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January 17, 2012

Alexander McQueen

As someone who dresses a little more simply on a day-to-day basis, details are really important to me. For example, I love it when pants are lined with a bright color or when a collar is decorated with studs. The Spring 2012 runways were full of details but the gold adornments were the ones that caught and nestled in my eye. I mean, who doesn’t love a little gold bling in their everyday wear?

To put my art history major to good use, let me just say that Balmain’s collection was like Art Deco meets Byzantium with its angular lines decked out in gold. And then there’s Valentino with those perfect gold studs that seem to be the brand’s new defining factor. Jill Stuart may have been an Easter egg in fabric and colors but the nails were bedazzled in gold dots that I’m officially dubbing my next DIY. Dries Van Noten dabbled in the metallic hue with hints of copper on their shoes and Gucci had an Art Deco 1920s collection that I’d give my first child for. But if I had to choose a single gold embellishment for my Spring 2012 wardrobe, I’d have to go with Yves Saint Laurent’s gold-plated pepto bismol pink loafers that I hope to buy the second they hit stores.



Jill Stuart

Dries Van Noten


Yves Saint Laurent

Colors + Leopards

October 19, 2011
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by Sonia

Along with stripes, leopard is one of those prints that will never go out of style for me. Recently I’ve really loved pairing the kitty print with some of the brighter pieces in my wardrobe like these green pants, this orange shirt, and this red skirt. As always, there are new pieces popping up at some of my favorite stores that I’m d-d-d-dying to add to my closet like the metallic skinny trousers and cozy leopard sweater featured below. While there’s no way I’ll be able to add all of these pieces to my wardrobe on my own, I’m happily taking donations so I can do so…just kidding…kind of…

  1. Iro Sara Sweater - $359
  2. J.Crew Marlow Tote - $1,200
  3. Topshop Cigarette Metallic Trousers - $90
  4. Joe’s Jeans Wild Chelsea Skinny Jeans - $169
  5. Roberta Chiarella Green Crystal Drop Earrings - $68
  6. Jeffrey Campbell Darian Wedge - $168
  7. Cell Front Leopard iPhone Case - $25
  8. Cambridge Satchel Company Fluorescent Satchel - $170
  9. Opening Ceremony Camo Pointed Collar Dress - $460
  10. Adele Fado Long Sleeve Jumper - $75
  11. Malene Birger Leo-Pattern Coat - $433
  12. Yves Saint Laurent Arty Plated Glass Ring - $250
  13. Schutz Amanda Oxford Bootie - $119
  14. Topshop Lace Insert Pleat Skirt - $76

Natural φ Disasters

August 24, 2011
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by Sonia

Yesterday I (among many other New Yorkers) experienced my first New York City earthquake. I was sitting on the 20th floor of a building in midtown and suddenly my chair went shaky shaky and my computer went wibble wobble. Having grown up and experienced my fair share of earthquakes in San Francisco, you would think I’d be the epitome of calm in such a situation. But no. I pretty much went cross-eyed, shoveled a ton of chocolate in my mouth and was the first (and maybe only) person on my floor to evacuate the building. Better safe than sorry or just awkward? Still not sure.

With natural disasters on my mind, I decided to collage some of the images I found on the interwebs with the look I wore yesterday, otherwise known as the outfit I was wearing when New York City experienced an earthquake. Let’s hope I only ever have to have one of those outfits…

{ Anthropologie dress, gifted Giles Deacon x Nine West boots (also worn here), YSL ‘Muse’ Bag, H&M necklace, vintage watch & bracelets }

.. : .. Nouvelle Vague .. : ..

August 8, 2011
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by Sonia

I’m always trying to figure out new ways to wear pieces in my closet. A dress can so easily become a skirt (see here), scarves can be transformed into shirts (see here), but what about a skirt worn as a shirt?!

It was a real scorcher in NYC yesterday and I mussed and fussed with different outfits until I broke into a sweat. All I wanted was to wear a jacket and jeans but no way was I about to put on pants equivalent to sausage casings. So I decided to go the more experimental route. I was originally wearing the above “shirt” as a skirt, the way it’s meant to be worn, but didn’t feel like doing the whole itsy bitsy mini-skirt thing on a day when I knew my legs would stick to anything I sat on. So, I pulled it up over my lady friends, transforming it into a tube top (an article of clothing I don’t even own) and paired it with a flowy silk skirt my Mom bought me when she was traveling in India. Since the skirt-turned-shirt was a bit looser around the waist, I had plenty of breathing room which prevented serious overheating.

As much as I love shopping (duh), it’s nice to know that I can still transform pieces in my wardrobe into entirely new articles of clothing. I wonder what I’ll discover next!

{ American Apparel skirt worn as top, Zara sweater, skirt from India, Nicole wedges, YSL ‘Muse’ bag, cuff from Africa }

{ Heat makes me cray cray }