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Viva Mickey!

April 17, 2013
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by Sonia


I am officially convinced that fashion is regressing and I mean that in the most progressive way. Between the graphic tees, the overalls comeback, and even the foray into fur-lined Birkenstocks, it’s pretty obvious that designers are looking to some of the worst trends of the past and making them relevant for the streets of 2013. This could also just be me having the same response to the trends I now regret, so maybe in a few years I’ll look back and say “what was I thinking?” but I’m not going to get ahead of myself. Live in the moment. Breathe it in. Wear that ish.

When Marc Jacobs sent Mickey Mouse sweaters down his Spring 2013 runway, all I wanted to do was run backstage, hug Marc and say, “You get me! You really get me!” Anyone who validates my love for all things Disney — even if it involves a weird sounding mischievous mouse — gets a gold star. And though I don’t know Marc Jacobs and he probably doesn’t give two mouse ears about a gold star from me, I’m going to go ahead and hand it to him anyways. Badabing badaboom.

Of course Marc’s actual embellished Mickey Mouse sweater costs way more than anything you might find at Disneyland, but the inspiration is there and luckily finding a Mickey sweater is easier than finding a clean pair of underwear to wear on laundry day. If you don’t live near Disneyland or a Disney store, then trend-seeking megastore, Forever21 is probably your best bet for mousey goods. And actually, since amusement parks and theme stores are as notorious for overcharging as the airport, Forever21 is probably the cheaper route as well. Which is both economical and realistic as I can’t imagine that Mickey will stay on the forefronts of our shirts for much longer than a year or two. I hope I’m wrong though. Viva Disney forever!




P.S. Mickey’s iconic stance is harder to mimic than it looks. It took me several takes to get as close as I did in the above left photo, and the right photo is of my failure disappointment. Just FYI. Ok, bye.

Schott jacket | Forever21 sweater | Anthropologie trousers (similar) | Stuart Weitzman heels | Celine sunglasses
// photos by Emily Malan (durrrrrrr)


Flashback or Flashforward?

February 19, 2013
tags: alexa, altuzarra, , , boots, c wonder, colorful, , deep freize, , , , gap, , , , , karen walker, , orange coat, , paul and joe, , , pictures, polka dot, preppy, red coat, romwe, running late, , , , , ,
by Sonia


I have been sitting at my computer eating multiple bowls of Raisin Bran for the past 20 minutes trying to think of something to say about this outfit. Attempts at discussing my qualms with polka dots, need for color during the dark days of winter, and that the above photo kind of looks like I’m scratching my butt have all been made; but what’s really going on here is an outfit that came together when I was running late for a runway show last week.

That instantaneous panic moment when you realize that you have hit snooze 8 times too many and have about 30 minutes to turn your bedhead self into something remotely presentable for the outside world has me running around my apartment like a chicken with her head cut off. And while this situation usually forces me to reach for the classics (white blouse, black jeans, leather jacket, et al), there was something about that morning that told me to ignore my running late dead chicken routine. So instead I honed in on the colors that were speaking to me and how they matched up with multiple pieces in my closet. Tomato reds, navy blues, and woody browns came together to produce an outfit that a preppier Sonia would have worn in college had she not thought ripped t-shirts and smudgy eyeliner the end all be all of fashion. So what say you? Too preppy magoo for me to pull off or something I should emulate more often? Tell me all your thoughts.




Paul & Joe coat | Romwe sweater c/o | C.Wonder shirt | Gap jeans | Dolce Vita boots | Mulberry bag | Karen Walker sunglasses

// Photos by Emily Malan

The Color Pool

January 14, 2013
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by Sonia


Baby blue is not a color I tend to reach for. This is mainly because people with blue eyes are always told how great they look in blue and unfortunately wearing the color brown doesn’t really yield the same response. “Hey! That’s a great color brown on you, really brings out the brown in your eyes” — yeah, no, that never happens.

But when I spotted this fuzzy blue Acne sweater on sale, I just couldn’t resist. No, it didn’t “bring out my eyes” or compliment my pale skin in a particularly striking way, but it’s cozy and a refreshing change from my other go-to colors.

