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Seasonal Sparkles

November 17, 2011

While we’re on the subject of holiday dresses, allow me to introduce one of my new favorite sparkly numbers from Juicy Couture. Along with being in one of those murkier colors that you all know I love, the gauzy layer on top is actually removable which means I can wear this as a full-blown sequined dress if I want (and who wouldn’t want to?).

Even though this dress is a bit too fancy shmancy for my family’s Thanksgiving dinner, I can definitely imagine putting this on for one of my favorite Christmas traditions, The Nutcracker.

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition? See more of mine over at Juicy Couture!

{ S.W.O.R.D. leather jacket, Club Monaco vest, gifted Juicy Couture dress, Report Signature heels }

++ Double Duty ++

November 8, 2011
tags: , , outfit repeats, , s.p.i.r.a.l. foundation, , , spiral foundation, , tweed skirt
by Sonia

I have two confessions: 1) I wore this outfit almost a year ago when these photos were taken and neglected to share them on Runway Hippie. 2) I unknowingly wore this same exact outfit last week.

My theory on outfit repeats is: when it’s good it’s good, so why not do it all over again!? Even Anna Dello Russo‘s been known to do an outfit repeat every once in awhile.

We’re on the cusp of heading into ridiculously cold weather, so I’m trying to bust out as many pieces as I can before I start covering them up with my winter coat that doubles as a sleeping bag; and if that means I have to wear an outfit I’ve already worn in the past, well so be it!

{ S.W.O.R.D. leather jacket, thrifted shirt (also worn here), Jigsaw Skirt, SPIRAL Foundation bag, Topshop Heels (also seen here), MAC lipstick in ‘Morange’ }