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Behind the Scenes: My Shoot with P&G & Street Peeper

October 24, 2012

Last week I shared the photo shoot I did with P&G beauty and Phil Oh of Street Peeper, and today I bring you the details of my beauty look!

As I’ve said before, I normally don’t like getting my hair and makeup done because I feel like I look like the drag queen version of myself, but I absolutely loved what Jake Bailey did. In fact, something that was cut from this video was after I asked Jake how I could recreate the look for everyday wear he said “I personally think you could wear this all the time.” And you know what? He’s got a point.

Does this mean I’m going to vamp up my beauty routine? Unlikely. But it’s certainly changed the way I feel about wearing tons of makeup!

Street Peeping

October 18, 2012
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by Sonia

Last week I ventured down to the Gansevoort hotel with P&G to be styled and spruced up by hair and makeup artists using a variety of products from CoverGirl to Pantene.

I first sat down with hair stylist Wesley O’Meara who worked his magic with my hair, taking my already beachy waves and oomphing them up for the photo shoot. He first started by using Pantene’s Moisture Mist Detangling spray and then used about a pound of Herbal Essences Volumizing Mousse before attacking my hair with a blow dryer and curling iron. I expected the results to be crunchy and over the top, but my hair was soft, full of body, and something that I would actually wear on a normal basis — a rarity when it comes to getting my hair done.

Next I was put in the hot seat with makeup artist Jake Bailey who I’ve already decided is going to do my makeup for my wedding. Makeup artists usually see me and go “YES! Giant features we can go crazy with!” and I end up walking out looking like more of a muppet than I already do. But Jake understood that less is more when it comes to doing my makeup and used auburn eyeshadows and a lot of eyeliner to bring out my eyes and kept the rest neutral.

After that I stepped outside with street style photographer Phil Oh from Street Peeper to do a back and forth catwalk with orange cones. Never did I think cones could play such a role in creating a good shot, but I have to say I’m loving the results! Plus they look like candy corn, which is totally fitting for my Halloween-centric spirit.

Opening Ceremony x Glamour sweater | Anthropologie skirt | Alexander Wang heels

// photos by Phil Oh of Street Peeper 

A Week in Review

October 12, 2012
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by Sonia

on location at the Gansevoort shooting with P&G and Phil Oh

What a fun week! Thank you all so much for your sweet birthday wishes! Last weekend my Mom and brother were in town visiting, which was a perfect kick off to a week filled with both my and my friend’s birthday, a photo shoot with Mr. StreetPeeper, some amazing spring market previews, and drinks with some of my favorite bloggers!

This weekend a group of 20+ friends and I are heading up to Connecticut to throw the ultimate Gatsby themed birthday party complete with 20s music, themed cocktails, and costumes from head to toe (Finn is wearing a bow tie for the occasion!). I promise to take lots of pictures, but make sure to follow me on Instagram too for of the moment updates!

Have a good weekend!

flamingo prints and electric colors at the Caro Marketing spring preview

dress c/o Caro Marketing for my Gatsby party

Crisp clean center pieces at the new eBay launch

outfit preview for next week

Gatsby starter kit from my friend Suz