I’m sure there are many of you out there who swear that you can’t wear lime green or tangerine or pastels or whatever, but before you completely remove that certain hue  from your wearable colors list, I suggest you test out a few shades. Some greens have a bit more grey in them, some yellows a  bit more cream, and so on and so forth. I know that a cold pastel green makes me look like I’m perpetually seasick, but one with a little more yellow works on me. But for baby blue I’ve found that a more saturated shade makes me look like I’m a confused 5 year-old tomboy, while cooler shades are more flattering. So, as the spring collections start hitting stores and the inevitable springy hues dominate every rack, I suggest you try a variety of different shades instead of nixing the rack of soft pink entirely.




Rag & Bone coat (on sale!) | Acne sweater | Rag & Bone jeans | Acne boots | Prada bag | Knockaround sunnies

Your Five-Year-Old Self Had It Right

October 31, 2012
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by Sonia

Apologies for the lack of posting this week! As I’m sure you’ve heard, Hurricane Sandy Cohen has taken quite a toll on New York City, but I’m happy to report that Finn and I are just fine.

Now, onto details of this outfit that is nothing like what I’ve been wearing since Sandy came to town.

Printed pants aren’t easy. It’s hard to find a flattering pair, and once you have you’re faced with the constant dilemma of going above and beyond by pairing them with other printed pieces, or keeping it simple with a plain top. As a print lover, it should come as no surprise that I went the above and beyond route.

Here’s my advice on doing so: don’t think twice about matching. I don’t care if there’s a smidge of orange in the print of your pants, that doesn’t mean you should be restricted to wearing an orange shirt; this isn’t prison. Be bold! Clash! Channel mucous and wear a snot green dress with a yellow blazer for all I care! The key is that accessories and outerwear are the perfect way to tie an outfit all together, which is why I went with neutral black accessories and a basic black blazer after I opted for a striped sweater atop my swirly printed pants.

My five year old self didn’t care about matching, and she doesn’t care now (unless she’s going for a head-to-toe matchy pajama look, in which case, match away). I’m done talking in the third person now.

Club Monaco blazer | Joie sweater (on sale!) | Topshop pants c/o | Kelsi Dagger heels | Ralph Lauren bag c/o | vintage watch | C.Wonder, Minusey, Noir and vintage bracelets | Catbird rings

// photos by Emily Malan

Go Bulk or Go Home

October 23, 2012
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by Sonia

I’m convinced that more women are afraid of testing the maxi trend than they are peplums. Everyday I get on the subway and have to meander my way through endless ruffles and peplums on everything from jackets to skirts to blouses to dog collars (fact). Now, before I go any further let me just say that I have nothing against peplums. It’s a trend I still have yet to try for fear of the accentuating affect, but it’s only a matter of days time before curiosity gets the best of me.

More on that later though as I’d like to discuss maxi lengths here.

I’ve mentioned before that they’re the perfect transition piece from spring to summer before you’ve applied a sufficient amount of self-tanner to the legs, but what about in the fall/winter?

I’m all about toying with proportions and in the past have found that a maxi skirt paired with winter appropriate tops can be unflattering in the sort of way that you never want to look like a tree trunk. But when I received this Michael Kors skirt, I knew there was no way I’d let it hang in my closet until next spring/summer. So to the drawing board (otherwise known as the closet) I went and began testing out different looks.

I tried everything from short sweaters to fitted tees and had zero luck. It was then that I decided it was go bulky or go home and I opted for a longer and slightly slouchy sweater with a more structured blazer on top. Jackpot! All this time I’d approached the winterizing of maxi skirts by trying lighter pieces on top like I do in the summer, when in actuality all I had to do was embrace the bulk!

J.Crew blazer | Reiss sweater | Michael Kors skirt | vintage boots | Soixante Neuf ring | Kenneth Cole watch | Minusey bracelet | Mulberry bag | Ray Ban sunglasses

// photos by Emily Malan