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Do My Ankles Turn You On?

October 23, 2013


While at dinner the other night, the topic of ass men vs. breast men came up. For those of you just hearing these terms, it’s my belief, and many other people’s for that matter, that when it comes down to one or the other — a Sophie’s Choice situation, if you will — there are men who prefer the butt and men who prefer the boobs. Though I am not a man — but wouldn’t it be cool to be one for a day? — something tells me this has to do with how they like their hands to be filled: encasing our derrieres or kneading our grab bags. Either way, it’s apparent that the preferred area be supple, or so I thought…

During this mid-meal T vs. A discussion, I learned about a new area of the body that makes a man move from six to midnight; the ankle. That’s right, that boney area poking out from the bottom of your trousers or the top of your stilettos apparently has the same appeal as the lady bits you’re likely more used to and aware of flaunting. At first I thought this was a fetish thing, like people who love feet or belly buttons or nostrils, but after a little investigatory work, it turns out that ankles are a legitimate…turn on(?!).

To give a brief lesson in history, ankles were one of the ways women could really “seduce” a man in the eighteenth century since their boobs were already perked up and on display. So, is it possible that ankles hold as much tantalizing power as they did back during the Regency Era? Probably not since ankles are about as visible and inconsequential today as a nose. But in looking at the above image, I can’t deny the sensuality of the naked ankles at right  (slut!) and the provocativity (I made up this word) of the ones just poking out between the cuffed denim and gold brogues at left (tease!). So, I suppose the lesson here is that, when it comes to seducing a man, we should take a little more caution when shaving around the ankle bones and neglect our socks until our exposed joints can no longer handle the brisk breeze. I guess it’s a good thing that culottes are in and that I love flaunting my shoes as much as I do.

A Week in Review

November 16, 2012
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by Sonia

Diane Von Furstenberg presenting an award at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards at Carnegie Hall

The week before holidays are always tricky, especially when the holiday is Thanksgiving and all I can think about is what skirt or pants have enough stretch in them to allot for the ridiculous amount of eating I plan on doing.

But when my mind wasn’t devising strategies on how to beat both of my brothers to the stuffing this year, I had the opportunity to go to some seriously incredible events including Glamour‘s Women of the Year Awards, which honored everyone including J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons, Oscar-winning documentary director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, 21st century writing genius Lena Dunham, photographer Annie Leibovitz, and five Gold-Medal Olympians.

Never in my life have I felt more inspired and optimistic while at the same time feeling totally worthless. For as I sat there awestruck by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s accomplishments and perseverance to save Pakistani women from their husbands who throw acid on their faces, I couldn’t help but wonder what the hell I’m doing writing about outfits and my need to eat stuffing?

I started this blog three years ago with the intentions of providing people with just a little moment of joy or mindlessness amidst a busy day, but now that I’m older I’m wondering if it isn’t time to start taking this blog in a different direction that reflects more on the inner workings of my mind within a sartorial bubble.

I’m really just thinking out loud here, but some of the best responses I get from you all is when I share things that are a bit more personal, like my relationship with Spanx and my frustration with balloon-wear.

Is that something you would be interested in seeing more of on here? I’d really love to know.

So, while you’re mulling that around in your noggin, peep some of this week’s happenings including my new pair of lace cat ears!

You all knew it was only a matter of time before I got myself a pair

The sweetest gift  from one of my readers!

Crowds at the NYLON Guys x Asos party at the Wythe Hotel 

Christmas come early at my agency with this Brahmin bag and Vince Camuto clutch!

This giant box = a seriously fucking awesome giveaway happening right here next week!

Stand By Your Man

June 3, 2010
tags: bow ties, cufflinks, how to wear men's clothing, mens fashion, , menswear as womenswear, topman,
by Sonia

Almost every time I go shopping I make sure to spend as much time in the men’s department as I do the women’s.  I have always preferred the boxier fit of a men’s t-shirt, and find that accessories like bow ties and cufflinks can create a much more polished look than say, a necklace and a pair of earrings.

I have always been fond of men’s fashion, and have been collecting what I deem to be menswear staples for quite some time. From a bright orange necktie (seen here) to an excessive amount of men’s dress shirts and suspenders, my closet is rapidly filling with pieces one might only expect to find in their grandfather’s wardrobe.

Below I have compiled some of my favorite pieces from online men’s stores.

  1. People’s Market Cheshelter Shirt - $96
  2. Forever21 Woven Straw Fedora - $11.90
  3. Burberry Knot Cufflinks - $114
  4. Forzieri Red Polkadot Pre-tied Bowtie - $42
  5. Topman Black Vintage Navajo Braces - $24
  6. Pegleg Mid-Stripe Tee - $52.50
  7. Timex Silver Core Easy Reader - $58
  8. All Saints Ostberg Cardigan - $125
  9. Sperry Top-Sider - $74.95
  10. Topman Tortoise Plastic Sunglasses - $28