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Leather Weather

September 24, 2013
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by Sonia


Now that it’s officially Fall, I am officially back in my comfort zone. No more beads of sweat gathering on my forehead. No more sidewalk saunas. No more excessive overheating. I’m back in my happy climate and as I’ve done every year when the season changes, I celebrated by wearing leather the first day that I can. This day was yesterday.

My instinctive leather go-to is usually in the form of a jacket, but yesterday my leather pants were calling to me so I said, “See you tomorrow, Leather Jacket,” and slipped my hot dogs into their fall casings. My first fall outfit almost always dictates my “uniform” for the season, and since I spent most of the summer accumulating boyfriend blazers and comfy t-shirts, something tells me this is going to be my version of Doug Funny’s t-shirt, khakis and sweater vest. Of course I will always bring you variety in my outfit posts, but if you’re wondering what I’m wearing on a day-to-day basis this autumn, well, this is it.


Zara blazer | Marc by Marc jacobs t-shirt | Paige leather leggings | Kelsi Dagger boots (these are awesome, too) | Mulberry bag | Warby Parker sunglasses


// photos by Christine

Subway Gear

August 14, 2013


Perhaps the title of this post made you think you were about to see images of me in some sort of scuba suit stuffing my face with a Subway sandwich a la Jared Fogle, which let’s be honest, is entirely possible. Or maybe you thought I would be dissecting the MTA’s orange vest and blue polo uniform, which is less likely but still a possibility. But alas it’s neither of these. Instead, I’m here to fulfill a reader request inquiring about an outfit I might wear while commuting around the city. (Hear that folks? Reader requests are granted. So if you’re wondering what I wear to the gym or what kind of tampons I use, go ahead and ask.)

As much as I’d like to tell you that I wear intricate outfits and 4-inch stilettos while riding the L train, I just don’t (ok fine, sometimes I do). Until I can ditch my $112 Metrocard for a daily driver named Sal or Tony, my feet are sticking to flats during the daytime. And though the low soled footwear may not be my favorite kind of jam, my toes certainly dig them (insert toe jam joke here).


This is a very standard outfit for me: some type of skinny jean, a boyfriend blazer, sneakers (or boots in the fall), and a large bag to carry unnecessary things like torn up boxes of gum covered in sand. It’s pretty ideal for when you’re trekking around the city, though depending on the meeting I might bring a pair of heels with me since these Converse have been around since 2004 and are probably the reason my subway car was so empty the other day.

I should also note that because the subway is at least 20 degrees warmer than the temperature outside and about 100% more humid, pairing a blazer and tight jeans in the dead of summer may result in a shiny forehead (see below image), but that’s nothing an airconditioned subway car won’t take care of. This brings me to the realization that New York is actually really gross in the summer, but whatever, I love it anyways.


BCBG blazer | Helmut Lang shirt (yup, same one I’m wearing here and nope, I haven’t washed it) | Paige jeans | Converse sneakers | Zara bag | Tom Binns & The 2 Bandits bracelets
//photos by Emily Malan