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Seasonal Sparkles

November 17, 2011

While we’re on the subject of holiday dresses, allow me to introduce one of my new favorite sparkly numbers from Juicy Couture. Along with being in one of those murkier colors that you all know I love, the gauzy layer on top is actually removable which means I can wear this as a full-blown sequined dress if I want (and who wouldn’t want to?).

Even though this dress is a bit too fancy shmancy for my family’s Thanksgiving dinner, I can definitely imagine putting this on for one of my favorite Christmas traditions, The Nutcracker.

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition? See more of mine over at Juicy Couture!

{ S.W.O.R.D. leather jacket, Club Monaco vest, gifted Juicy Couture dress, Report Signature heels }

Puffy Polka Dots

June 7, 2011
tags: armani, , medieval pants, , polka dot pants, , ,
by Sonia

~ super bright sun + evil cat eye sunglasses = permanent squinty face ~

Ok. I know I said June was all about color but these polka-dot pants (that used to be my Mom’s until I stole them from her…score!) are outlandish enough that I figured an abundance of color wasn’t necessary. As if polka dots weren’t enough, they’re also extra poofy (as you can clearly see) so sometimes I feel like I’m wearing those medieval pantaloons (clickity click here to see some pantaloon poof). So, to juxtapose the puffiness I cinched up a raggity old Hanes t-shirt that I cut up years ago and gave myself a wee bit of height in some bittersweet red sandals that are quickly becoming a summer staple. My other summer staple? My roof upon which these photos were taken.

{ cut-up Hanes t-shirt, my Mom’s Armani pants, gifted Juicy Couture sunglasses, Steve Madden sandals, thrifted beaded necklace }

A Week in Review

May 20, 2011
tags: , Adriana Lima, jess zaino, , juicy couture summer, mondrian hotel, , , summer bombshell tour,
by Sonia

Ugh, what a week. It’s been raining hippos and dinosaurs since Monday and at first it was freeeeeezing cold (hence the above scarfy) and is now disgustingly humid. Get it together NYC! Ok, enough whining for now and onto the recap.

Like most weeks, this one was made up of lots of events, meetings, writings, ‘rithmetics…just kidding on the ‘rithmetics part. Monday was full of scheduling, planning, researching and phone calling…talk about boring! Tuesday was relatively similar but picked up in the evening at the Juicy Couture summer party followed by delicious sushi in Brooklyn. Wednesday was spent previewing something that I can’t yet reveal but boy oh boy is it good! Stay tuned. Thursday was full of meetings, a fun filming with fellow Young + Posh blogger, Jess Zaino and a beautiful Victoria’s Secret luncheon at the Mondrian Hotel hosted by Adriana Lima! And today is jam packed with a to-do list that has me going cross-eyed and dreaming of that rewarding end of the day/week martini.

Have a magical weekend!!

{ Hat fun with Elana at Juicy Couture [photo by Craig Arend] }

{ A perfect swimsuit by Juicy Couture… I mean purrrrrfect. Meow! }

{ One more week until I’m off to Brazil! }

{ A little preview of an upcoming DIY }

{ Hello, Adriana! }