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On Walking in Heels

September 24, 2012
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by Sonia

This past Saturday my friends and I were getting dressed to go out for a night on the town; the perennial question of the evening was, “are you wearing heels?” For me, the answer is always yes. I pride myself on being good in heels. Maybe it’s because of all my years as a tippy toe pointe shoe dancing ballerina, but I’m able to get over the whole “ouch my feet hurt” thing pretty quickly.

It wasn’t until we were walking to a bar and I looked over at my friend (she shall remain nameless), that I realized how much she was struggling in heelsEach step was a big balancing act, keeping her knees bent while taking the biggest strides I’d ever seen her take. Upon seeing this I didn’t hesitate to say “how on earth are you walking!?”

The next block turned into my friend and I trying to teach the uncertain walker how to strut in her stilettos. “Straighten your leg!” “Try going heel toe!” “Take smaller steps!”

She eventually got the hang of it, but I thought I’d share a few key pointers to walking in 4 inches and up.

  1. Swing those mother f*ckin’ arms! They help you balance and take better strides! 
  2. Straighten your leg with each step. I’ve never understood the need to bend your knees while you walk in heels — it looks like you’re a grandma with a dirty diaper. This is probably a good thing to practice at home, but you really want to extend your front leg with each stride.
  3. Start thicker: thicker heels are much easier to walk in, no matter the height. Start with a chunky heel and gradually make your way to the stiletto. I find that Marni heels are a good middle ground.
  4. OWN YOUR WALK! If you feel awkward about walking in heels you’re going to look it. I don’t care if you need to turn the sidewalk into your own personal catwalk; if Carrie Bradshaw can do it so can you.
  5. Practice. The more you wear heels the easier they’ll be to walk in. They’ll also become more comfortable as your feet will get used to being pinched and blistered.


September 5, 2012
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by Sonia

This outfit is a bit confused. It’s like Snooki on the top and Preppy McBetty on the bottom, and while neither of those styles are anything close to what I usually wear, I can’t say that I hate the two together. I also can’t believe I’m writing something about Snooki on here…but moving forward…

In a perfect world Snooki and Preppy McBetty would hang out. They’d be friends. They’d drink lattes (er…spiked lattes for Snooks?). Maybe get their tizzle tan on at the beach. But this ain’t no perfect world, and Snooki and Preppy McBetty have absolutely nothing in common. Which brings me back to square one: this outfit is confused.

But sometimes confused outfits are the best. They make people do the double take: is she really wearing that? Is she blind? Is she really going out with him? What am I talking about? Again…moving forward…

Will this outfit be on heavy rotation? An unlikely story. But on a day when I woke up thinking it was Saturday on a Thursday and put whole milk in my iced coffee instead of soy, a Snooki Preppy McBetty outfit is a-okie dokie in my book.

H&M top (old) | J.Crew skirt | Proenza Schouler bag | Ecco shoes c/o | Forever21, Tom Binns, Odette, Jennifer Fisher bracelets

// photos by Emily Malan

Sports Wear

August 27, 2012
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by Sonia

I’d like to preface this post with two things: 1) I can hear the shrieks from my SF friends about this Mets jacket. This is not a fan jacket, it’s just a jacket. Had I a Giants one, I would wear that too. 2) I’m not a Mets fan. (I actually don’t really care about baseball — way more into football).

Now onto more important matters.

This jacket has been with me since high school. It first belonged to my friend Andie (actually, it belonged to some kid named Justin first. I don’t know Justin but his name is written in sharpie on the tag), but I borrowed it so often that she ended up just letting me have it. Though it’s normally something I’d never even consider when perusing the vintage racks on Haight Street, there’s something about a bright satin line jacket that just rubs me the right way — kind of like a man who normally wears these kinds of jackets rubbing his beer belly at the game (hot dog in mouth should also be a part of this visual).

Since high school however, I really haven’t worn it that much, but it beckons my name every time I peep into my closet. Finally, after four years in this big city, I decided to brave the streets of New York and all it’s crazy Yankees fans and wear a sports jacket for a team I fail to care or know anything about. Because to me this jacket isn’t about the team. It’s about the satin. The almost fluorescent colors. The bubbly fit. The fact that it can add a playful element to the most sophisticated outfits (and leopard pony hair heels). And that it’s just one of those items I will never get rid of.

And that is my lesson in sports wear for the day.

Vintage jacket | Vince tank top c/o | Asos skirt | Walter Steiger heels | Proenza Schouler bag | Ray-Ban sunglasses | Catbird & Gorjana rings | Asos, Tom Binns, Jennifer Fischer, Odette, & 2Bandits bracelets

// photos by Emily Malan

Comfortable Heels (They Exist!)

August 2, 2012
tags: , , comfortable heels, comfy, ecco, glitter, , jcrew, pour la victoire, red valentino, , , , ,
by Sonia

As a heel loving subway rider living in NYC, 6 inch stilettos aren’t necessarily the most practical shoe for a daily commute to work. Though I’m the first person to forgo comfort for the sake of a good outfit, it’s important to have a few versatile heels in your wardrobe that don’t pinch your toes and wiggle your ankles every time you take a step.

I’ve managed to find a significantly large amount of comfortable heels that don’t look like they came out of an episode of Murder She Wrote.  And while I can feel a lot of you rolling your eyes thinking, “what heel is that comfortable,” let me just say that the one’s I’ve managed to find make me feel like I’m walkin’ on clouds.

Here are a few things to look for in finding a comfortable heel:

  1. A thicker heel in the 3-4″ high range
  2. Arch support — girls with arches have it just as hard as flat footed ladies. You want to find a shoe thats going to sit up against the arch of your foot otherwise it’s going to strain.
  3. Nothing too tight. You may think you’ll break them in, but that takes time — time that you’ll start regretting because you’re trying to “break in your heels.” I’m not saying don’t buy them, but save those for the days you’re lucky enough to take a cab.
  4. If you find yourself ready to forsake style for a hideous but comfortable shoe, forget it; don’t you dare buy them. Suck it up, bring some bandaids and check out some of the comfortable yet stylish options I’ve pulled for you below:

Clockwise from left: Whistles Noemi Strap Sandals,  Ecco Montpellier Heels, J.Crew Sydney Patent Heel, Red Valentino Glitter Sandals, Loeffler Randall Nell Heel, Asos Heidi High Sandals

*Also note: Brands that I’ve found have comfortable heels are: Alexander Wang, Zara, Elizabeth & James, J.Crew, Pour la Victoire.

On Mixing Prints, Again…

August 1, 2012
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by Sonia

This has been one of those weeks where all my clothes end up on the floor because I can’t decide what to wear (read: sick of everything I own). Normally I would just grab a dress or plain shirt and jeans and call it a day, but this week I can’t stop pairing prints!

There really is no rule of thumb when it comes to pattern mixing — at least in my opinion. People say you should find some kind of similarity between the pieces (i.e. color, shapes, etc) but really it’s a trial and error process for me. Does this plaid shirt look good with these polka dot shorts? Can I wear a horizontal stripe skirt and vertical stripe shirt? It’s really just like a puzzle and trying to find the right pieces that go together. And maybe sometimes I look like a five year old regurgitated out of the sale rack, but I’m ok with that.

Topshop blouse c/o & skirt (old) | Seychelles heels | Alexander Wang bag | Forever21, Odette, Tom Binns & vintage bracelets

 // photos by Emily Malan