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The Knee-Length Denim Skirt

October 9, 2013


Here’s something I never thought would make its way back into my wardrobe: the knee-length denim skirt. The last time I wore one of these was circa 2001 and let’s just say it hit the donation pile in 2002. But my interest in the durable knee-grazer reawakened last year when Acne came out with the ultimate, and I mean ULTIMATE distressed denim skirt and, in what seems to be a theme this week, I neglected to purchase. While there were plenty of other knee-length denim skirts around at the time, none spoke to me quite as much as the Acne one, so I decided to wait until I found one with the kind of distressing I like.


After a year of mild searching — a denim skirt wasn’t exactly at the tippy top of my must-have list since it’s life span was all of a year in my closet — I finally decided on this distressed design by Free People.

I thought that styling a denim skirt would be super easy. It’s denim, how hard can it be? But because the denim skirt has as much of a stigma as Jnco jeans and scrunchies, I found myself repelled by many of my tried combinations. The nineties may be back in a big way, but that doesn’t mean I want to look like Kelly from Saved by the Bell, or maybe I do and I should just come to terms with that and start wearing scrunchies again. Either way, I decided to use the styling in J.Crew catalogs as my inspiration and went for a look that was on the neater, more simple side. I guess you could say, I played it safe. But give me a break, it’s the first time I’ve worn one of these in over a decade and sometimes it’s better to start on the small, more practical side, before diving headfirst into a look that makes my own dog question the sanity of my sartorial decisions. But it’s not like he was born in the 90s and has any idea what he’s talking about so know that next time you see me wearing this it will be with a plaid shirt, an acid washed denim jacket, and a new feathered haircut. Ok, I’ve officially lost my marbles and therefore am done.


 J.Crew sweater | Free People skirt | Isabel Marant heels | Zara bag & belt | Tiffany & The 2 Bandits bracelets


// photos by Emily Malan

Four Unobnoxiously Festive Outfits for the 4th of July

June 25, 2013
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by Sonia


I’m a big fan of holidays. The abundance of stuffing at Thanksgiving. The decorating of the Christmas tree in December. Challenging myself to a Peep eating contest during Easter. Like I said, I love the holidays. But there’s one aspect of these seasonal festivities that I loathe, and that my friends is a holiday’s representational colors. How often have you put on something red and green only to find yourself nixing the whole outfit not because it looked bad but because there’s no way you could walk 10 feet outside of your house without someone telling you that you look “Christmas-y” today. The same goes for orange and black – Halloween. Pink and red — Valentine’s Day. And of course, red, white, and blue — the Fourth of July.

It’s not that I dislike these color combos; in fact it’s quite the opposite, I love them. But I hate that they are almost unwearable because of their holiday association. Red, white, and blue look good together, so why should I be forced to only wear them on our nation’s day of Independence? And furthermore, come Independence Day, why would I want to look like someone who has a separate closet solely for holiday wear? You all know exactly what I’m talking about, the denim shirt with an embroidered American Flag stitched to the breast pocket. The white turtleneck with  Christmas trees printed all over. The pastel yellow cardigan with little beaded easter eggs on the sleeves. Ugly sweater parties aren’t just for the winter holidays, they’re applicable year round. But I’m getting off topic here.

The point I’m trying to make is that not only should we embrace holiday colors outside their season (wear red and green in August, I dare you), but that we too should be able to dress festively without looking like a model from an Oriental Trading catalog. With that I bring you four somewhat festive outfits for the Fourth of July or any other day of the year because why the hell not?


Golden Goose shirt | Jennifer Meyer bracelet | Asos bag | Topshop shorts | Steven heels | Deborah Lippmann nail polish

1. Though not in your face with red, white, and blue, this outfit still manages to pull in all the necessary colors (aka no one can yell at you for not being patriotic) and even has a star bracelet to tie it all together. The silk shorts and blouse are also ideal for a cool summer night and are pale enough to hide any of those sweat stains that plant themselves in the more awkward places of our bodies. Remind me never to tell you about the time I wore kelly green silk pants to a bridal shower only to have sweat lines make a frame around my nether regions.


Richard Nicoll blazer | Isabel Marant shirt | Richard Nicoll pants | Dolce & Gabbana lipstick | River Island heels | Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses

2. As with any suit, this looks is a bit more of a “class act.” Throw on a straw panama hat and I might even call you Frank Sinatra. But the one-shoulder blouse breaks up the look implying that maybe you’re more of the Nancy Sinatra type while simultaneously adding in a pop of red that only gets further complimented by a smidge of red lipstick.


