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Black & Blue

December 2, 2013


I’ve never understood the concept that certain colors should never be paired together. While on a shoot recently, the stylist turned down my idea to add a brown satchel bag to my gray and black outfit because she didn’t like the idea of all three colors paired together. When I inquired as to why she replied, “I just feel like you’re not supposed to wear those three colors together.” To which I thought, who cares about supposed to?! I didn’t challenge her on it, but it prompted me to consider other colors that we’re allegedly not supposed to wear together.

Red and green usually get a lot of huff because of their association to Christmas. I’ve also heard people frown upon orange and red because of their similarity in color, but naturally I’ve already ignored that taboo and worn an outfit composed of just those very colors. And then there’s the combo that baffles my mind each time I hear a person scoff at it: navy blue and black. NAVY BLUE AND BLACK. Two of the most harmless, neutral, and might I say, flattering colors to grace the apparel world!


Much like the simplicity of all black, I find that navy blue and black are one of those reliably polished combinations that I can always resort to when in a bind. Even here with my bra as visible beneath my navy blue sweater as Rudolph’s nose on Christmas Eve and a black leather skirt that could easily sway toward the dominatrix side of the style spectrum, I find — and please challenge me on this if you feel I’m reaching here — that the overall look is sophisticated and refined. Not once do I look at this and think, Good god that combination of black and blue stings my eyes! In fact, the only time I’ve ugh-ed at anything black and blue is when it emerges on my skin in the form of a painful and awkward to look at bruise. And that’s all I have to say on that.


Zara sweater | Opening Ceremony skirt | American Apparel tights | Topshop heels | Tiffany bracelet | Giles & Brother necklace
// photos  by Sara Neel

Pink & Purple

February 14, 2013
tags: , arrow, , , , bracelet, , catbird, clutch, cuff, , , , heel, hugh hefner, , , pajama shirt, patent leather, , , pink, pink pants, price point, , , , , , , , , , valentine, valentine's day, vintage casio watch, ,
by Sonia


I used to be the cynical type that wanted to burn every Valentine’s Day aficionado who came in my direction. Even in relationships I acted like I could care less about this day. But let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t want flowers, chocolates, or in my personal case, a giant bowl of guacamole?

So, a few years ago I decided to kill off my cynical “woe is me, I hate this hallmark day” self, and adopt a more festive and optimistic me. I get into the spirit of every other holiday (Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July…I even wear a shirt with a giant photo of my mom on Mother’s Day. Just kidding.), so why not embrace Valentine’s Day as well.

So here I am, dressed in head-to-toe pink and purple ready to stuff my face with Mexican food tonight. Because that’s just how I roll on Valentine’s Day. More on that in a post later today though…stay tuned.

Until then, Happy Valentine’s Day!





Asos shirt | J.Crew pants (similar) | YSL heels | Tod’s clutch c/o | Catbird arrow cuff, Giles cuff, vintage Casio watch

// photos by Emily Malan

It’s Not What You Wear

January 10, 2013
tags: bag, bcbg watch, body, bodycon, boots, burgundy, c wonder, coye nokes, disco, elvis, , , , , lil kim, Michael Kors, oxblood, paris hilton, prepy, , skinny, , snakeskin pants, , , velvet,
by Sonia


If you had asked me a few years ago if I would ever wear gold snakeskin pants, I would have laughed in your face. For a Lil Kim costume, why not? For everyday Sonia wear? No ma’am.

I believe that much of this hesitance was due to sartorial ignorance. While I’ve always been experimental with styles and pieces, I was often repelled by certain apparel stigmas. As far as I was concerned, bodycon dresses were reserved for the likes of Paris Hilton, polo shirts were for prepsters (which I would never be), and denim-on-denim was forever a no.

If you’re an active follower of my blog, you’ll know that I’ve gotten over all of the aforementioned “stigmas” and embraced each look with an open mind, proving to myself that it really isn’t about what you wear but how you wear it (preach!). So, when I received these gold snakeskin pants, there was a mere half-second where I thought “oh, hell no“. But the doubts were crushed by giant dinosaur feet as my style imagination started creating multiple looks with these Lil Kim stunners.

Almost all the looks I cooked up include more conservative pieces on the top (blazers, button downs, sweaters, etc), but the fun with my disco-worthy pants has only just begun. Gold on gold on gold? Why the heck not?!





Zara blazer & shirt | Buffalo jeans c/o | Coye Nokes heels c/o | Michael Kors bag |  BCBGMAXAZRIA watch c/o | Giles & Brother cuff c/o | C.Wonder leopard bracelet

// photos by Anna Kelman