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NYC Chocolate Festival

November 14, 2011

{ Me at roughly 2 years old hoarding the cupcakes }

As a wee tot I always preferred strawberry or vanilla over chocolate (see above) - something about the richness of chocolate never sat well with my refined two year old taste (kidding). Only in the past year or two have I really started to love chocolate. Milk chocolate. Dark chocolate. Chocolate mousse. You name it, I’m into it.

For my birthday this year, my friend Erin bought me a ticket to the NYC Chocolate Festival. On Saturday afternoon she and I took on the festival head first, hoarding every sample that came our way. Among the dozens upon dozens of chocolate stands, my favorite was easily the six week old bakery, Salt of the Earth. Combining two of my favorite ingredients, salt and chocolate, this baby bakery boasted the best brownies and chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had. Returning to their stand about three times to get a handful of samplings, I’m definitely going to have to order from their bakery sometime this week.

Here are some shots from the festival this past weekend.

{ Salt of the Earth brownies }


November 7, 2011
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by Sonia

{ Cheese Soufflé via Dulce Delight }

I think it’s safe to say this past weekend revolved entirely around food. Each meal was enjoyed at a favorite restaurant and I found myself planning the next meal before I’d even finished the one I was eating.

Even though I don’t write about food on my blog, it’s easily as big a part of my life as fashion and writing. My entire family is obsessed with food and the majority of my friends are the same way - drooling over the Food Network, calling each other when we’ve eaten a delicious meal, and trying new restaurants and recipes almost every week.

Since I certainly won’t be eating out this week thanks to my indulgently expensive weekend, I thought I’d share a few of the Food Blogs I frequent when searching for culinary inspiration.

{ Lemon Ricotta Spaghetti with Arugula via Food 52 }

{ Baked Eggs in Tomato Cups via The Curvy Carrot }

{ Crispy Cannellini Bean Cakes with Pancetta via Kitchen Confidante }

{ Caramel Latte Macarons via baking=love }

Along the Shore

July 5, 2010
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by Sonia

This weekend was everything I had hoped it would be. Between relaxing on the porch overlooking the Long Island Sound to playing tennis with my family, I could not be more unhappy about being back in NYC. Thankfully I will be returning to the house my Mom rented along the shore this weekend and mark my words, I will be back in the water within the first five minutes of arriving.

Here are some of my favorite bits from this past weekend:

collecting shells and sea glass on the beach •

• watching Finn explore EVERYTHING •

• fresh lobster •

• bike riding everywhere •

• swan pool toys •

• outdoor dinners with family •

• fourth of july festivities •

• scrumptious breakfasts on the porch •


November 26, 2009
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by Sonia

Every Thanksgiving I end up regretting my outfit. Sure I look good in my uber tight skirt and cinched waist but I always end up taking off my belt at the dinner table so I can fit more food in. Well this year, mark my words, I am not going to be taking my belt off, no siree. For this year I have come up with an outfit that is equally cute as it is accommodating to my expanding stomach.

The key is an expandable waist. Whether that expansion happens under a dress, within elastic waist pants or beneath a high-waisted skirt doesn’t matter… the important thing is to be able to eat.

Below I have compiled three outfits that are Runway Hippie tested, Thanksgiving approved. I like to incorporate holiday colors because ’tis the season and it’s important to be festive. And the colors look great in photographs. ;)

In the first outfit you’ll see that the Antik Batik top is just large enough that a post dinner pot belly won’t show. Urban Outfitters (along with many other stores and designers) has released jeans with an elastic waistband which in theory is a terrible idea because America is fat enough, but a great idea for holiday meals.

The dress in the second outfit has an empire waist which is PERFECTO for shoveling food into your mouth. The tightness around the top is high enough that your stomach will feel no pressure.

The last outfit is a little more complex. The key is to make sure that you can pull the skirt high enough on your ribcage so as not to interfere with the stomach growth. The belt, believe or not, is elastic which is HUGELY important. Trust me, having to take your belt off mid-meal is not only awkward but it can really ruin the outfit.

So there you have it, outfits fit for a swelling mid-line.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Now go stuff your face!!!


October 15, 2009
by Sonia

Someone once told me that food is fashion. At first this confused me, after all, the average model probably eats 250 calories a day. However, once I opened my eyes I began to realize that there really is a connection between my two biggest indulgences. Some of my favorite bloggers write about both fashion and food (i.e. cupcakes and cashmere), designers are constantly inspired by delicious gourmet cuisines, and the amount of time that goes into creating both fashion and food is really quite similar.

In order for food and fashion to succeed, they have to be presented well and they have to make a person feel good. No one wants a plate of grilled halibut and roasted veggies to look like it was mindlessly thrown on the plate, nor do they want a sweater that is poorly constructed and falling apart at the seams (well, unless it was meant to be that way…). Here are some photos where food and fashion meet eye to eye.





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