Modcloth dress | Dannijo bracelet | Garrett Leight sunglasses | BaubleBar studs | Topshop sandals | Serpui Marie bag

3. I understand that not everyone wants to wear something so formal to a 4th of July affair, so here I present you with a simple red dress (extra points for stars on the collar!), and a comfy pair of flat sandals that are appropriate for everything from the beach to the deck to the side of the pool. Though this look lacks a bold American blue, I find that a red dress is festive enough to stand on its own.


Genevieve Jones earrings | Topshop shirt | Dorothy Perkins skirt | Reece Hudson bag | Christian Louboutin pumps

 4.  You didn’t honestly think I’d put together four patriotic-ish looks and not include some sort of denim and/or bandana print, did you? This outfit clearly speaks for itself as the most festive of the group, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it in mid-March either.

Isabel Marant x H&M…Oh, YES!

June 11, 2013

Hold everything. Isabel Marant is doing a capsule collection for H&M? I think it might be Christmas in June.
I don’t usually share fashion news/collaborations on ye ol’ blog, but when it seems too good to be true I can’t help but share (see the Marni collaborooski). So naturally, when I checked my email this morning and saw that my favorite Frenchy, Isabel Marant, is in the works to create an affordable capsule collection with H&M, my eyes bulged out as I screamed, “Awooooooooga!”
Until this point, I was pretty done-zo with the whole collaboration thing. It was starting to feel like overkill. And beyond that, it’s almost impossible to get your hands on the limited edition collection because they sell out in a split second. But an Isabel Marant collab? Sign this stud-obsessed, french enthusiast, and bohemian afficionado up! 
There’s no news yet regarding what the collection will entail, but do we really need to know? Has Isabel Marant ever disappointed? Obviously I want a preview, but should there fail to be one, I’d still set up a tent and barbecue outside H&M to get ahold of whatever she designs the day it hit stores, which happens to be November 14th.
Are you as excited as I am? Do you want to join forces and set up camp on Fifth Ave? I’ll get the coffee, you bring the bagels.

Teenage Dreams

June 5, 2013
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by Sonia


All throughout high school you could find me dressed in flared jeans, oversize sunglasses, and some kind of vintage leather bag. (I wore shirts too, but they’re irrelevant here simply because they were belly-button bearing t-shirts that I stole from my friend’s little brothers.) Not unlike today, I was very much about the accessories — earrings, sunglasses, bracelets, and bags. And while I was content with my handbag selection, there was one bag that haunted my dreams like a lion after you’ve watched it rip it’s lunch to shreds at the zoo (anyone else have this experience? Anyone? Bueller?)


It was a vintage brown pouch with engraved floral detailing that I saw at a thrift store on Haight Street for the whopping sum of $250 — a price well out of range for my 16 year-old self. And so for over a decade my dreams have been haunted. Nights pained with regret, loneliness, and longing. Why hadn’t I just saved up the money and bought the bag? Was it really so necessary that I spend all my allowance on weekly mani/pedis and trips to the Urban Outfitters sale rack? At the time I thought it crucial to my well-being, but in retrospect no. Absolutely not.


As you may have imagined or noticed from the beautiful bag featured in this very post, my dreams have been rescued from torment. My saving grace? Patricia Nash; the creative mastermind behind this Marciano Leather Crossbody with the tooled floral detailing that caught my eye in the midst of my adolescence. (I was a late bloomer, which is funnily coincidental since these tooled blooms were late to joining my life as well. Ha. Get it?)


With a snap closure, interior pocket perfect for things like lipstick, hair ties, and lint, and a very reasonable price of $128, I’d say your dreams have been rescued as well, whether you knew you were having sleepless nights of handbag longing or not.

And with that I’ll just say that I was all too ready to slip back into my high school staples of flared denim and oversize sunglasses, since they really do just look so much better with the proper, vintage-inspired handbag. I skipped on the little boy t-shirt, though knowing my repetitive nature, they could easily find their way back into my wardrobe sooner than I think.

End scene.


