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When Polygamy Gets Sartorial

August 26, 2013
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by Sonia


Boyfriends have become pretty big in women’s fashion. No, I’m not referring to a physical man, but instead to their wardrobes which designers seem to think we ladies should be borrowing from regularly. Boyfriend blazers, boyfriend jeans, boyfriend t-shirts, boyfriend sweaters — if our closets were Facebook, all of our statuses would read, “In a Relationship.” Some of us may even be in multiple relationships given the depth of our “boyfriend” attire.


While I used to wear one boyfriend piece at a time, I recently decided to test out polygamy and wear multiple pieces together. The result was relatively shapeless, as most boyfriend apparel is, but all was balanced out with a few shape shifters like a Frank Sinatra fedora, simple stilettos, and an apple purse because, why not?


It’s not necessarily an everyday outfit, mainly because I prefer sausage casing skinny jeans to loosely stuffed kielbasas, but as an option for days when I’m feeling a relaxed-fit, then sign me up for a polygamous outfit. That’s what I call taken a bite out of the apple in your closet, or something like that…


Goorin Bros. hat | Zara blazer | Vintage camisole | MiH jeans | Gucci heels | Kate Spade bag


// photos by Emily Malan

Subway Gear

August 14, 2013


Perhaps the title of this post made you think you were about to see images of me in some sort of scuba suit stuffing my face with a Subway sandwich a la Jared Fogle, which let’s be honest, is entirely possible. Or maybe you thought I would be dissecting the MTA’s orange vest and blue polo uniform, which is less likely but still a possibility. But alas it’s neither of these. Instead, I’m here to fulfill a reader request inquiring about an outfit I might wear while commuting around the city. (Hear that folks? Reader requests are granted. So if you’re wondering what I wear to the gym or what kind of tampons I use, go ahead and ask.)

As much as I’d like to tell you that I wear intricate outfits and 4-inch stilettos while riding the L train, I just don’t (ok fine, sometimes I do). Until I can ditch my $112 Metrocard for a daily driver named Sal or Tony, my feet are sticking to flats during the daytime. And though the low soled footwear may not be my favorite kind of jam, my toes certainly dig them (insert toe jam joke here).


This is a very standard outfit for me: some type of skinny jean, a boyfriend blazer, sneakers (or boots in the fall), and a large bag to carry unnecessary things like torn up boxes of gum covered in sand. It’s pretty ideal for when you’re trekking around the city, though depending on the meeting I might bring a pair of heels with me since these Converse have been around since 2004 and are probably the reason my subway car was so empty the other day.

I should also note that because the subway is at least 20 degrees warmer than the temperature outside and about 100% more humid, pairing a blazer and tight jeans in the dead of summer may result in a shiny forehead (see below image), but that’s nothing an airconditioned subway car won’t take care of. This brings me to the realization that New York is actually really gross in the summer, but whatever, I love it anyways.


BCBG blazer | Helmut Lang shirt (yup, same one I’m wearing here and nope, I haven’t washed it) | Paige jeans | Converse sneakers | Zara bag | Tom Binns & The 2 Bandits bracelets
//photos by Emily Malan

Transitional Pieces That Have Nothing To Do With Seasons

July 24, 2013
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by Sonia


We’ve all been guilty of rejecting something because it’s “not our style,” but we’ve also been guilty of buying something so unlike our style that it stands out in our closets like a zit in the middle of a forehead. In the same sense that the zit may mean it’s time to try a new face wash, I like to think that these random, out of character purchases mean that we are subconsciously interested in testing out a new look. And, pending that we allow ourselves to make these rogue closet additions, in time, we may find that our style, slowly but surely, evolves.


This skirt, for example, was an impulse purchase; the first in body-hugging skirts for me. I got it over a year ago (their shorts version can be found here) and found that I was drawn to it for all of the same reasons that I might have rejected it. Really colorful. Tight. Feminine. Floooooral. But, in the same light that we may sometimes find ourselves attracted to people we might not normally be interested in, I went for it. And like an ecstatic mother whose daughter has started dating the man she set her up with, I’m delighted to say that I like this skirt, a lot.

Is it a skirt that I wear on a weekly basis? Nah. But it’s a skirt that instantaneously makes me feel good and simultaneously makes me hear the song, “Dude (Looks Like a Lady).” I recognize that this catchy tune is actually about an effeminate man who is at first thought to be a woman and that this is clearly very far from the reality of my situation, but it’s more of a reference to Mrs. Doubtfire when (s)he’s finally got the hang of  playing nanny and dances around to the song while vacuuming and playing soccer. This is not to say that I bust out the vacuum or hit the field every time I put the skirt on, but I do get that sassy strut you see in pretty much every upbeat movie montage. Bridget JonesPretty WomanClueless. And yes, Mrs. Doubtfire. The butt sways back and forth. The strides are a bit longer. Heck, I’ve probably got some stupid grin plastered across my face.


