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October Bliss

October 3, 2011

It finally feels like fall! Hello brisk winds and yellow leaves! I have missed you!

This past weekend I was able to fully embrace the new season with lots of tights, chunky sweaters and a light jacket at night. I also had to put another blanket on my bed and slept in a sweatshirt; a refreshing change to throwing the covers off of me every night because it was so damn hot.

Even though this dress could technically be worn year round, I really only like to break it out for fall and winter - something about the pleats and thick straps. I actually wore this outfit last fall but I loved it so much that I broke it out again this past weekend while on the hunt for a new apartment.

This week is JAM PACKED with events and shoots every.single.night., but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel because both my Mom and my best friend Claire are coming to visit for my birthday! Suffice it to say, I’m ready for the weekend already.

{ Levi’s vest, Cynthia Steffe dress, Gap shirt, bag from Japan, Zara heels, Free People sunglasses, Molly Sims bracelet }

Life on ▲ MARS

September 26, 2011
tags: , , , , mars, nyc fashion blogger, outerspace, pegasus necklace, Rachel Comey, ray ban wayfarers, , small muse bag, , stella and dot, yellow harem pants,
by Sonia

Along with my obsessions with sharks, nature, and Egypt, I also have a deep interest in outerspace; so much so that if an alien landed in NYC tomorrow and asked if I wanted to hop on his UFO and go back to Mars with him I would say yes without so much of a blink of an eye. I enrolled in an astronomy class in college but dropped out after the first two days once I realized how much math was involved. Me + Math = An arranged marriage that ended up in an ugly divorce. Fortunately, looking at photos and watching videos about other galaxies involves absolutely no math so I can still feed my obsession without hurting my brain. Yay!

The color of these pants reminds me of that weird yellowy, green sky in photos I’ve seen of Mars so I thought it only fitting that I focus today’s post on that curious planet. I actually wore this outfit during Fashion Week on one of the only days I opted for no heels - it was amazing. I figured the bold, red lip made up for the lack of interesting shoes. Plus you can’t very well take a trip to Mars in 5-inch platforms, now can you…

{ H&M jacket, J.Crew t-shirt, Rachel Comey pants, Stella & Dot necklace,  Converse sneakers, YSL ‘Muse’ bag, Ray Ban sunglasses }


September 19, 2011
tags: all black ensembles, all black outfits, best nyc bloggers, black bears, black jeans, black outfits, , cool outfits, , , gryphon, , , , rag & bone boots, , skinny black jeans, , , ,
by Sonia

{ Hey there big guy! }

After a full seven days of intense outfits and heels, all I want to wear is comfy clothes and slippers flats. My staple all weekend was my favorite pair of skinny jeans paired with a rotation of super soft t-shirts and boots. Also, since I ate my body weight during Fashion Week (I’d go all day without eating and then have a romantic dinner for one at Chipotle…) I’ve been opting for all black ensembles since they’re the most slimming.

Sucks for black bears though - take the chubster in the photo above, he’s wearing an all black coat and he still looks like a chunky monkey and he has to be scorching hot. Rough, ROUGH life. I’ve actually always been more of a polar bear person but since I already featured an all white outfit (see here), I thought I’d spend some time with the POLAR opposite (pun intended).

The week ahead is looking like a crazy hectic one with two photoshoots, a taping, and the usual day-to-day shtuff so I’m certainly going to be in need of a big bear hug when this week ends. That or a dirty martini. Or both.

{ J.Crew tee, Gryphon jacket, BDG jeans, J.Crew bag, Rag & Bone boots, vintage watch, gifted Accessorize pearl bracelet }

{ Peek-a-Boo! }

{ Just a typical day wading in water with bears }

{ Come join the party }

In the White Room

September 5, 2011
tags: all white outfits, all white rooms, , best nyc bloggers, clogs, clutch, , empty white rooms, , , , in the white room, no white after labor day, , rebecca minkoff, , , , , white rooms, why, winter white
by Sonia

I have always hated the “no white after labor day” rule. What poppycock!  Did you know that the rule was supposedly made in the late 19th century because wearing white clothing makes you cooler and you should thus avoid it in the fall and winter months? Well, most of us have air conditioning and heat now so I think it’s time we kick this fashion etiquette rule out the door. I love winter whites and plan on wearing them as much as possible in the upcoming months.

I figured I’d start this week off with an all white ensemble complemented by all white rooms (which I also happen to have an affinity for - see here) to fully embrace my petition against the no white rule. I understand that such an outfit also begs for lots of food stains but that’s a chance I’m willing to take.

{ vintage shirt & tank top, Anthropologie jeans, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Dolce Vita shoes (also worn here), La Mer Collections watch, thrifted belt }

† • Autumn Inspirations • †

August 23, 2011
tags: aztec, best nyc bloggers, , , , , grave, gypsy, inspiring images, jim morrison, , , , , the 70s, tombstone
by Sonia

My style and inspirations are always developing and changing, and this month I’ve been all about bohemian, gypsy flair. A lot of my style is based around whatever I feel most confident in that day and lately I’ve been flocking toward simple silhouettes with lots of jewelry and bulky boots. This is probably because I’m beyond sick of my summer clothes and impatiently awaiting fall. TICK TOCK HURRY UP!

So, as I begin to work on my Fall mood board I thought I’d share a few images of the things that are inspiring me this season. Feathers, the moon, the 70s, and worn in favorites - maybe I’m more predictable than I thought?