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Dad Shirts

June 13, 2013


You are probably thinking, “Where are your pants, Sonia?” And it’s a valid question, it really is. But while I assure that I am in fact wearing cut-offs in full never-nude form underneath this oversize button-down, the notion of pants (or shorts) is irrelevant here. What is relevant is my Dad’s giant shirt.

For Mother’s Day I showed you how to style Mom Jeans, or more specifically, my Mom’s jeans circa 1985. But what about Father’s Day? Originally, my plan was to dress like my Dad since we own a few fairly similar pieces: red and white striped button-down, khakis, tassel loafers. But then he showed up at my apartment with one of his old crisp white shirts deeming it unwearable due to a mini hole up near the collar. Never one to turn down a freebie or opportunity to have pedestrians take a double-look as they question whether I’m wearing pants, I gladly took the shirt from his hands and promptly hung it up in the dress section of my closet.


There were a few iconic giant shirt movie moments going through my mind while styling my Dad’s shirt. The first was Risky Business, but since I am not the biggest Tom Cruise fan and have a hard time thinking of tube socks as anything but a teenage boy’s favorite vessel, I decided not to imitate the look to its entirety — though, yes, I did wear wayfarers in true Joel Goodsen form. Then my noggin went to Pretty Woman, when Julia Roberts borrows Richard Gere’s shirt to wear shopping since she can’t very well go out on Rodeo Drive in her prostitute outfit, now can she!? So, she puts his white button-down on and ties the bottom half of the shirt so it sits as more of an oversize crop-top. I admittedly tried doing this but the resemblance to Julia Roberts’ half-hooker half-Richard outfit was too close. So I nixed that. Finally, my mind took me to the memory of when Carrie Bradshaw falls into the pond in Central Park while trying to avoid Mr. Big’s unclear kiss/hug hybrid (it’s the Cock-a-Doodle-Doo episode in Season 3, FYI). She then goes back to Big’s apartment to shower and borrows one of his white button-downs to wear with her stilettos on her strut home. As a forever admirer of Carrie’s style, this was clearly the winner. One pair of red pumps and a few bulky accessories and Dad’s shirt turned into that effortless outfit Carrie wears as if she had intentionally put it on that morning while getting dressed.

So is this an everyday look? Probably not. But for something to throw on quickly while running out the door? Why not! Just add pumps, consider shorts, and go.


My Dad’s shirt | the shorts are irrelevant but they’re vintage Levi’s | Boutique9 heels | Ray-Ban sunglasses | Kenneth Cole watch


// photos by Emily Malan

Sports Wear

August 27, 2012
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by Sonia

I’d like to preface this post with two things: 1) I can hear the shrieks from my SF friends about this Mets jacket. This is not a fan jacket, it’s just a jacket. Had I a Giants one, I would wear that too. 2) I’m not a Mets fan. (I actually don’t really care about baseball — way more into football).

Now onto more important matters.

This jacket has been with me since high school. It first belonged to my friend Andie (actually, it belonged to some kid named Justin first. I don’t know Justin but his name is written in sharpie on the tag), but I borrowed it so often that she ended up just letting me have it. Though it’s normally something I’d never even consider when perusing the vintage racks on Haight Street, there’s something about a bright satin line jacket that just rubs me the right way — kind of like a man who normally wears these kinds of jackets rubbing his beer belly at the game (hot dog in mouth should also be a part of this visual).

Since high school however, I really haven’t worn it that much, but it beckons my name every time I peep into my closet. Finally, after four years in this big city, I decided to brave the streets of New York and all it’s crazy Yankees fans and wear a sports jacket for a team I fail to care or know anything about. Because to me this jacket isn’t about the team. It’s about the satin. The almost fluorescent colors. The bubbly fit. The fact that it can add a playful element to the most sophisticated outfits (and leopard pony hair heels). And that it’s just one of those items I will never get rid of.

And that is my lesson in sports wear for the day.

Vintage jacket | Vince tank top c/o | Asos skirt | Walter Steiger heels | Proenza Schouler bag | Ray-Ban sunglasses | Catbird & Gorjana rings | Asos, Tom Binns, Jennifer Fischer, Odette, & 2Bandits bracelets

// photos by Emily Malan

Back to Black

February 27, 2012
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by Sonia

Behold the quintessential all black New Yorker outfit. No, not necessarily “exciting” (hey, Rooney Mara gets away in all black all the time!), but when you’re hitting the pavement searching for apartments all day you gotta go with something that provides at least one of the following: comfort, functionality, and spandex. I went with all three.

There’s something to be said for all black ensembles (though I’ve said it before here and here…and here…), for though they can at first appear Boring with a capital B, you’ll soon learn that it’s all about the details.

Continue reading, young grasshoppers.

Take these pants that want to call themselves leggings. Leather paneling on the front, stretchy spandex in the back, thus separating them from the Ugg boots and sorority sweatshirt requirements — or so I like to think. Then you have the sweater - which isn’t really pictured here as it was too cold to remove my sleeping bag parka and I was suffering from a caffeine high (see penguin photo below) - featuring the wonderful inside-out look where hemlines and seams get a standing ovation. And lastly, the shoes. I’ve wanted wedged sneakers since Spice World came out and my Mom refused to buy them for me. Well look at me now, Ma! Wedge sneakers on me feets!

And there you have it; a basic outfit that gets its thrills in the details. Note: colorful nails and some jewelry always help, too!

Impersonating penguins standing on one foot is one of my specialties.

{ Moncler Jacket, Vince Sweater, Paige Leather Leggings c/o, Ash Sneakers, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Proenza Schouler Bag, Catbird Rings, Forever21 Bracelets }

// photos by Emily Malan