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October Bliss

October 3, 2011

It finally feels like fall! Hello brisk winds and yellow leaves! I have missed you!

This past weekend I was able to fully embrace the new season with lots of tights, chunky sweaters and a light jacket at night. I also had to put another blanket on my bed and slept in a sweatshirt; a refreshing change to throwing the covers off of me every night because it was so damn hot.

Even though this dress could technically be worn year round, I really only like to break it out for fall and winter - something about the pleats and thick straps. I actually wore this outfit last fall but I loved it so much that I broke it out again this past weekend while on the hunt for a new apartment.

This week is JAM PACKED with events and shoots every.single.night., but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel because both my Mom and my best friend Claire are coming to visit for my birthday! Suffice it to say, I’m ready for the weekend already.

{ Levi’s vest, Cynthia Steffe dress, Gap shirt, bag from Japan, Zara heels, Free People sunglasses, Molly Sims bracelet }

// Pajama Day \\

September 29, 2011
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by Sonia

This is what I call the Dayquil glow…

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling like someone started a fire in my throat while a marching band was practicing in my head. Needless to say I was one sick puppy without any interest in putting more than five minutes into my outfit for work. I decided to go for comfort on a day that I’d rather have spent in bed watching movies and chose this soft dress that’s actually a nightgown from the pajama department at Target (shh don’t tell).

I dragged my tired toosh to work but was so thankful to be wearing pajamas a comfortable dress since I spend the majority of my days sitting in a chair in awkward positions. I was pretty out of it for most of the day (thank you Dayquil!) and managed to run into an elevator door while it was closing and now have a giant bump on my head which you can actually see in some of these photos - it looks like a giant vein on my forehead…yeah, don’t lie, you all see it…

I guess that’s all part of pajama days…if you’re dressed like you’re in bed then chances are you’re going to go about your day sleepwalking. Let’s just be thankful I didn’t take any Nyquil…

{ H&M jacket, Target nightgown dress, Hue tights, Zara boots, J.Crew bag }

Just showin off the goodzzz


♦♦ Elson ♦♦

August 22, 2011
tags: bohemian chic, , , , , karen elson, nine west, , , , victorian era
by Sonia

Back in May I had the privilege of previewing Karen Elson’s collaboration with Nine West first hand and meeting the ethereal Karen Elson herself! I’ve been dying to share my experience with you but have had to keep it hush hush until now! Woohoo! SECRETS OUT!

The preview was held in the Mondrian Soho in a dimly lit room dressed up in a 1920s bohemian style with Karen’s equally bohemian chic collection interspersed throughout. Comprised of Victorian inspired lace-up boots with hints of sparkle, crushed velvety wedges (like mine above!) and carpeted doctor bags, Karen Elson’s collection not only reflected her own personal style but pulled together some of history’s best fashion pieces in one solid collection. When it came to choosing which piece I wanted most, I had the hardest time, and was this [ -- ] close to snagging the sparkly lace-up boots but instead opted for these beautiful burgundy wedges that felt a bit more versatile. I’ll probably end up getting those sparkly boots though…

And now onto the even more exciting part, my brief sit down with Karen Elson! She is perhaps the most radiantly beautiful person I have ever met - she seriously glows. Not only is she humble and full of grace, but she’s positively brilliant! Just hearing her describe her inspiration for the collection (lots of vintage combined with the Victorian era) was like sitting in on a history lecture. Fascinating. I wish I was as cool as her…

Although I styled the shoes with a more conservative look (I was in Wasp county at the time), I can’t wait to bust these beauties out again with long, flowy skirts, floppy hats and lots of bangles.

{ J.Crew shirt, J Brand jeans (similar version here), gifted Karen Elson x Nine West wedges }


August 19, 2011
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by Sonia

Happy 2nd Birthday to Runway Hippie!!

What an amazing year it’s been! And I have all of you to thank for it! This past year has truly been inspirational for me - never in a million years did I think anyone would care about what I put up on my blog and to be honest, I’m still amazed by it. Thank you for all of your incredible support and loyalty, without you I’d still be working at a miserable job, feeling uninspired and depressed.

So many wonderful things have happened this year and I can only hope that they’ll keep on comin’!

Now, before I go out and celebrate, I thought I’d post a few highlights from this past year and then I command all of you to go out and eat some cake and enjoy the weekend!

first photo via pinterest

»· A Perfect Start ·«

June 27, 2011
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by Sonia

{ This is the face of hunger… }

I know that Sunday is supposed to be all about brunch, but in my family before there was Sunday Brunch there was Pizza Sunday. Back in my “wee tot” years, every Sunday my family and I would order the exact same pizzas from the exact same pizza place (for those curious: Dino’s Pizza on Fillmore Street in San Francisco which still exists today…yum!) - large sausage, medium pesto, small cheese and olive (pour moi - yes it’s a weird order, yes I still love it). Then, between tummy grumbles we would lay out a large blanket in front of the TV, turn on the tube and anxiously await the sound of the doorbell before tearing open those cardboard boxes filled with cheesy delight!

Yesterday, my friend Ally and I resurrected Pizza Sunday only we were a bit more sophisticated and opted for pizza night out instead of sitting Indian style on the floor (although I’m sure we would have been content either way). Since I’d spent the majority of the day in casual shorts and a t-shirt I decided to spruce things up a bit for the restoration of Pizza Sunday…I mean it’s pizza we’re talkin’ about here, gotta show some respect! So, I threw on this striped Ralph Lauren dress that I usually reserve for pool/beach-side occasions and added a quick swipe of bright tomato red lipstick to finish off the look. I figured tomato sauce and tomato red lipstick went hand-in-hand…and then I obviously went and devoured some delicious pizza at Pala. All in all I’d say that Pizza Sunday is a perfect start to the week!

{ Ralph Lauren dress, vintage belt, Nicole sandals, S.P.I.R.A.L. Foundation bag, Karen Walker sunnies }

{ Pizza! }