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WTF is BB Cream?

December 18, 2012


BB Cream is all the rage in the beauty world right now; kind of like mustaches in the hipster world or iPad minis in the tech world.

When I first heard about BB Cream I had no idea what it was so I brushed it off like some stupid fad that would die away in a week. But it kept haunting me. People started swearing by it, Sephora donated an entire product page to it, all my favorite magazines were preaching about it. What the fuck was this shit? made out of Aphrodite’s ovaries or something?

So, I started investigating. One quick Google search and hundreds of pages with the search terms “what is BB cream” popped up. Thank goodness I wasn’t alone. Turns out this stuff has been around for awhile and actually stands for blemish balm. “Ok,” I thought, “I have zits, I’m intrigued.”

While people originally used BB Cream to cover up blemishes, the product has come a long way since then. It is now used as a one-step miracle balm that functions as a moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunscreen. As someone who would rather break her back carrying five suitcases up the stairs at once instead of taking multiple trips, this one-step cream sounded like a dream come true.

And get this, it is. I got my hands on Dr. Jart+ BB Cream and with one application immediately noticed a smoother, more radiant, Sonia (hey, boys!). I’ve since shelved my primer and foundation, and have no intention of looking back.

Now, this stuff apparently comes in one “universal shade,” which I find to be utterly confusing; but then again, it could be made from Aphrodite’s ovaries so I won’t question it.