Yep, I totally do.

So how did I come to this? How did I find the skirt that makes me do the splits while dancing with a broom? I went online and took a chance on an unknown kid (Clueless quote). Because you know what? You can almost always return if it doesn’t work out. Just like you can always say onto the next one after a bad date. And if he turns out to be a stalker, then just call your wireless provider and block that shit. It’s time to start living outside of the comfort zone.


Joe Fresh shirt | Erdem skirt (shorts version) | Proenza Schouler heels | Prada bag


// photos by Emily Malan

Teenage Dreams

June 5, 2013
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by Sonia


All throughout high school you could find me dressed in flared jeans, oversize sunglasses, and some kind of vintage leather bag. (I wore shirts too, but they’re irrelevant here simply because they were belly-button bearing t-shirts that I stole from my friend’s little brothers.) Not unlike today, I was very much about the accessories — earrings, sunglasses, bracelets, and bags. And while I was content with my handbag selection, there was one bag that haunted my dreams like a lion after you’ve watched it rip it’s lunch to shreds at the zoo (anyone else have this experience? Anyone? Bueller?)


It was a vintage brown pouch with engraved floral detailing that I saw at a thrift store on Haight Street for the whopping sum of $250 — a price well out of range for my 16 year-old self. And so for over a decade my dreams have been haunted. Nights pained with regret, loneliness, and longing. Why hadn’t I just saved up the money and bought the bag? Was it really so necessary that I spend all my allowance on weekly mani/pedis and trips to the Urban Outfitters sale rack? At the time I thought it crucial to my well-being, but in retrospect no. Absolutely not.


As you may have imagined or noticed from the beautiful bag featured in this very post, my dreams have been rescued from torment. My saving grace? Patricia Nash; the creative mastermind behind this Marciano Leather Crossbody with the tooled floral detailing that caught my eye in the midst of my adolescence. (I was a late bloomer, which is funnily coincidental since these tooled blooms were late to joining my life as well. Ha. Get it?)


With a snap closure, interior pocket perfect for things like lipstick, hair ties, and lint, and a very reasonable price of $128, I’d say your dreams have been rescued as well, whether you knew you were having sleepless nights of handbag longing or not.

And with that I’ll just say that I was all too ready to slip back into my high school staples of flared denim and oversize sunglasses, since they really do just look so much better with the proper, vintage-inspired handbag. I skipped on the little boy t-shirt, though knowing my repetitive nature, they could easily find their way back into my wardrobe sooner than I think.

End scene.


Rag & Bone hat | Zara shirt | Textile Elizabeth & James jeans | Isabel Marant heels | Patricia Nash bag | Elizabeth & James sunglasses | 2Bandits & vintage bracelets


// photos by Emily Malan

“But This is an Outfit”

May 28, 2013


In an episode of Sex and the City, Carrie goes to a friend’s party where, upon arrival, she is asked to remove her silver Manolo Blahniks. “But this is an outfit,” she tells the host’s sister who clearly doesn’t understand. And with that Carrie, begrudgingly, removes her stilettos. For those who haven’t seen this episode, allow me to be the spoiler alert and tell you that Carrie’s shoes end up getting stolen from the party. And as much as that sucks, my point of bringing this scene to your attention is that very often there’s that one piece that makes the outfit and should it be removed from the equation, well, all is ruined. Ruined! I say!


While both Carrie’s destroyed outfit and shoe robbery experience should teach us all a lesson in not leaving the beauty of a single outfit to one sole (see what I did there?), sometimes these things just cannot be helped. So, while putting together an outfit for a standard rainy Wednesday around Manhattan, I decided: To hell with shirts, I’m just wearing a light jacket. I’m also not going to wear a bra because I just don’t feel like it.


And with that I went about my day. Thankfully no one asked me to take my jacket off, but if they had I’d simply take a cue from Carrie and respond, “But this is an outfit!” And then if they insisted I’d have to tell them that I wasn’t wearing a bra and therefore they had no choice but to let me keep my outfit intact. Unless this was a nudist meeting, in which case this would be a new level of awkwardness that I’d brought to this site upon the internet.


With that I bid you a bon Mardi and encourage you to test drive your next outfit sans bra as it really is liberating. Plus, thanks to the new cleavage, they’re really just unnecessary.


Zara jacket | Supertrash skirt | Proenza Schouler heels | Samudra clutch | Knockaround sunglasses | Catbird rings


// photos by Emily Malan