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October 13, 2011

I don’t know why but something about this outfit makes me think of traveling to Europe with friends and eating/drinking at sidewalk cafes. I think it’s because all of the pieces by American Living are versatile and comfortable (crucial when packing) and yet a pop of raspberry red lips, a bright flower and a classic pair of heels make them slightly more sophisticated.

One of my favorite things about traveling with friends is the process of getting ready for a night out on the town. Everyone’s rummaging in each other’s suitcases, the frequent question is “does this look ok?” and by the end of an hour spent getting ready, everyone is wearing each others clothes and usually far dressier than they need to be.

Although I don’t have any travel plans in the near future, I’m definitely making a mental note of this outfit for the next time I jet off to a fun place with friends.

{ gifted American Living jacket & cargo pants, H&M shirt, vintage Louis Vuitton heels, YSL Muse Bag }

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*this is a post sponsored by American Living - all of the ideas and outfit selections are my own.


September 19, 2011
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by Sonia

{ Hey there big guy! }

After a full seven days of intense outfits and heels, all I want to wear is comfy clothes and slippers flats. My staple all weekend was my favorite pair of skinny jeans paired with a rotation of super soft t-shirts and boots. Also, since I ate my body weight during Fashion Week (I’d go all day without eating and then have a romantic dinner for one at Chipotle…) I’ve been opting for all black ensembles since they’re the most slimming.

Sucks for black bears though - take the chubster in the photo above, he’s wearing an all black coat and he still looks like a chunky monkey and he has to be scorching hot. Rough, ROUGH life. I’ve actually always been more of a polar bear person but since I already featured an all white outfit (see here), I thought I’d spend some time with the POLAR opposite (pun intended).

The week ahead is looking like a crazy hectic one with two photoshoots, a taping, and the usual day-to-day shtuff so I’m certainly going to be in need of a big bear hug when this week ends. That or a dirty martini. Or both.

{ J.Crew tee, Gryphon jacket, BDG jeans, J.Crew bag, Rag & Bone boots, vintage watch, gifted Accessorize pearl bracelet }

{ Peek-a-Boo! }

{ Just a typical day wading in water with bears }

{ Come join the party }

In the White Room

September 5, 2011
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by Sonia

I have always hated the “no white after labor day” rule. What poppycock!  Did you know that the rule was supposedly made in the late 19th century because wearing white clothing makes you cooler and you should thus avoid it in the fall and winter months? Well, most of us have air conditioning and heat now so I think it’s time we kick this fashion etiquette rule out the door. I love winter whites and plan on wearing them as much as possible in the upcoming months.

I figured I’d start this week off with an all white ensemble complemented by all white rooms (which I also happen to have an affinity for - see here) to fully embrace my petition against the no white rule. I understand that such an outfit also begs for lots of food stains but that’s a chance I’m willing to take.

{ vintage shirt & tank top, Anthropologie jeans, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Dolce Vita shoes (also worn here), La Mer Collections watch, thrifted belt }

≡ Amazonian ≡

August 16, 2011
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by Sonia

This past weekend I watched a documentary on the Amazon and have been kind of obsessed ever since. It’s always been a place I wanted to go but I’d never go unless I had some kind of a human bubble to travel around in - insects that crawl under your skin and giant snakes falling from trees? No thank you!

However, I had so much fun creating my dinosaur adventures last week (see here) that I figured I’d spend a grumpy Monday evening playing around with photos of the Amazon while simultaneously incorporating my ferny green Zara pants that have been sitting in my closet staring at me for a few months now. I did shriek and pull my feet up onto my chair a few times while browsing for images (snakes are seriously my biggest fear) but I loved looking at all the colorful toucans and odd insects that look as if Dr. Seuss made them up.

I’m convinced I was a biologist in another life…or an archaeologist…or singer from the 1920s…or someone from a Jane Austen novel…or………..oy.

{ vintage top, Zara pants, Schutz heels (also seen here), DIY headband (tutorial here), Furla watch, Maybelline lipstick in ‘Coral Crush’ }

Wouldn’t you just love to hug a sloth???

»· Orange Soda ·«

June 16, 2011
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by Sonia

When I was little I had a sweet love affair with Orange Soda; I was only allowed to drink it every once in awhile but every time I did I slurped it up until my lips and teeth were orange too. While I didn’t mind the artificial color on my lips, I soon realized that orange teeth were on the grosser side of the spectrum and thus my love affair with Orange Soda ended.

After years of torment and heart break, I’ve finally found a new orange lover that doesn’t stain my teeth: MAC’s ‘Morange’ lipstick. It gives my lips a bright artificial orange hue that adds the perfect pop of color to almost any look. Monochromatic orange outfit topped off with orange lips? Boom! Done! All in all it’s a nice change from the usual bright red lipstick, I just wish it tasted like orange soda…

{ Modcloth dress, vintage scarf worn as belt, Henry Cuir wedges (also seen here), thrifted hat & sunglasses, MAC Lipstick in ‘Morange’ }