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A Week in Review

October 28, 2011
tags: , , bowl, candy corn, coats, costumes, dietch pr, edgar allen poe, , , , pictures, , , , tales of mystery and horror, tompkins square dog park, weekend
by Sonia

{ A bowl of Candy Corn which I promptly devoured }

Everything I do this weekend will be Halloween related and I am PUUUMPED! Tonight I’m going to lay low, watch Hocus Pocus and put the final touches on my lamb costume. Tomorrow I’m dressing Finn up as a duck (he’s one every year) and hitting the dog park. Tomorrow night I’m off to a Halloween party with some friends. And Sunday I’ll be putting my final touches on my Halloween costume for Monday!

This week has been atrociously busy so I’m looking forward to nothing but fun and play this weekend. What are you all dressing up as?

{ An early morning dog park stroll with Finn }

{ Lighter jackets are swapped out for warmer coats }

{ Awesome necklaces at the Dietch PR Press Preview }

{ Spooky Poe stories that are definitely the cause of my weird dreams this week }


October 5, 2011

I put this look together in a Monday morning hangover slump after trying on dozens of different, more complex outfits that just weren’t looking or feeling right. While my go-tos in such circumstances are usually my black jeans and my favorite broken in t-shirt (see here), those pieces were both in the laundry and I was forced to get creative.

This jacket is perhaps my best fall purchase so far; I love how it’s kind of like a varsity sports jacket (something I never actually earned seeing as how I was never varsity at anything…or junior varsity for that matter) and at the same time feels like it could have easily come out of Stella McCartney’s f/w collection. It also kind of resembles the Stella McCartney Varsity Sports Jacket which I would kill for…

Stella. McCartney. Perfection.

Anyhoo, you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of this jacket in the next few months and I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of tempted to sew a big varsity S on it. Who says I’m not varsity now!?

{ Zara jacket, J.Crew shirt, Rag & Bone jeans, Zara boots, J.Crew bag }

»· Buttoned Up Buttercup ·«

July 18, 2011
tags: best fashion blogs, best nyc blog, best style blog, fashionista, , , , , jcrew, layering, , , ,
by Sonia

I love discovering different ways to wear things. For example, what appears to be a skirt in this post is actually a skimpy little dress that at times feels a bit too bare, so why not throw a button up shirt over it? Why not indeed! And who knew that buttoning a casual denim shirt up all the way could immediately give a look structure and sophistication?! I always hate that I can’t really layer clothing in the summer, but this layered look was light enough that I wasn’t breaking a sweat with a wiggle of a toe. Although I will say that whipping my hair back and forth (see last photo) did make me a little damp but that’s nothing a little dip in the pool can’t fix!

{ J.Crew shirt, Forever21 dress worn as skirt, Blowfish sandals, Zara bag, Free People sunglasses }


Caught Up in the Rapture

May 23, 2011
tags: , espadrilles, , , , , sophie theallet x nine west, , , the rapture, winter kate
by Sonia

Well first things first, congratulations everyone, we made it through the rapture! Not going to lie, I was a wee bit nervy that the world was going to end before I’d even begun to cross things off my bucket list. But tralala! we made it through and turns out I’m still as gullible as when I was five and my Dad convinced me there was a hippopotamus living in our dining room.

Apocalypse and hippos aside, this past weekend was full of fun hangouts and even though the weather was cold and windy, I was perfectly content with the opportunity to layer my favorite drapey sweater with my silky kimono. And to top it all off, the lack of giant puddles from last week’s rain enabled me to wear my new Sophie Theallet x Nine West espadrilles that are comfortable, flattering and just what I need for my upcoming trip to Brazil. T-Minus three days!

{ Winter Kate kimono, Forever21 sweater, Banana Republic shirt, BDG jeans, gifted Sophie Theallet x Nine West heels, Mulberry bag, vintage necklaces & belt }

Canadian Tuxedo

May 4, 2011
tags: canadian tuxedo, denim on denim, denim sandwich, , , , ,
by Sonia

I actually wore this outfit awhile ago and featured it over on Glamour’s Young + Posh Network, but decided I liked it too much not to share over here. As surprising as it may sound or seem, I’m actually not a big fan of blue jeans. They’ve always felt a little too farmer Joe/Daisy Duke for me. Not that I have a thing against Joe and Daisy (hey guys!), I just mean they haven’t felt right for my own personal style. But! I have no qualms with denim shirts, jackets, and shoes(!), particularly when worn together.

I’d like to consider this look a modern day take on the “Canadian Tuxedo“, which I just learned is also known as the “Denim Sandwich”. Who knew!? Not I! Anyhoo, I bought these Madison Harding shoes on Gilt awhile back and love the fact that it kind of looks like I’m wearing denim sockies. Come to think of it, do they make those? If so, I’m getting a pair.

Anyways, I’d love to try out this look with a pair of denim cut-offs, but have a feeling that will be denim overkill. Either way, I plan on experimenting with more ways of combining denim without having to wear full on blue jeans. Ideas welcome…

{ J.Crew sweater, Topshop shirt, BDG jeans, Madison Harding boots, Su-shi bag, La Mer watch, YSL lipstick in ‘Rouge Pur’ }