Rag & Bone hat | Zara shirt | Textile Elizabeth & James jeans | Isabel Marant heels | Patricia Nash bag | Elizabeth & James sunglasses | 2Bandits & vintage bracelets


// photos by Emily Malan

The 10 Piece Wardrobe

May 14, 2013


Clockwise from top left: Topshop blazer | Isabel Marant shirt | Issa dress | Isabel Marant boots | Proenza Schouler bag | Asos belt | Ray-Ban sunglasses | Asos heels | Equipment blouse | J Brand jeans


The other day a friend of mine put me up to a challenge; she asked me what items I would choose if I was limited to a 10 piece wardrobe. Naturally, my first thought was, “Joseph’s beard! I can’t even limit myself to packing 10 pieces when going on a weekend getaway!” But I was into this challenge.

Before giving her my answer which, mind you, took about 30 minutes to put together, I made sure that I could leave items like underwear and socks off my list. Obviously those are “essentials” but that just seems too obvious to me. Once I got the go ahead to exclude the under-pieces, I began reciting my 10-piece wardrobe list, which I kind of want to turn into a song to the tune of Beyonce’s “Count Down”, but that’s for another time.

Now let’s break this ultimate wardrobe down.

1. The Black Blazer — Boring? Yes. Necessary? Abso-freakin-lutely. I cannot list the amount of times I’ve reached for my hip-length black blazer to add some polish to a look. The fact that it works with dresses, basic blue jeans, and even sweatpants is enough justification for me to own at least five of these, but we’re dealing with a 10-piece wardrobe so let’s just say I own one.

2. The White T-Shirt — Another basic necessity. Much like the blazer, I’ve found that the white tee can be dressed up and dressed down,  and functions as one of the more comfortable pieces in my closet. Suffice it to say, I wear my plain white tees as pajamas too.

3. The Day-to-Night Dress — Everyone believes the LBD (Little Black Dress) to be the ultimate wardrobe staple. I used to be one of those people, but I’ve changed my ways. I think that every woman should own a dress that transitions from day to night seamlessly. You want a dress that you can wear to brunch with the ladies before meeting up with Jack from Friday night for drinks. If this is a black dress for you, that’s fine, but don’t feel the need to limit yourself; hence my choice of a bright red Issa number.

4. The Ankle Boot — I never thought of boots as a year-round staple, but ones that let your ankles catch a breeze are comfortable and extreme climate friendly. I tend to opt for ones in a neutral color with a modest heel so that they go with everything and are easy to walk in.

5. The Shoulder Bag — Ok, this Proenza PS11 has been at the top of my must buy list for easily three years. When I first set eyes on it I knew it was the ultimate everyday bag. It’s a reasonable size, sits perfectly at the hip, and literally goes with everything. I know it’s on the pricier side,  but for something that’s going to be worn on a daily basis is worth a splurge (though I have yet to pull the trigger). For a more reasonable option, I suggest trying this Rebecca Minkoff cross-body that’s just as versatile and chic.

6. The Neutral Belt — Belts are one of those accessories that add dimension and breaks up silhouettes. An outfit consisting of jeans, a white t-shirt, and some ankle boots (all members of the 10-piece wardrobe) looks far more stylish when the tee is tucked into the jeans allowing the neutral belt to show. At least in my opinion, which is why you’re here. OK…moving forward…

7. Aviator Sunglasses — I’ve never met a person who doesn’t look good in aviators. Their tapered shape and slim frames are flattering on every face shape and aren’t the kind of shades that steal the spotlight like cat eye sunglasses or giant round ones as favored by Paris Hilton.

8. The Simple Heel — It’s up to you whether you prefer the pump or the sandal, but a straightforward heel is as necessary in a woman’s wardrobe as underwear. Just make sure that they go with everything and are one of the more comfortable footwear options in your closet — no one wants to wear shoes that make them walk like a drunk camel.

9. The Classic Button Down — I wear a button down almost every day, but reach for the one with blue and white stripes more often than not. The vertical stripes are flattering, it can be dressed up or down, and if you’re lucky, your boyfriend already owns a few so you can just borrow right from his closet. Whoa! Did I just narrow this down a nine-piece wardrobe!? 

10. The Skinny Jean — As much as I love the Mom Jeans, there is nothing I wear more often than skinny jeans. Once you find a brand and cut that fits you like a second set of skin, I guarantee you will wear them until the butt rips. This just happened to me with my favorite pair of Hudson jeans, though I am also a huge fan of J Brand, Rag & Bone, and Paige Denim.

Do you think I’m missing anything? I’d love to know what you think is the ultimate 10-piece wardrobe! TELL ME PLEASE!