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Style Icon: Lou Doillon

December 15, 2011

I know. I know. I’ve featured her before. But truth be told, she’s the person I’m always looking to for style inspiration. She sticks to classic silhouettes but her individual articles of clothing are always a bit more modern and risqué. Take the outfit in the bottom right corner por ejemplo- what looks like a basic sheer blouse paired with black trousers is actually a jumpsuit! Huzzah! Or the simple white cocktail dress just above it is classic in silhouette but has all kinds of architectural and sculptural elements. Perfection!

There’s nothing fussy about Lou Doillon’s style - you can tell she knows what she likes, wears what she likes, and feels good in what she’s wearing, which is essentially what my style is all about. Nothing too complicated but always pulled together with a touch of edge.

»· Local Jaunt : Pixie Market ·«

August 9, 2011

Living around the corner from Pixie Market is possibly the best and worst thing about my apartment. While it’s filled with some of the most innovative and interesting pieces I’ve seen, a walk to the gym can be easily put off by a new pair of shoes staring at me from the window or a quick coffee run can easily turn into a much larger expense than a two dollar cappuccino. But boy oh boy do I love a good jaunt in Pixie Market. Its racks are filled with colorful clothing in all kinds of interesting shapes and silhouettes and the shoes and accessories are unique and total statement pieces. Seriously, if you’re looking for totally one-of-a-kind pieces to add to your wardrobe, look no further than this little Lower East Side boutique!

Now, I understand how frustrating it can be to hear about an amazing store in NYC if you don’t live here. But good news for all you non New York folk! Pixie Market has an awesome online shop (here) with perhaps even more pieces than there are in the store. So go get your shop on!!

100 Stanton St.
New York, NY 10002

Autumn in Spring

March 9, 2011
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by Sonia

I know that spring clothing is supposed to be full of florals and bright colors, but when I sat down to make my first list of spring must-haves I couldn’t help but pick out items made up of deeper, richer colors. What can I say, they’re my favorites! And just like the “no white after labor day” rule went out the window, I say to hell with pastels for spring, bring on those rich, autumnal colors! Thankfully, it seems I’m not alone in this style testament, as many of my favorite stores and brands are currently featuring pieces in those colors that I just can’t bring myself to resist, no matter what the season. Here’s round one of what I’m currently coveting for spring:


  1. Anarchy Street Crop Knit Sweater - $48
  2. Topshop Pleated Calf Length Skirt - $80
  3. Asos Leather Boyfriend Belt - $35.86
  4. JCrew Broken-in Boyfriend Short - $49.50
  5. Reed Krakoff Multi Strap Sandle - $650
  6. Madewell Poet Skirt - $98
  7. Erin Considine Polemos II Necklace - $282
  8. Forever 21 Sunglasses - $5.80
  9. Kate Spade Essex Small Scout - $295
  10. Topshop Off White Pleat Dress - $95
  11. Reiss Double Breasted Blazer - $345
  12. Jeffrey Campbell Southern Exposure Sandal - $107

Shopping BFF

March 4, 2011
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by Sonia

It’s no news that I love me some designer goods; but as we all know, they’re not exactly affordable, especially when you’re living on a budget. Sure, I’ve scored some pieces after browsing through pages upon pages on ebay and sifting through racks at consignment stores, but it’d be nice to know if a certain store was going to have those last season Chloe shoes I wanted so badly before actually going there. That’s where Bluefly comes in. I admit that up until now I’d never really spent any time on Bluefly. I’ve always known what it was thanks to that catchy commercial tune (“that’s why I blueee flyyyyy” - come on, I know you all know it), and for being a sponsor of Project Runway, but other than that it was pretty foreign to me. However, after seeing the pair of leopard calf skin Miu Miu platforms I’ve been coveting for almost a year on sale, I realized that Bluefly may just be my new shopping bff.  Yes, I still plan on doing some spring shopping of new collections (Rebecca Taylor I’m looking at you), but it’d be nice to finally add a few of these gems that I’ve been longing after for so long to my spring wardrobe. Here are some of my Bluefly finds:

  1. Love Sam Sequin Blouse - $298 $208
  2. Geren Ford Navy Silk Romper - $294 $176
  3. Wyatt Navy Stripe Button Down - $108 $65
  4. Loeffler Randall Squiggle Short - $225 $121.99
  5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Diamond Stripe Skirt - $198 $119
  6. Miu Miu Gladiator Sandals - $540 $432
  7. Emilio Pucci Geometric Clutch - $590 $472
  8. Miu Miu Leopard Platform Sandals - $790 $632
  9. Prada Cut-Out Tote - $1,495 $1,196
  10. Tom Ford Chase Sunglasses - $380 $206
  11. Chloe Eau de Parfum - $96 $86.50
  12. Linea Pelle Studded Belt - $140 $126
  13. Parker Silk Floral Dress - $250 $149


January 7, 2011
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by Sonia

And so the great debate on where three of my best friends and I will travel to in the spring continues. Next up on the list: Cuzco, Peru.

I’ve never been to South America and have always wanted to go. Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, the list goes on…but today I focus on Cuzco, a large city located along the Southern Sierra Mountains. Once the capital of the Incan Empire, Cuzco is filled with tons of historical architecture from colonial buildings to Inca Ruins such as the famous stone walls that can be seen throughout the city. Along with incredible architecture and history, Cuzco is also more touristically known for its fun and wild nightlife which, let’s face it, is appealing to a group of four young girls experiencing a new city together. But as much as we may try and convince ourselves that we’re the “ladies of the night” type, I’d be lying if I said we weren’t more of the sort whom enjoy wandering through museums, exploring neighboring towns and landmarks, and indulging in delicious local foods; all of which, Cuzco is full of.

While Cuzco is filled with breathtaking monuments and well-known museums, many of my handy dandy guidebooks and travel blogs recommend strolling through the smaller galleries which feature local artists handicrafts, weavings, prints, etc. The Qoricancha, aka “The Sun Temple” is another must-see on my Peruvian itinerary as it used to function as the central site of worship for the Incas. Although now partially in ruins, it still contains both Catholic and Inca ancestry and also offers beautiful views of the surrounding area. Many of Cuzco’s festivals and dances begin at the Qoricancha before making their way through the rest of the city. The most notable festival is the Inti Raymi (the Sun Festival) which is a remembrance celebration of the winter solstice, an Inca tradition.

Although known for being more touristy, the city’s historical center, Plaza de Armas is said to be a perfect way to spend an afternoon enjoying the many shops, vendors, restaurants and bars all surrounded by the Incan Walls. I must admit though that much of what draws me to this beautiful city, aside from the historical architecture and ruins, is the delightfully colorful clothing that so many Peruvians wear on a day to day basis. I’d love to get my hands on some of the heavily printed full-circle skirts and even the detailed adornments used to hang around llamas necks.

So, as much as our other options are enormously appealing (see here, here, here, and here), I have to say that after writing this post Cuzco may take the lead as my choice of destination, though I’d really just love to travel anywhere!

Agricultural Terraces •

Saxayhuamán - the end point of the Inti Raymi Festival •

the Qoricancha •

oh, hi! •

• Plaza de Armas •

Have you ever been to Cuzco?


photos via flickr