One second you’re swearing off anything snakeskin and then you’re wearing gold snakeskin pants that Snooki probably wore in the first season of Jersey Shore. Oh fashion, you trickster.





Zara jacket & shirt | Hudson jeans | Schutz shoes | BCBG bag | Celine sunglasses | Kenneth Cole watch

// photos by Emily Malan




Worth the Wait

December 19, 2012
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by Sonia


With each season comes a trendy silhouette; the satchel bag, the ankle boot, the wide leg pajama pants, etc. And under this silhouette “umbrella” reside specific must-have items: the Mulberry ‘Alexa’ bag, the Alexander Wang bootie, the Marc Jacobs pant.

Sometimes I stand beneath this umbrella, decorating myself in as many trendy silhouettes as I (a.k.a. my bank account) can manage. Other times, I stick my nose in the air and let the rain fall in, unmoved by the current fads. And then there are those times that I am so late to the trend that I may as well have been living in a mole hole for the past few years unaware of any popular silhouettes settling beneath a season’s umbrella. Such is the case with my recent acquisition of this green parka jacket.

The selling point for me after all these years was the furry hood. I love how giant it is, and that it sits upright and perky around my shoulders (wow, it really sounds like I’m talking about an erection here, but let’s move beyond my word choice).

Growing up, I loved watching old movies with women dressed in luscious fur coats that practically engulfed them with their volume and buoyancy — kind of like a squirrel tail. So, when I saw how this fur hood encompassed its model, I knew my search for the human eating furry parka coat had come to an end.

This trend may have been around for awhile, but I’m glad I waited until I found the exact parka I was looking for.






Minusey coat | Zara shirt | Madewell jeans | Acne boots | Proenza Schouler bag | Céline sunglasses | House of Harlow bracelet

//photos by Emily Malan


September 5, 2012
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by Sonia

This outfit is a bit confused. It’s like Snooki on the top and Preppy McBetty on the bottom, and while neither of those styles are anything close to what I usually wear, I can’t say that I hate the two together. I also can’t believe I’m writing something about Snooki on here…but moving forward…

In a perfect world Snooki and Preppy McBetty would hang out. They’d be friends. They’d drink lattes (er…spiked lattes for Snooks?). Maybe get their tizzle tan on at the beach. But this ain’t no perfect world, and Snooki and Preppy McBetty have absolutely nothing in common. Which brings me back to square one: this outfit is confused.

But sometimes confused outfits are the best. They make people do the double take: is she really wearing that? Is she blind? Is she really going out with him? What am I talking about? Again…moving forward…

Will this outfit be on heavy rotation? An unlikely story. But on a day when I woke up thinking it was Saturday on a Thursday and put whole milk in my iced coffee instead of soy, a Snooki Preppy McBetty outfit is a-okie dokie in my book.

H&M top (old) | J.Crew skirt | Proenza Schouler bag | Ecco shoes c/o | Forever21, Tom Binns, Odette, Jennifer Fisher bracelets

// photos by Emily Malan