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Do My Ankles Turn You On?

October 23, 2013


While at dinner the other night, the topic of ass men vs. breast men came up. For those of you just hearing these terms, it’s my belief, and many other people’s for that matter, that when it comes down to one or the other — a Sophie’s Choice situation, if you will — there are men who prefer the butt and men who prefer the boobs. Though I am not a man — but wouldn’t it be cool to be one for a day? — something tells me this has to do with how they like their hands to be filled: encasing our derrieres or kneading our grab bags. Either way, it’s apparent that the preferred area be supple, or so I thought…

During this mid-meal T vs. A discussion, I learned about a new area of the body that makes a man move from six to midnight; the ankle. That’s right, that boney area poking out from the bottom of your trousers or the top of your stilettos apparently has the same appeal as the lady bits you’re likely more used to and aware of flaunting. At first I thought this was a fetish thing, like people who love feet or belly buttons or nostrils, but after a little investigatory work, it turns out that ankles are a legitimate…turn on(?!).

To give a brief lesson in history, ankles were one of the ways women could really “seduce” a man in the eighteenth century since their boobs were already perked up and on display. So, is it possible that ankles hold as much tantalizing power as they did back during the Regency Era? Probably not since ankles are about as visible and inconsequential today as a nose. But in looking at the above image, I can’t deny the sensuality of the naked ankles at right  (slut!) and the provocativity (I made up this word) of the ones just poking out between the cuffed denim and gold brogues at left (tease!). So, I suppose the lesson here is that, when it comes to seducing a man, we should take a little more caution when shaving around the ankle bones and neglect our socks until our exposed joints can no longer handle the brisk breeze. I guess it’s a good thing that culottes are in and that I love flaunting my shoes as much as I do.


October 29, 2010
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by Sonia

In honor of Halloween weekend I thought it was only fitting for us to spend our “Weekend Getaway” in Transylvania, the home of the notorious blood-sucking villain, Dracula.

Transylvania is the largest region in Romania and is filled with all kinds of kooky myths and legends. There are over 100 castles and 70 churches scattered throughout the region, but the castle to which this post is focused is none other than Dracula’s home, the Bran Castle. Dracula’s castle is located within the Carparthian Mountains, a mountain range that is as equally known for its spectacular views as it is for its spOooOooky mists and gloomy hovering clouds.

While today the castle functions as a museum displaying a collection of goods belonging to the Queen Marie, I like to envision walking on creaky wooden floors through cobwebs and dark passageways stumbling upon black coffins lined with red velvet and basements resembling bat caves. Ok, ok so that might be a bit too scary for the likes of me, but myth or no myth it’s still fun to imagine that Dracula did at one point live in this infamous castle. Aside from traveling through the pages of Bram Stoker’s novel and laughing along with Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I have never actually physically been to Transylvania but I can picture myself freaking out by the slightest flicker of a candle. I have a tendency to spook myself out when there’s a creepy myth looming in the shadows, but regardless of the scare factor Transylvania is definitely a place I want to visit.

And on that note I wish you all a wonderful and Happy Halloween!!!

Bran Castle a.k.a. Dracula’s home •

• the castle grounds •

• Carparthian Mountains •

• view from the castle •

Have you ever been to Transylvania?

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