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Monochromie Homie

October 17, 2011

I’ve been really into monochromatic outfits lately - obviously my all black ensembles don’t count, but just the other day I wore red from head-to-toe and loved looking like a tomato. This look is obviously much more subtle but I love how polished grey looks when paired with similar charcoal hues.

The other great thing about this outfit is that it’s as comfortable as a grey sweatsuit. The trapeze shaped cashmere sweater is as cozy as wearing a blanket and trousers with a little breathing room are a nice change from my everyday skinny jeans. If both pieces came in multiple colors I would definitely own them; I mean how great would this outfit look in emeraldy greens?! Peacock blues?! MUSTARD YELLOWS!? Oy!

The good thing is that this is an easy look to re-create no matter what pieces you have in your closet (sweater and trousers? I know you all have some of those in your wardrobe), so stay tuned for something similar coming real soon…

{ Zara sweater, Jigsaw wool trousers, Giles Deacon x Nine West booties, J.Crew bag }



January 28, 2011
tags: alberta, banff, banff springs hotel, best places to ski in canada, canada, canadian rockies, canadian skiing, cave, guide, hot springs, Mountains, , ski resorts, skiing, snow, snowy cabin, tours, , , winter activities, winter sports
by Sonia

Since New York and I seem to be on a snow kick I thought I’d take this weekend getaway post somewhere that’s known for its snowy mountains and winter activities, Banff. Located in the Alberta Rockies of Canada, Banff is one of the number one places to rent (or bring) a pair of skis and hit the slopes with family and friends. Now, I have not been skiing since I was cruising down the bunny slopes in a hot pink ski suit at the age of five but it’s been something that I’ve wanted to try out again. However, regardless of the skiing, I’ve always wanted to rent a cabin with friends and spend days partaking in winter activities, curling up by the fire and cooking big meals and well, Banff seems like the perfect place to do that.

Aside from my desire to lounge around a cabin with a wintery cocktail in my hand, there are also a number of places I’d like to explore in Banff. Year round, visitors can explore multiple caves hidden within the rockies, bathe and swim in the hot springs surrounded by views of mountains and take gondola rides up and down these steep peaks to get an aerial view of the surrounding area. However, since we’re focusing on winter today (thank you Mr. Weather for bringing 8 inches of snow to New York City yesterday), Banff offers practically every winter activity you could possibly imagine: snow shoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, etc. However, something that I’ve never heard of before but am dying to try is Banff’s “Evening Icewalk” which features a moonlit walk around the icy Lake Minnewanka followed by a warm and cozy hang-out around a giant campfire.

If you couldn’t already tell, all this snow is making me stir crazy for some fun winter activities…and since a trip to Banff in the next few weeks is totally out of the question I guess I’ll just have to make do with what I’ve got; Central Park, here I come.

nothing like seeing an elk bull in the wild •

hot springs image from the 1920s •

hot springs today - sign me up! •

interior view of one of Banff’s many caves •

don’t you just want to rent this cabin out for a week? or two…or three? •

• I wouldn’t mind staying at the Banff Springs Hotel either though •

Have you ever been to Banff?


photos via flickr

Snow Day

January 27, 2011
tags: , , , , sledding, snow, snow day, snowball fight, snowman, , , winter activities
by Sonia

For all the years that I’ve lived on the east coast I still have yet to experience a snow day. When I was in college, my campus was small enough that everyone could walk to class thus making it next to impossible to have a justifiable snow day.  Sure I may have skipped out on a few classes due to “snow” but never was an entire day canceled so I could go and take part in all of those fun wintery activities I was deprived of as a child who grew up in California.

We’re supposed to get about 8 inches of snow today and I’m praying that I have a snow day…although the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. I hate to admit it but I’ve never been sledding and I think the last time I built a snowman was when I was too small to do it myself and instead watched my brothers make one in Lake Tahoe. What I would give to be involved in a full-blown snowball fight…

Last winter during a relaxing month of unemployment I ventured uptown to Central Park to walk around and see its usually green lawns covered in snow. It was honestly like a little escape from New York. There was no one in the park and it was so quiet I forgot I was in a city where all I normally hear are car horns and sirens. While it was nice to have some peace and quiet walking around by myself, I would love to go back to Central Park (perhaps this weekend?) with some friends and do it right, snowballs and all.

Are any of you lucky enough to have a snow day today??

cute little puff puff squirrel •

• this is about as close to a snow day as I’ve ever come - we got 10 inches of snow back in college! •

Fences in a Row

January 17, 2011
tags: chicken bag, denim jacket, , , , old navy, pylones, , , , ,
by Sonia

Usually, when I buy a dress for a certain occasion I have a hard time wearing it again for a few months. I don’t know what it is…maybe it’s because I like when an item of clothing reminds me of a particularly special day or fun time but either way I definitely have a few items in my closet that I’ve only worn once, maybe twice, just because it was purchased for a specific event. This dress however, is an exception. I bought this dress to wear for this past Thanksgiving and have worn it at least three or four times since. It’s easy to dress up or down, is extra soft and warm, and I’m obsessed with its oversize pockets and asymmetrical stripes. It was pretty cold in New York this past weekend but I was totally fooled by the bright sunlight and cloudless skies and thought I could get away with just a denim jacket…boy was I wrong. Next time, I’m really going to have to layer up.

pylones chicken bag, old navy denim jacket, marc by marc jacobs dress, hue tights, zara wedges •

Warm and Cozy

January 3, 2011

Let me just say that there’s nothing like ringing in the new year with a bad cold like the one I’ve got (note the sarcasm…). Although I made it through the holidays and New Years Day sickness free, January 2nd brought me a despicable cold that has me curled up in cozy knits and warm blankets on my couch with a box of tissues in close reach. But duty calls and staying in bed is not on my agenda, so in attempt to make my sick day uniform look a little more fashion forward as I venture out into the world, I’ve turned my inspiration toward some delightful personal style photos that make thick cozy knits look both warm and chic.

Now if there were only some magical way to get rid of this wretched cold, although this method seemed to work out pretty well last time.


photos via tumblr