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The Intellectual Pile Up

October 24, 2013


There’s this thing that happens to me on an almost weekly basis. No, it’s not that I forget to take my birth control or leave the house wearing two different socks (though both of these scenarios do happen), it’s actually much more intellectual than that. Can you tell I’m wearing my glasses right now? Just kidding, I don’t have glasses.


Each week my kitchen table turns into a pile up of newspapers, weeklies, and magazines that my mailman stuffs into my mailbox. And each day, as a new one arrives and I toss it atop the ever-growing stack, I tell myself that I will spend the evening burning through each publication. But by the time 6PM rolls around, all I want is to vegetate in front of my TV to the twangs of George Costanza, and I therefore end up leaving my stack of intellectual goodies for yet another day of unfulfilled promises.

For those of you who are paperless aficionados, perhaps this is the moment where you’re itching to tell me to take my subscriptions to Tablet Town, and I hear you, I do. If I went paperless I wouldn’t have a giant stack of unread articles staring me in the face every time I go to check on the contents of my fridge. I could also accomplish a lot of this reading while riding the subway or sitting in the waiting room of my gynecologist’s office. I’d also probably be sparing my mailman the pain of rolling and cramming each magazine into my small, rectangular mailbox. But even with all of these justifications, I cannot bring myself to move my weekly reading build up to the digital world. Here’s why:

For starters, I like the reminder that I have all this reading to devour and enjoy. If I had my subscriptions on my iPad I could simply “Mark as Read” and no longer trouble myself with the notion of so many unread articles. I am also a sucker for tear outs and underlining — two tactile functions that fail to translate as coherently to our beloved tablets. And lastly, this pile up allows me the opportunity to shut off for a couple of hours. With a giant stack of magazines at my disposal, I allot myself an hour or two where I leave my computer and cell phone in the other room — something that’s not so simple when you’re addicted to hitting the refresh button on Instagram — fill up a mug of coffee if it’s the morning or a glass of wine if it’s the evening, and sit indian style, moving my eyes from left to right, absorbing whatever these prints have to offer. Call it meditation, call it neurosis, call it a waste of paper — it’s a moment in the week where I can finally look away from a blaring screen and instead feed my brain the kind of juice that mindless shows like  Parks and Recreation or procrastination sites like BuzzFeed may not.* If I were a kid I suppose you could equivocate this pile up to a parental reminder to eat my greens since we all know that sugar highs and processed cheese trade offs happen in the lunchroom.

*This is not a knock on BuzzFeed or Parks and Rec. In fact, I might be switching between writing this and scrolling through a list of 26 Costumes That Prove Pugs Always Win at Halloween right now…

A Week in Review

January 11, 2013
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by Sonia


Crustaceans have invaded my apartment (pillow via One Kings Lane, clutch thanks to Tibi)


This week has been all about change. I chopped off my hair, had a number of meetings about some major upcoming changes to the blog, and tonight I celebrate the engagement of one of my best friends. Normally I hear the word change and shrivel up like a snail covered in salt, but there’s something about a new year that encourages a switch.

My dad once told me that change isn’t difficult, it’s the decision to make the change that’s the hard part. But this week I’ve been all about the decisions: chop of my hair, slice off that mole, discard those shoes, to hell with that bitch! And I have to say, it’s one of the most refreshing things I’ve done for myself.

So, since I’m clearly in a “preachy” mood, I’ll leave you with this: if you’re thinking about making the change, just rip off the bandaid and do it. Nothing’s permanent. Well, unless it’s plastic surgery or something…


One of the many delicious appetizers from last weekend’s party (ricotta, bacon, strawberries, and a drizzle of balsamic)



Brain stimulation



Finally got around to organizing my jewelry (countdown to when it becomes a mess again)



Sometimes I like to sit around and draw sea creatures



Finn models my new eyewear thanks to Knockaround

Splendid Sundays

January 10, 2011
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by Sonia

Although it means the end of the weekend, Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week. I love how relaxed they are, particularly when the previous night doesn’t result in a hangover and the Monday ahead isn’t overwhelmingly busy. While in the spring and summer I enjoy spending my Sundays brunching with friends, I find that winter calls for more quiet and peaceful Sunday afternoons.

I spent all of yesterday lounging around in my pajamas catching up on reading while sipping on a delicious latte from my neighborhood cafe, D’Espresso, and finished the day with a hot, relaxing bubble bath. And even though I barely left my couch, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way to end my weekend and a better way to start this week.