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Warm and Cozy

January 3, 2011

Let me just say that there’s nothing like ringing in the new year with a bad cold like the one I’ve got (note the sarcasm…). Although I made it through the holidays and New Years Day sickness free, January 2nd brought me a despicable cold that has me curled up in cozy knits and warm blankets on my couch with a box of tissues in close reach. But duty calls and staying in bed is not on my agenda, so in attempt to make my sick day uniform look a little more fashion forward as I venture out into the world, I’ve turned my inspiration toward some delightful personal style photos that make thick cozy knits look both warm and chic.

Now if there were only some magical way to get rid of this wretched cold, although this method seemed to work out pretty well last time.


photos via tumblr

Welcoming Winter

December 6, 2010
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by Sonia

One of the reasons I decided to stay on the east coast after graduating college instead  of moving back to California is because of my love for seasons. While at times winter can feel unbearably long, I have to admit that I get just as equally excited for the icy cold season as I do for crisp springs, hot summers, and chilly autumns. This morning I awoke to a light flurry of snow falling outside my window and it got me that much more amped for this festive holiday season and all the winter activities to come. Here are some things that I’m looking forward to this winter:

going ice skating in Rockefeller Center •

• dressing up and celebrating Santacon in NYC •

• “Mini Christmas” - a tradition three of my best friends and I have been celebrating for 13 years •

• making a gingerbread house from scratch •

• cozying up in chunky knits with comfort food •

• going to see the Nutcracker •

• walking through a snow covered Central Park •

What are you looking forward to this winter?


photos via me, weheartit & tumblr