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October Bliss

October 3, 2011

It finally feels like fall! Hello brisk winds and yellow leaves! I have missed you!

This past weekend I was able to fully embrace the new season with lots of tights, chunky sweaters and a light jacket at night. I also had to put another blanket on my bed and slept in a sweatshirt; a refreshing change to throwing the covers off of me every night because it was so damn hot.

Even though this dress could technically be worn year round, I really only like to break it out for fall and winter - something about the pleats and thick straps. I actually wore this outfit last fall but I loved it so much that I broke it out again this past weekend while on the hunt for a new apartment.

This week is JAM PACKED with events and shoots every.single.night., but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel because both my Mom and my best friend Claire are coming to visit for my birthday! Suffice it to say, I’m ready for the weekend already.

{ Levi’s vest, Cynthia Steffe dress, Gap shirt, bag from Japan, Zara heels, Free People sunglasses, Molly Sims bracelet }

»· Old Black Point ·«

June 30, 2011
tags: , connecticut, connecticut shore, , old black point, , , summer homes, vacation
by Sonia

Finally! My official summer has arrived! Today I am taking the train to Connecticut to spend the holiday weekend and hopefully as much time as possible at the house my Mom rents for the month of July in Old Black Point. I’ve been going to Old Black Point since I was a little girl, but it’s only recently that my family has tried to make it a summer tradition. I cannot express enough how nice it is to have a place to escape to in the summertime. Because New York in the summer is so icky and humid it is often empty on the weekends and I am perfectly content in adding to its emptiness. I can’t wait to light up the barbecue, splash around in the pool, take walks on the beach, relax on the porch, and fully embrace cocktail hour.

{ Finn is quite content in having a summer home as well }

{ No, I’m not good and yes, it’s hilarious to watch me try }

{ Christmas card anyone? }

»· A Week in Review ·«

June 17, 2011
tags: , , butter yellow shorts, , , lifestyle, , , , tory burch resort 2012, true religion
by Sonia

{ Tory Burch Resort 2012 }

I spent most of this past week sitting at my desk writing ferociously and while I didn’t mind it, I think by Wednesday Finn was just about ready to bite my head off. When I wasn’t staring at the glowing screen that seems to control most of my life, I was bouncing around the city (in one day I went from Little Italy to the Upper East Side to Chelsea to West Village and finally back to the Lower East Side) attending meetings, collection previews and going to those obligatory appointments that muck up my otherwise happy schedule (teeth cleaning, I’m looking at you).

Although the week started off slowly, it picked up by Thursday with FlyBarre, my latest work out obsession, followed by my friend Sevan’s birthday celebration at Benihanna (turns out it still tastes as good as when I was 12, sodium and all). My Mom also flew in last night so to kick off the weekend we’re going to see the McQueen exhibit at the MET followed by cocktails on the roof.

Don’t you just love the summer?!

{ First ripe peach of the season! Yummy in my tummy! }

{ Butter yellow surprise from True Religion }

{ Well earned martini(s) }

{ Officially obsessed with all of Tory Burch Resort 2012 }

{ Finding beauty in New York when I least expect it }

»· Bardot ·«

June 13, 2011
tags: , brigitte bardot, eyes, , , la parisienne, lips, , , ,
by Sonia

Brigitte Bardot has been one of my biggest inspirations/icons ever since I saw La Parisienne about ten years ago. I immediately fell in love with her voluminous blonde hair, perfectly plump pout, and heavily lined almond eyes that have become one of her most notable trademarks. I am constantly looking to her for beauty inspiration, so much so that in high school I had a full set of bangs, bleach blonde hair and went a little overboard on the eyeliner (kind of like this picture only half the time my eyeliner was smudged around my face…oh, high school…). I’ve since tamed my “Bardot look” and only break it out every once in awhile with the right outfit which is exactly where this dress comes in.

I saw this dress at a little vintage store near my apartment and was immediately reminded of those feminine frocks Brigitte was so often seen posing in. So, referring back to my many photographs of the Parisienne pin-up (if you follow my tumblr, you may have noticed that her picture pops-up quite a bit), I did my best at re-creating her signature look. I think my hair could have used a bit more volume, but since I wore this outfit to brunch followed by the dog park, I didn’t think bombshell hair was entirely appropriate. Maybe next time…

{ vintage dress, La Mer Collection watch }

Whiskers on Kittens

June 8, 2011
tags: , , favorite things list, favorite things questionnaire, my favorite things, , , survey
by Sonia

~ Me & Herman the Horseshoe Crab last summer ~

After receiving such positive feedback on my 30 Pictures post, I thought I’d continue the trend with a post on 25 of my favorite things. I actually found the list from a questionnaire I filled out back during my Myspace days (go ahead, judge me all you want) and just updated it with a few more accurate and current responses. Perhaps I can attribute my obsession with questionnaires and surveys to all those Seventeen Magazine quizzes I filled out in my tween years because I seem to have an inexplicable love for filling them out.

  1. Favorite Color: Green
  2. Favorite Board Game: Scattegories
  3. Favorite Food: Burritos
  4. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry - or neopolitan if that’s a “flavor”
  5. Favorite Drink: Old Fashioned
  6. Favorite Animal: Narwhals…or lemurs…or bunnies…ugh, I love animals.
  7. Favorite Sea Creature: ooh now we’re talkin’; again, narwhals or sharks…
  8. Favorite Band: Broken Social Scene
  9. Favorite Movie: Pretty much any Disney movie
  10. Favorite Candy: Dark chocolate or peeps
  11. Favorite Pizza Topping: Sausage and mushroom
  12. Favorite Fruit: Cherries
  13. Favorite Flower: Peonies
  14. Favorite Weather: 65 degrees and sunny
  15. Favorite Time of Day: Dusk
  16. Favorite Season: Fall
  17. Favorite Smell: hmm…melted butter?
  18. Favorite City: Paris
  19. Favorite Book: Jane Eyre
  20. Favorite Activity: Eating…or shopping…
  21. Favorite Clothing Item: Leather jacket all the way
  22. Favorite Children’s Book: Henry & Mudge
  23. Favorite Holiday: Christmas - but I love dressing up for Halloween and take it very seriously
  24. Favorite Magazine: National Geographic
  25. Favorite Indulgence: Frequent manicures & pedicures

What are some of your favorite things?