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Back to Black

February 27, 2012
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by Sonia

Behold the quintessential all black New Yorker outfit. No, not necessarily “exciting” (hey, Rooney Mara gets away in all black all the time!), but when you’re hitting the pavement searching for apartments all day you gotta go with something that provides at least one of the following: comfort, functionality, and spandex. I went with all three.

There’s something to be said for all black ensembles (though I’ve said it before here and here…and here…), for though they can at first appear Boring with a capital B, you’ll soon learn that it’s all about the details.

Continue reading, young grasshoppers.

Take these pants that want to call themselves leggings. Leather paneling on the front, stretchy spandex in the back, thus separating them from the Ugg boots and sorority sweatshirt requirements — or so I like to think. Then you have the sweater - which isn’t really pictured here as it was too cold to remove my sleeping bag parka and I was suffering from a caffeine high (see penguin photo below) - featuring the wonderful inside-out look where hemlines and seams get a standing ovation. And lastly, the shoes. I’ve wanted wedged sneakers since Spice World came out and my Mom refused to buy them for me. Well look at me now, Ma! Wedge sneakers on me feets!

And there you have it; a basic outfit that gets its thrills in the details. Note: colorful nails and some jewelry always help, too!

Impersonating penguins standing on one foot is one of my specialties.

{ Moncler Jacket, Vince Sweater, Paige Leather Leggings c/o, Ash Sneakers, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Proenza Schouler Bag, Catbird Rings, Forever21 Bracelets }

// photos by Emily Malan

A Week in Review

January 13, 2012

{ My coffee table has a new bff }

Ok, that’s it. I need to talk to Mr. 2012. These weeks are lasting way too long! Anyone else feel like Tuesday was a Friday? Hate that.

Good thing I’ve got all kinds of exciting shtuff happening this weekend. My shopping/styling sessions with Mastercard’s Priceless NY members (remember when I told you about it?) commences tomorrow morning, followed by watching the 49ers beat the Saints with both of my brothers (what a rarity!), followed by din din with my whole fam-damily! Lucky me!

In other news, I’ve got lots of exciting goodies to share with you, some of which are featured in this post and others that you’ll just have to keep checking back for! You can also keep up with me on instagram (@runwayhippie) 0r my webstagram for you non iphone holders cause lemme tell you somethin’, I post a lot of sneaky peekies on there!

Have a fan-tab-u-lous weekend! Miss you already!

{ Giuseppe Zanotti put spiders on me feets }

{ Finally put some “order” into my bookshelves }

{ I’m cheating on my beanie with this Rag & Bone fedora }

{ True story: I’ve slipped on a banana peel. Now I get to slip on one everyday thanks to this rug! }

{ Paige Denim style-a-thon at their Soho flagship - photos by Steph Castro }

{ I’ve got a neon bag fetish happening right now… }

Wear and Tear

January 11, 2012
tags: 80, alexa, bag, boots, buffalo plaid, cardigan, collection, denim supply, heritage, , , , , Ralph Lauren, , , wear and tear, wedges
by Sonia

The pose above is me freezing cold. These outdoor winter style posts are hard I tell ya! Thankfully, Denim Supply, Ralph Lauren’s newish heritage line, sent over this cozy buffalo plaid sweater so I can feel like I’m curling up in a log cabin even when I’m freezing my tootsies off in the city!

I pretty much lived in this thing when I was back in San Francisco and am happy to report it’s become a New York City staple as well. Perfect for layering or worn on it’s own like so (though I did have a jacket on before and after the photo shoot), this plaid mama is only going to get better with wear and maybe even a little tear (I’m seeing some ripped elbows in my future). After all, heritage collections are all about worn in comfort, right? Right.

is that a smile of happiness or frozen delirium?

it’s a buffalo hoe down!

{ Ralph Lauren Buffalo Cardigan c/o, Paige Denim Jeans c/o, 80%20 Boots, Mulberry Bag }

//Photos by Emily Malan

Je Ne Sais Quoi

December 19, 2011
tags: acne boots, acne pistol boots, , breton stripe, , fringe leather jacket, hayes shopping, muse, nyc fashion, , , , samantha wills, san francisco fashion, , , william rast,
by Sonia

I know that a fashion blog is supposed to be all about showing off interesting outfits consisting of pieces that one wouldn’t necessarily think to put together, but I gotta tell ya, sometimes I just wear a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. This is an example.

After spending a few hours decorating our Christmas tree yesterday, I went for a little shopping stroll on Hayes street to hunt for some last minute Christmas presents and obviously a few treats for myself as well (I’m a brat). Feeling a little jet-lagged and sore from my flight (getting older is awesome…) I threw this casual outfit together and topped it off with a bold necklace from Samantha Wills to give the look that extra little  je ne sais quoi. Though not the most interesting outfit I’ve put together, it’s damn comfortable and sometimes that’s all that matters.

{ William Rast leather jacket, vintage shirt, Paige jeans c/o, Acne ‘Pistol’ boots, YSL ‘Muse’ bag, Samantha Wills necklace c/o }