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October Bliss

October 3, 2011

It finally feels like fall! Hello brisk winds and yellow leaves! I have missed you!

This past weekend I was able to fully embrace the new season with lots of tights, chunky sweaters and a light jacket at night. I also had to put another blanket on my bed and slept in a sweatshirt; a refreshing change to throwing the covers off of me every night because it was so damn hot.

Even though this dress could technically be worn year round, I really only like to break it out for fall and winter - something about the pleats and thick straps. I actually wore this outfit last fall but I loved it so much that I broke it out again this past weekend while on the hunt for a new apartment.

This week is JAM PACKED with events and shoots every.single.night., but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel because both my Mom and my best friend Claire are coming to visit for my birthday! Suffice it to say, I’m ready for the weekend already.

{ Levi’s vest, Cynthia Steffe dress, Gap shirt, bag from Japan, Zara heels, Free People sunglasses, Molly Sims bracelet }

Flower ♣ Fields

August 29, 2011
tags: chloe bag, chloe paraty bag, flower fields, , pratt heels, Rachel Comey, , , wizard of oz dress
by Sonia

Being trapped indoors all weekend due to Hurricane Irene was frustrating and a bit scary at times, but I admit I didn’t mind having an excuse to curl up on the couch eating junk food and watching back-t0-back movies. Aside from  a number of period pieces (I have a bit of an addiction) I also watched The Wizard of Oz, a childhood favorite of mine that I hadn’t seen in years.

Despite the opium references, I’ve always loved that part of the movie when team Dorothy stumbles upon the poppy field. Call me crazy but I think it’d be fun to romp around in a flower field (minus the passing out bit…), particularly one that’s color bl0cked like the tulip field in the above photo. Since this weekend was full of dreary weather and grey skies, I felt it necessary to put a bright spin on the start to this week with a colorful post in a Dorothy-esque dress. Now if I could just get the Horse of a Different Color to take me around town all week I’d be set!

{ Free People dress, Rachel Comey heels (also worn here), Chloe ‘Paraty’ bag, thrifted sunglasses }

»· Buttoned Up Buttercup ·«

July 18, 2011
tags: best fashion blogs, best nyc blog, best style blog, fashionista, , , , , jcrew, layering, , , ,
by Sonia

I love discovering different ways to wear things. For example, what appears to be a skirt in this post is actually a skimpy little dress that at times feels a bit too bare, so why not throw a button up shirt over it? Why not indeed! And who knew that buttoning a casual denim shirt up all the way could immediately give a look structure and sophistication?! I always hate that I can’t really layer clothing in the summer, but this layered look was light enough that I wasn’t breaking a sweat with a wiggle of a toe. Although I will say that whipping my hair back and forth (see last photo) did make me a little damp but that’s nothing a little dip in the pool can’t fix!

{ J.Crew shirt, Forever21 dress worn as skirt, Blowfish sandals, Zara bag, Free People sunglasses }


»· Bibbity Bobbity Boo ·«

June 20, 2011
tags: bass saddle shoes, , , nasty gal, , philippe matignon, pictures, , ,
by Sonia

Sometimes when I buy a new piece of clothing it sits hanging in my closet waiting for the perfect opportunity or event to be worn. Other times the tag is immediately ripped off and I wind up living in my new purchase for the next couple of days; so is the case with Nautical Stripe Tee" target="_blank">this new tee from Nasty Gal. I received the shirt on Friday and have not taken it off since (except to sleep but honestly I’m surprised it even came off for that). It’s super duper trooper soft, has a loose, boxy fit (perfect for the copious amounts of pizza I ate this past weekend), and is extremely versatile.

I put this outfit together on Sunday Funday before going out to dinner with my Mom and checking out the fireflies** twinkling around Central Park. Since I still have yet to spill anything on my pretty, new shirt (yet being the operative word), I’ll be happily wearing it until I do.

{ Club Monaco blazer, Nautical Stripe Tee" target="_blank">Nasty Gal shirt, Vintage Levi shorts, Free People sunglasses, Philippe Matignon sockies, Bass saddle shoes }

**the first time I saw fireflies I had no idea what they were. I thought I was about to meet my Fairy Godmother like that scene in Cinderella when she’s crying because she can’t go to the ball and everything starts twinkling around her and poof! her Fairy Godmother appears. Bibbity Bobbity Boo! Obviously when I found out they were bugs I was simultaneously disappointed and completely fascinated.

February Spring

February 28, 2011

Yesterday was perfect. I started off my day with my typical Sunday routine of coffee and the NY Times Style section and then spent the rest of the day hanging out with my friend Erin before we curled up on her couch to watch the Oscar’s which is easily my favorite TV night of the year.

Aside from it just being a perfectly planned Sunday, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. So, to take full advantage of the weather I threw on one of my favorite lighter jackets that I’ve so missed during these cold winter months and walked Finn over to Erin’s apartment in the West Village. We spent the rest of the day poking our noses into local boutiques, getting a relaxing manicure, and doing some necessary grocery shopping for our little Oscar night feast.

With the weather being so beautiful yesterday, I decided to wear a skirt that I normally reserve for the spring and summer. Being that it’s a pale, eyelet, cotton skirt it’s not a skirt that really makes sense for colder weather, but the glistening sun and cloudless sky were so welcoming I felt it was only appropriate to pull it out from the back of my wardrobe. I paired it with a warm cashmere sweater and tights assuming that I would most likely wind up freezing, but it turned out to be the ideal outfit for a sunny day with a cool breeze.

Free People coat, Theory sweater, vintage necklace, Hue tights, J.Crew boots (last seen here), Chloe Paraty bag (last seen here), Karen Walker sunglasses •