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Blue Mint

December 20, 2011
tags: aquatic, beach mint, blue, , , monochromatic look, oceanic, olsen twins, , , , San Francisco, , , style mint, stylemint,
by Sonia

Blue has never been a go-to color for me. I don’t have blue eyes, so there’s nothing to bring out there and my pale complexion has never really mixed well with the oceanic hue. But then I got this t-shirt from those stylish Olsen twins and figured, if I’m going to do this whole blue thing I might as well go monochromatic. So monochromatic I went.

I began with the aquatically blue StyleMint tie-dye shirt and styled it with my new favorite pair of blue jeans (an item of clothing I’ve been known to shy away from since I discovered my staple black skinnies). But I wasn’t impressed when I glanced in the mirror (which had nothing to do with the fact that I’m having a wretched hair day). I needed more blue in my look and my Mom’s blue tooth head piece wasn’t going to suffice. So, I reached into the back of my closet in San Francisco that has held the same archaic clothing since I went to college in 2004 and found this itsy bitsy baby boy vintage blue blazer. Shpadoinkle! My blue look was complete.

{ Vintage Blue Blazer, StyleMint t-shirt c/o, Madewell Jeans, Vintage Belt, Ray Ban Wayfarers, Tom Binns Bracelet }

Like this t-shirt? Good news for you chickadees! StyleMint is offering all you pretty readers 15% off your first t-shirt up until December 31st! Just use the promo code “HIPPIE” at checkout and this babe-a-licious shirt is yours!

*this is sponsored post – all of the ideas and outfit selections are my own.

3 Different Ways

December 7, 2011
tags: banana republic, bdg, cheap monday, cherry, coach, coach madison leather lindsey, , , gifts, , , lake, large eva, , , ostrich, pinnacle leather, poppy, , , , Tracy Reese, wayfarers, william rast
by Sonia

One of my favorite things about my friends is that they’re all wildly different. From career choices to music preferences to personal style, each one of them is wonderfully unique.

Recently, Coach sent over three bags, which, like my friends, couldn’t be more different. An elegant and chic clutch reminds me of my food loving, business-driven friend Erin, who always manages to look polished even in leggings and an oversized sweater. The buttery soft, cherry red purse is as classic and tasteful as my science-loving friend Gillian who doesn’t even realize how fashionable she is. And lastly, the modern, structured black and blue satchel, which is edgy and creative like my hilarious friend Claire, who can’t leave the house without a good pair of sunglasses and something leopard.

I put each bag with an outfit of my own style, but I think I was channeling each of these friends when getting dressed.  And while I wouldn’t mind hanging onto all of these purses, they’d also be the perfect Christmas surprise for my three friends. Santa, please take note.

{ Elizabeth & James blazer, vintage chemise, Tracy Reese skirt, Marni Heels, Forever21 bracelets, gifted Coach Poppy Ostrich Feather Pouch in Silver/Grey - $398 }

{ Cheap Monday sweater, Banana Republic shirt, BDG jeans, Zara boots, Ray-Ban wayfarers, Forever21 bracelets, gifted Coach Madison Leather Lindsey in Cherry - $398 }

{ William Rast leather jacket, my Mom’s sheer blouse, gifted Hudson jeans, Ray-Ban folding Wayfarers, gifted Coach Pinnacle Leather Large Eva in Lake - $798 }

//Photos by Emily Malan

*this is sponsored post – all of the ideas and outfit selections are my own.

Everything Counts

November 15, 2011

I enjoy dressing in swamp tones, as is made apparent by this earth hued outfit I threw together yesterday (complete with scarab beetle necklace). Ever since I nixed my bad habit of spray tanning after senior year of high school (orange just isn’t a good everyday color for me), I’ve learned to embrace my pale post-summer complexion and as a result, consistently dress in rich, dark colors.

These J Brand jeans arrived on my doorstep a few weeks ago and I’ve worn them half a dozen times ever since. While I normally only really wear black jeans, I was surprised by the versatility of this dark green pair. What’s even better is that with every pair sold, 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to City Year in their efforts to prevent high school dropouts. Had it not been for my high school experience I could still be frequenting the fake tanning salon and looking like an oompa loompa!

{ Free People Coat (also worn here), Zara Blouse, gifted J Brand ‘City Year’ Jean, gifted Dolce Vita Boots, Mulberry Handbag, Scarf via LF, RayBan Aviators, Bauble Bar Scarab Necklace, Forever21 & nOir Jewelry Bracelets }

//Photos by Emily Malan for Runway Hippie

[ Everything Counts - Depeche Mode ]

∞ : Sand Dunes : ∞

August 18, 2011
tags: , , , beach cover up, best fashion blogs, , best nyc style blogs, , boots, giles deacon, , , , , , sand dunes, , , tunic
by Sonia

I’ve always thought it would be cool to hike on sand dunes, perhaps even roll down a few if the opportunity presented itself. There’s just something wonderful about endless, rolling hills of sand with the occasional shrub or camel sighting.

I bought this Mara Hoffman tunic-y thing over a year ago and have only worn it as a beach cover-up but it’s far too beautiful to reserve only for beach side occasions. So I threw it over a black bandeau top and a pair of black leggings for an imaginary excursion on some sand dunes. I love the way it blows in the wind and all of its intricate aztec detailings that Mara Hoffman does impeccably well. While probably best worn only in the summertime, I can totally imagine wearing it in the fall with a heavy leather jacket (I feel like I want to wear everything with a leather jacket and I’m ok with that…) and some ripped up jeans. However, a hot day on some dunes requires the most comfortable and light apparel, but next time I think I’ll go barefoot.

{ Mara Hoffman tunic, American Apparel bandeau & leggings, gifted Giles Deacon x Nine West boots, BCBG clutch, Ray Ban Wayfarers }

Camel face

»· The Other Side ·«

June 9, 2011
tags: androgynous style, , , hand me downs, henry cuir, mules, olsens, , , slides,
by Sonia

Most people complain about hand-me-downs. “Waah all I ever wore were my sisters hand-me-down dresses” “waaaaah, my parents always dressed me in my brother’s old jeans” “wah wah waaaaah”. What a bunch of cry babies.

Having grown up with two older brothers, I got some of the coolest hand-me-downs ever! T-shirts with dinosaurs and planets on them, little boy blazers, neon green sweatpants…ok, well maybe the sweatpants are a bad example. Either way, I loved my brothers hand-me-downs, in fact I’d still like them to pass along some stuff to me, like this well worn Rolling Stones Tour tee I’ve been coveting for years! decades! centuries! You get the picture.

Now, you’re probably assuming that I’m wearing a bunch of hand-me-downs in this outfit post. I’m not. However!, I am wearing boys clothing which is close enough for me. I bought this button down in the little boys section of Gap Kids and I got my shorts from the mens section of Buffalo Exchange and then cut them to make them a little more feminine. Baggy, knee-length denim shorts just aren’t my thing….

All in all, sometimes it’s fun to shop on the other side of the wall.

{ Gap Kids button down from boys section, thrifted denim shorts, Henry Cuir slides, Ray Ban aviators }